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Why was the idea of "red state Democrat" pushed so hard but not "blue state Republican" in the last two years? Do you think this idea will be more pushed in how Senators act coming up on 2020 especially for Susan Collins and Corey Gardner after watching what happened to Dean Heller?

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Have the Pornhub people ever reached out to you about expanding their content into SFW stuff? I know post the YouTube crackdown a lot of gun channels started posting on Pornhub but were taken down for not being porn.

Always wondered why they never tried to appeal to other content that is SFW and advertiser friendly.

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Has the US considered doing what France did an allowing primary care doctors to prescribe meds that curb addiction? That country had a major issue with this in the 90's and solved it. Are there too many special interest group from rehab doctors to big pharma invested in making sure people stay addicted?

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So obvious question. What is the overhead here compared to a bunch of humans filling the orders? I imagine if it was "easy" Walmart would have already bought you or another mega grocery chain.

Why is this not more widespread and how do you see it expanding into peoples neighborhoods?

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lol there is some wild stuff on YouTube. What I am wondering is why isn't there a spin off site for video storage.

YouTube needs competition.