Hi Reddit! My name is Chang-Hsu (張旭), and after getting my master’s degree in mathematics and teaching calculus online, I realized I could reach a wider audience by uploading videos of my (SFW) calculus lessons to Pornhub (link SFW). Today, my lessons on things like things like the Differential Extremum Method and the Theorem of Limit Operations have garnered millions of views and much discussion, not just on Pornhub (link nsfw) but also TikTok and Youtube as well. I just finished filming a new series of lessons with the help of Lena Paul, Lena Anderson and other helpful models that may assist in your calculus skills.

I'm here to answer any questions you have about math, teaching calculus on Pornhub, and anything else -- AMA!

EDIT (3:00pm PT): Thanks everyone for the great questions! I'll reach back on the site later tonight and try to answer more!

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/ijmit3bjwu291.jpg

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ThinkSoftware1801 karma

Do you think post-nut clarity helps people do better in math?

WeAreMEL1304 karma

Of course! Why not~🤣

mooseshart1413 karma

What initially inspired you to start posting SFW calculus videos on Pornhub?

WeAreMEL1596 karma

Since I like arts about conflicts, which incldues variety of elements. Those arts are super eye-catching and make me impressive. Uploading calculus on Pornhub has the same concept!

jimmycarr167 karma

Sorry could you expand on this please? I'm not really sure what you mean.

UnicornBestFriend202 karma

He likes art that juxtaposes conflicting elements bc it’s eye-catching and he find himself impressed.

Putting calculus lessons on pornhub is in this vein. You wouldn’t normally go to pornhub for an advanced math lesson. Nor would you stumble upon an advanced math lesson whilst surfing for porn.

Another example would be the Banksy piece that Banksy shredded the moment it was sold at auction. Buy art only to have it destroyed? But then the destruction of an art piece adds value?!

I agree with Chang-Hsu. These moments break open our limited idea of what’s possible.

Frangiblepani51 karma

Also, advanced math doesn't need to be on a kid friendly site - most little kids aren't going to get it.

WeAreMEL82 karma

Areed with that! Calculus is 18+🤣🤣🤣

Latoyacasey8918 karma

I haven't taken a math course in many years but have taken and passed Calc I, II and III. I do not use Calculus in my day to day life so I've pretty much forgotten I learned. This would normally not be a problem but as the kids are getting older, they think I'm "good at math" and have asked me help with homework. I'd really like to help and don't mind relearning. Do you have any recommendations for content like yours that would teach Calc I and II in english?

WeAreMEL5 karma

I will be shooting course in English soon! But sorry ,I don't have recommendations since I didn't pay too much attention on Calculus English contents.

PSUBlackSheep628 karma

Has anyone ever messaged or commented that they actually sat down and learned calculus from your pornhub videos?

WeAreMEL884 karma

Of course! There are plenty of students really study on it. Some even asked me to be their tutor, some also said they did great on their test watching it. So many people told me to make English version too! It will be updated soon!

Bill3D385 karma

Is ass to math a fetish?

WeAreMEL501 karma

I don't think so personally, but I heard somebody jerk off watching my Calculus course 🤔

didgeridude2517350 karma

So is that like reading Playboy for the articles? Because that’s what I used to do. Totally.

WeAreMEL395 karma

Yes, but kind of different since Playboy has the same type of content but math is totally full of conflict on Pornhub.

Btw you gave me new concept! Maybe I can try to put my lectures on Playboy someday or maybe I can invite models on it to blackboard erase!

I've already invited Lena Anderson, Lena Paul, Alex D Pumpking on my videos~

CovenOfLovin332 karma

You are a handsome fella. Have you considered also doing more traditional PornHub activities for the public?

WeAreMEL473 karma

Nah... I am too fat. That won't be in the plan.😅

franklyokay292 karma

Why do you like to use pornhub to get your lessons out there?

WeAreMEL559 karma

We like to be special and impressive . Moreover, education shouldn't be that traditional! Learning can be everywhere~

BTW, I got only Chinese version of my classes now, but I am gonna shoot English version in the near future!

_glossier_281 karma

Does faculty have any issues with it?

WeAreMEL515 karma

Maybe some . Since my strategy grabbed lots of their students.🤣


What is your favorite pizza topping?

WeAreMEL614 karma

I like LONGER and LARGE DIAMETER sausage with WHITE and STICKY sauce on it~

WeAreMEL203 karma

Do you guys wanna know where I am answering these questions? You can tell me to do a gesture and I'll send a picture here~

Alexis_J_M37 karma

Make the ASL "I Love You" sign.

