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Isn’t a weed entrepreneur trying to educate on the properties of cannabis and consumption kind of like a tobacco company trying to educate on the properties of smoking? There’s a vested interest in one side of the argument whether it’s congruent with the majority of facts and studies or not. Is there anything that gives you trustworthy authority on the subject?

xTroJ9-23 karma

In theory yes, same as a trainer educating on the properties of flexibility and strength. It may lead to a new client, clients may go somewhere else and try their tactics, or they have an open discussion about what they disagree on. In no way am I speaking as if I am god, just speaking from my experiences and if you're down to listen and challenge me, then awesome!

One thing to look into is the endocannabinoid system among all animals. We evolved with the plant for years, and cannabis can be insanely therapeutic when dosed and delivered correctly.

Do I have any certificates that give me some pedestal to stand on? No.

But I have formulated products that had an intended purpose, and after judges tried the products, won over 200+ competitors because the product did exactly what I said it would do.

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I think the next step in the system is to actually apply these products into a clinical trial - to prove these claims.

I’m not a naysayer, but I also cannot recommend marijuana outside of very few applications currently supported by medicine.

In my experience despite interest by medical researchers in doing clinical trials companies run for the hills when the rubber hits the road.

Will you stick to your guns enough to truly test your product?

xTroJ9-2 karma

100% I will stand behind my products. If people are skeptical until clinical trials are performed then I completely understand.

The one thing I would ask is to be open-minded to the whole cannabis industry and situation of it very recently losing its stigma and still fighting to become legal (again). There are very few clinical trials for a reason, working with schedule 1 drugs and the cost of phases 1, 2 and 3 for clinical trials are massively expensive. But in the end, I would never offer cannabis advice that I would not take myself.

GenesRUs7774 karma

Very good.

I appreciate your commitment and I would love to see this be translated into hard evidence to support its use.

Keep pushing for legitimizing the claims and many people will thank you (one because it will clearly show possible harms, two because we see the benefits it has).

xTroJ90 karma

Absolutely, I don't expect anything to be a cakewalk and I appreciate your harder forms of questions. Your concerns are the #1 concerns of many people around the world whether they're in the industry or not. So thank you and hopefully, in a year or two, I do another AMA with finished clinical trials showing that these products do exactly what I said.

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This makes no sense.

You have formulated products that had an intended purpose. So what. When I was 10 I made a cardboard rocketship to take me to the moon. It doesn't matter if the product had an intended purpose. What matters, did the product perform?

It sounds like your only proof of performance is a judge smoked your weed and liked it better. That doesn't mean you are an expert on how CBD impacts Covid.

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Okay, I understand your concern and let me clarify a bit. We entered into hightime competition for best vape pens with a vape that would help people sleep using CBN, CBG and CBD. It was unlike any other product on the market at the time and still helps people get to sleep to this day.

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What are your thoughts on the bills in various states regarding delta 8-10 and thcO?

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This shows that technology will always be faster than legislation. Once people out here in Texas figured out they could buy something at the smoke shop that would give them a high like weed from Cali, it sold like wildfire.

I believe that there needs to be more pressure on brands to be more accurately tested but in the end, I'm all for it. After trying D8, I personally like it in edibles more than D9 THC. I personally get no paranoia from D8 and am straight chillin.

In the end, I hope most states come around and stop making certain cannabinoids illegal.

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With precision fermentation producing CBG at $500/kg, is it possible for grow operations to counter this price point? Or will precision fermentation take the lead in the cannabinoid space.

xTroJ9-1 karma

I think it's going to take the lead. anything that drives the price of cannabinoids down is a good thing to me. Hopefully they can start pointing towards more cannabinoids like THCV, CBN, and CBT.

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As someone who isn’t a “pot guy” what potency should I be looking for to help with sleep?

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THC is known by everybody and many people use it to sleep. If I was in your shoes, I would try 5mg THC and 10-20mg of CBN.

CBN is the cannabis version of Ambien without the zombie-like effects. It doesn't knock you out like THC but will keep you asleep for a full night's rest.

So little bit of THC to get your body relaxed and ready for bed, CBN to keep you asleep through the night.

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That bit of thc in the long run has no ill effects? No habits formed?

xTroJ92 karma

He said help with sleep, not a crutch so I assumed it wasn't going to be a ritual. I wouldn't suggest to take it every night

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Part of the problem with pharmaceuticals is their related patents and IP rights [creating artificial scarcity and leverage over pricing.] You talk about issues with pharma motivating you to get into cannabis...then you have your own patents. I understand what patents are for and why they can be useful, but with cannabis - a plant that anybody can grow themselves... how are you solving a pharma problem by copying pharma methods? What's the difference?

