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Not really a question but a famous debate story/urban legend.

I went to Sidney Lanier Middle School and we were national debate champions for many years in the 2000s.

During a CX debate one of our team got fed up with the literal holier than thou attitude of his opponent and slipped in the point "I am God, supreme king and highest level of law and order". Then proceeded to ignore every opposing point made, waited till closing arguments to bring up that he was firmly established as an untenable fact for this debate.

He was awarded the winner, as the opponent had used faith-based 'facts', and the judge allowed that if his facts were admissible, then his opponent claiming to be the untenable deity that created those rules negates them.


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Since we know the federal government's agencies were caught on pornhub,

Do you think your videos were used to teach Trump math?

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Howdy! I worked at a chocolate cafe in houston for a few years.

My question is, what is your least favorite "chocolate" out there?

Follow up, what grocery store available chocolate would you recommend?

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I've always lucid dreamed.. I recently found out I have a small pineal gland cyst, and asked the doctor of the two are related. He was ambivalent and said that they weren't.

Is there a possible connection between dopamine/serotonin regulation and lucid dreaming?

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Howdy from Texas

I came across a new product cannfusion. Com

They claim that it's 0.3%thc (25mg) by weight vs the natural sugars in the drink.

Can you take a look at this Texas legal d9thc product and give me your professional opinion on if it's 'legit'?

Seems to me they found a nifty loophole in the ag Bill.