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Hey Matt, I was a freshman at Tulane during your senior year, you were an absolute beast. After your first season you came back to campus for a bit and I saw you at Reily and you came up to my friend and me and asked if we were still using the bench press. We had 25 lb plates on the bench and I realized that this might be my only chance to talk to you, so I stupidly asked you if you needed help lifting the plates off. You kinda laughed and just said you were good. My friends have never let me hear the end of it. Do you remember that? My bad.

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Is it difficult for you to interact with Rep. Bachmann on a personal level due to her repeated insinuations of "Islamic infiltration" of our country and her many demeaning and ignorant comments?

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How much preparation is there for backdoor action?

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Considering Treme, which stars both Wendell Pierce (Bunk) and Clarke Peters (Freamon), and the new movie "Red Tails", which has Michael, Wallace, Bubbles, and Cheese in it, can we expect to see more future collaboration between actors/writers/producers etc. of the Wire?