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Amazing question btw, thank you.

We like to look at this as an offense vs. defense scenario.

Pharma gets a patent so that they have exclusivity and can price their product at whatever they desire, working offensively.

We got patents on our products to protect ourselves and our way of emulsifying certain products, not from other people in the cannabis space but just in general. We don't use our patent as a justification for a price gouged product.

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What are you doing to help the BIPOC men and women who went to prison for essentially what you, a white guy, want us to acknowledge your “entrepreneurship” for?

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They shouldn't be in prison to start with, and I was expecting this question. They should all be freed considering the times we are living in now. Most weed crimes are a slap on the wrist nowadays and we still have people serving life for selling and 8th of bud.

We are a small company right now but this is something we've talked about constantly. There are a few ways to go about it in my head and all of them involve tons of money or absolute chaos.

I'd love to have a big enough company to siphon profits for a legal team that is solely for exonerating cannabis charges for BIPOC men and women currently imprisoned.

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Politics aside, do you think recreational use of cannabis is safe and would you encourage it?

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This is a question I've gone back and forth on for years. In the end, I'm going to say yes that I believe it's safe and would encourage it to anybody who has their shit together and can not get consumed by smoking every day. I know people who can smoke endlessly and always seem coherent, and others who will take one puff of a joint and their day is ruined. When it comes down to being high I've realized it's all about mentality. So like all things, if someone can understand themselves and their limits, I'm all for recreational.

JK_Chan1 karma

Thanks for the reply, I was also wondering if it's an addictive substance or not. Ive heard people say that it doesn't cause addiction, but Ive also seen people state that it was really hard to come off of.

xTroJ94 karma

Not physically addicting but people can become mentally addicted to the relaxed feeling. I have no problems not smoking If I couldn't or had to quit. Like I said, its all mentality.

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Is your stuff FDA approved?

xTroJ99 karma

THC is still a schedule 1 drug so it's impossible to be FDA approved at the moment. Epidiolex I believe is the only cannabis product to be FDA approved and it was a low potency CBD tincture that was something crazy like $1,000 for a bottle

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What product and consumption methods would you suggest for Chronic pain? I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis and I smoke for pain management. Would love any suggestions, cheers!

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Have you tried THC balms or patches? That would help for immediate pain, CBD balms would help with Arthritis.

TisTheWindAndNothing3 karma

What is the greatest barrier for growth for your company? What is your goal company size?

xTroJ94 karma

Legislation. Most people don't realize the cost and effort it takes to take a cannabis company from one state to another.

We'd like to be an internationally known brand within the next 5 years, selling and white labeling products for people around the world.


Hi Troy. I recently started growing cannabis, and I’ve noticed that the raw plants and buds cause me to break out in itchy hives when I’m pruning my plants. Similar issue when trimming and I have to wear a mask to prevent allergy symptoms. Never had an issue smoking weed though. What’s going on here?

xTroJ91 karma

So my business partner has the exact same problem. The man smokes like a chimney and loves it, but the second he touches weed the man looks like he's having an allergic reaction. We've come to the conclusion that it has something to do with either chlorophyll or a certain terpene touching his skin to cause the irritation.

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Want to understand more: (sorry if it sounds too noob)

Does cannabis gets oxidized and loses its potency? How does one store it?

Does breathing technique in a joint makes any difference in the buzz speed / effect?

xTroJ92 karma

Cannabis oxidizes and converts its potency. THC and CBD will convert to CBN, wrote an article about it here. Airtight mason jar (not a plastic bag) with a boveda pack.

I don't think so, inhale slowly, hold it for 1 second, then exhale.

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How stoned are you in this picture?

xTroJ913 karma


elanalion2 karma

Might be a silly question, but could you explain why it feels better to do edibles with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Also, do you have any recommendations for a company that makes just cbd edibles? Thank you.

xTroJ92 karma

CBD helps counteract the "high" associated with THC. So you get the relaxation without the overwhelmingly stoned feeling. CBDFX and Bolt are great companies for CBD gummies.

lilldance2 karma

Hi Troy , does Cannabis/THC affect sperm in anyway ?

xTroJ94 karma

I've seen studies that show long-term use has shown slight decreases in sperm count. I've always thought about it and take natural ways to counter the possibility.

