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My father comitting Suicide was the biggest shock. Everything else I carried the attitude that I'll deal with it. Losing my father was the toughest thing. Not the car, not my place, not my computer, but My Pops.

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I do. I still celebrate his birthday and buy him a cake. My fat ass eats it, but I even serve his slice on his plate. My slice on mine.

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I woke up out of Coma looking for my Father. I asked about him the first 3 weeks laying in a hospital bed. It was tough feeling like I upset him or he couldn't handle seeing me like that. My sister told me 4 weeks after waking up that our father had killed himself. He couldn't handle everything going on and took his own life.

That guilt followed me through out my recovery. I did feel guilty. I started back to school and Psychology was my major. I learned a bit more about suicide and it helped me finally forgive myself. Was there a reason to blame myself? No. Some drunk kid Driving his fathers BMW with no headlights wrecked into my buddy and I causing the Traumatic Brain Injury, but I couldn't shake that feeling for some time.

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I wouldn't say surprised. They have been great and have been with me every step of the way. I couldn't be luckier!

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He's doing really good now. He wasn't nearly as severely injured as I was. It was hell for him while I was in a Coma though. He felt guilty. It wasn't his fault, some drunk rich kid, but he still felt guilty,