ShallowBasketcase120 karma

Was this just an elaborate scheme to meet porn stars?

WeAreMEL4 karma

No! Come on!I meet myself everyday~ I am a Pornstar too!(just not usually naked) Go see the rank!🤣

DaBi5cu1t88 karma

Do you also post investment advice for the SEC on porn hub?

WeAreMEL69 karma

No, but maybe some day there will be🤣

DaBi5cu1t23 karma

On a serious note, my 5 year old is doing Kumon maths. The intention is that she is able to be an independent learner and doing calculus by the time she is 12 or 14. Is Kumon something you are aware of and can you vouch for it?

WeAreMEL57 karma

Of course not. I only do college and highschool math. Kumon is not my profession. Sorry about that!

JuXas83 karma

Stroke of genius? 🍌🐍

WeAreMEL61 karma

I think it is.Thank you! New episodes are on going. Stay tuned!

rubixd75 karma

Do you have to deal with people hitting on you in your porn hub comments/DMs?

If so, how do you deal with it?

WeAreMEL148 karma

I usually tell them to study or watch Porn to relax then🤣

endtelegram72 karma

are pornhub users smarter or dumber than your normal students, in your experience?

WeAreMEL139 karma

I think both are the same! They are all hardworking!

black0lite61 karma

Is your main audience masochists?

WeAreMEL95 karma

I don't think so!🤣Learning math is such a enjoyment!

playing_VScode56 karma

YouTube vs Pornhub, where do you see more monetary benefits??

WeAreMEL92 karma

I think it's actually the same. Mostly the income is from my online course selling website🤣

thisonehastowork51 karma

Do you shoot nude content with the girls who erase your blackboards?

WeAreMEL83 karma

No, we don't~🤣

themysteriousman099045 karma

Did you start it after being aware of your students being on there on the site?

WeAreMEL110 karma

Yeah! Since college students are all above 18!

therealityofthings43 karma

Could you suggest a good text for brushing up on multivariable calculus?

WeAreMEL72 karma

Changhsu Calculus! Of course 😎

PaulR50439 karma

Have the Pornhub people ever reached out to you about expanding their content into SFW stuff? I know post the YouTube crackdown a lot of gun channels started posting on Pornhub but were taken down for not being porn.

Always wondered why they never tried to appeal to other content that is SFW and advertiser friendly.

WeAreMEL61 karma

No, they didn't. I also don't know why I don't have this kind of problems but some same type of content creator asked me about it. I got no idea about it.

However, Pornhub an I might expand a section of education on Pornhub!🤣

cappy122333 karma

Since we know the federal government's agencies were caught on pornhub,

Do you think your videos were used to teach Trump math?

WeAreMEL81 karma

No, but maybe his grandchildren does since his grandchildren know how to speak Chinese but he don't.🤣

moutonbleu27 karma

How many of Lena Paul’s videos did you watch to get prepared?

WeAreMEL37 karma

I didn't watch much but my translator does! He's an expert of PH!

econofit26 karma

What are you doing step-wise function?

WeAreMEL9 karma


naeads12 karma

Do you like three sums equation?

WeAreMEL10 karma

What is the three sum equation? Could you give me more information?

ElsonDaSushiChef10 karma

Why did you pick Pornhub of all sites to do this?

WeAreMEL15 karma

Cuz I had tried serveral platform but only Pornhub didn't delete Calculus course 🤣

SuccessfulWolf24546 karma

Have any porn stars reached you asking for collaboration? or have they contacted you in general?

WeAreMEL10 karma

No. Lena Anderson, Lena Paul and Alex D in my recent YouTube videos were invited by my team.

Star_x_Child2 karma

What is the sexiest math concept?

WeAreMEL6 karma

Squeeze theorem! You can find it sexy in my new episode! https://youtu.be/7WQV5te_9Ik

Star_x_Child2 karma

Do you consider yourself a producer of pornographic material then?

You're technically a pornhub content creator.

WeAreMEL4 karma

I know I am a pornhub content creator, but I would never do any porn video since that's not my goal. So if you see any porn video involving with me, that must be deepfake.😂

calonto-16 karma

How do you find the blackboard girls?

Have you fucked any of them before or after the lesson?

WeAreMEL8 karma

Money talks! Also we got lots of attention so they wanna come!🤣

No, never. Why?

WhiteFragility-19 karma

How do you fight racism and white supremacy in math education?

WeAreMEL27 karma

Math is peace as Porn! Everyone has the same equality in front it!