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hedonistic8 karma

Part of the problem with pharmaceuticals is their related patents and IP rights [creating artificial scarcity and leverage over pricing.] You talk about issues with pharma motivating you to get into cannabis...then you have your own patents. I understand what patents are for and why they can be useful, but with cannabis - a plant that anybody can grow themselves... how are you solving a pharma problem by copying pharma methods? What's the difference?

hedonistic7 karma

Fair enough. I get it. However, if your propriety 'emulsification' technique is particularly helpful in making 'medical' cannabis products [or at least products marketed to treat certain ailments or provide certain benefits vs using a pharma product to treat the same issue etc...] why not share the emulsification technique open source so more cannabis producers can make their own for their individual markets?? I live in a medical state and have a medical card...allowing me to grow 5plants. I can make hash, edibles, teas, tinctures, etc.... why can't I emuslify my products? I am just asking... i likely wouldn't do it. But there may be people who would be interested in it.

If your products are good and effective they will sell themselves and the hemp products can be sold online to anybody most anywhere. Your bottom line won't get hurt.