SuperDraco_2 karma

As an amateur grower, do you have any genetics recommendations for those who are looking to start growing strains that contain unique cannabinoid profiles?

xTroJ93 karma

I don't grow, have a lot of friends that do so I don't feel like I am the best to answer this question. I work primarily in post-processing, grabbing extracted materials and creating a finished product using cannabinoids. There are some open source growing communities that share genetics to help cross breed certain cannabinoids, that would be the first place I would look in your situation.

akodo11 karma

you don't feel you should answer growth questions because you aren't a grower, but feel competent to tell us the various properties of cannabis. How is that? Are you basing your analysis of cannabis properties based on how you personally react to the products in question?

xTroJ91 karma

Yes, I feel very confident in telling you what each cannabinoid will do and how it can best be used. My job is to know how to use, formulate and deliver different cannabinoids into the body to achieve a certain goal. It’s what I’ve been doing for close to 5 years now.

Growers focus on knowing the correct amount of water, nutrients, time, light and humidity for their plants to grow correctly and achieve their goal cannabinoids which is a science in itself. I solely focus on using the extracted cannabinoids from the already grown plants.

KingPellinore2 karma

I've been trying some of the legal options such as Delta 8. What are your opinions on these (for now) legal varieties?

xTroJ93 karma

Scan the QR codes and make sure the testing is legit. There are no regulations really so there's a lot of frauds that are out to make a quick buck at the expense of the industries integrity.

Mehtevas521 karma

Bi-partisan legislation successfully passed the house recently so it seems we are close to moving toward full legalization. However, companies like Amazon have shown interest in the industry. Are you worried about these major corporations disrupting the market as we’ve known it for years?

xTroJ92 karma

Absolutely not, I'm excited for it in the hopes that everybody from the industry that has really put their life into it has a solid enough foundation that when it becomes legal, they are either purchased by a massive company and reap the benefits of fighting against the system for many years or they use these emerging companies like Amazon to launch their foundation to the stratosphere. Obviously, there is no perfect scenario but as for me, I'm not worried, more excited to see how it happens.

noob_tech1 karma

Sativa is for mind-highs while Indica = "in da couch" is BS right?

xTroJ93 karma

Yep, a very dated black and white phrase that I'm guilty of still sometimes using when talking to new users. Terpene content is the ticket to telling you how you will feel. Korova does an amazing job with their flower packaging. Check out their terpene chart when you get the chance.

201steez1 karma

What kind of cannabis products would you recommend to take every day for the average person to productively enjoy their work?

xTroJ91 karma

The brand new user should give a 10-1 or 3-1 tincture a try. What I mean is for every 10mg of CBD, get 1mg of THC. CBD kind of nulls the effects of cannabis so it's a very pleasant and light high. Just a few drops under the tongue and you can go about your day.

Like one of the other commentators posted in here, cannabis has been bred to have massive amounts of THC and little CBD. If you can find a 50/50 THC/CBD strain like Odyssey, I think that would be a good start if you're interested in smoking over other forms of consumption.

portuga11 karma

You mentioned eczema. I never heard of any cannabinoid uses for that. Could you please elaborate? I have mild eczema, which I always treated with a corticoid lotion here and there, occasionally. Wondering if there are better alternatives.

Also would like to hear your take on THC piss testing. Companies are screening for drugs, and while I accept and even support their right, it seems extremely unfair you can get drunk every night and pass the breath test in the morning, or do hard drugs like coke/heroine and have it out of your system in 2 or 3 days, while you could have THC remnants in your system for weeks or months. So basically you could have smoked a joint on your holidays, and come back to work fully functional and still test positive.

xTroJ9-1 karma


Not necessarily a specific cannabinoid, but ways of using and emulsifying them with other ingredients. The picture above was 5 days of using this product.

I think it's bullshit that people get fired for smoking weed. The entire concept is stupid. I can understand if they were high at work but a failed drug test for cannabis is asinine.

Rummy1618-3 karma

In what ways would you use a budget surplus from legal pot sales across your state? With all the time, money and research you've put into your product, wouldn't that ultimately drive the cost of product up? Are your products affordable and widely available?

xTroJ91 karma

In a sense, yes time, money and research would increase the product cost but when I look at cannabis products I look at them in 3 categories: Potency, price and quality.

Anytime I make a product I look to make sure that the new product is as potent or more potent than competitors, price matched or lower, and made with higher quality,

For example, most CBD companies sell a 3,000mg cbd tincture for $100-150. Minx sells a 3,000mg nano emulsified tincture for $50. So we matched potency, beat the price and used a patented nanoformulation.