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“But poverty will not make you feel the pain.”

Whenever I think of criminals such as these I always temper my emotions by asking myself: What would you do if your family was starving? or even what WOULDN'T you do

Don't misunderstand me of course, it's a crime and it's wrong... but it's also easy to think that all criminals are the embodiment of evil, some sort of cartoon villain -- 99/100 are not.

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Have you ever written anything that has gotten you into trouble?

Trouble being a very broad word, of course.

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How do you write a topic to turn people on if said topic is not arousing to you?

…Or if you find it distasteful, disgusting, or even completely repulsive?

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on drugs

Keep in mind that people trying to feed their addiction subconsciously believe that if they don't get the drugs they will die. Their brain often prioritizes drugs over eating. Again, definitely not trying to defend, just understand.

Having lived in Africa, I kind of squint when I think of a guy with a computer and an internet connection trying desperately to feed his family.

Yeah this is a good point that I know nothing about.

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I'm not trying to excuse their behavior... just understand it.