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This is the Friends reunion America deserves.

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"Make Tom Leave"

Prizes awarded for how quickly you can make TC vacate the premises.

Double points if you get him to leave ...

  • After meal arrives but before taking first bite

  • One hour into a movie

  • As soon as he gets to the counter after waiting in line

  • A business meeting, wedding, or red carpet

  • A movie set

  • Something fun like a pool party or concert

  • A bathroom before he gets a chance to do his biz.

  • In the middle of a Scientology talk

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He likes art that juxtaposes conflicting elements bc it’s eye-catching and he find himself impressed.

Putting calculus lessons on pornhub is in this vein. You wouldn’t normally go to pornhub for an advanced math lesson. Nor would you stumble upon an advanced math lesson whilst surfing for porn.

Another example would be the Banksy piece that Banksy shredded the moment it was sold at auction. Buy art only to have it destroyed? But then the destruction of an art piece adds value?!

I agree with Chang-Hsu. These moments break open our limited idea of what’s possible.

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It roughly translates to "beat you to death!"

It's not an obscene curse, more like "I'm gonna kill you!"

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Basic rules of investing for new investors.