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I think the next step in the system is to actually apply these products into a clinical trial - to prove these claims.

I’m not a naysayer, but I also cannot recommend marijuana outside of very few applications currently supported by medicine.

In my experience despite interest by medical researchers in doing clinical trials companies run for the hills when the rubber hits the road.

Will you stick to your guns enough to truly test your product?

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Wonderfully put.

I think the public generally drives what is percieved as “skill” of argumentation and debate and erroneously pushes people publicly debating toward those traits viewed as “skilled”. Currently, the perception of “skill” in debate to me is viewed as the quippy one sentence retorts which on the face appear true and point out some obvious weak point in the counter argument.

This occurs because we don’t have the attention span to truly dive into an issue or spend the time to understand the required nuance to be fluent in a full, logical and valid debate.

My hope is that at some point a return to lengthy discussions and willingness to understand an issue thoroughly before making judgement will prevail. At this point in time however we are quite happy as a society to make a determination on immensely complex issues with a 250 character or less quippy sentence.

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Late stages of becoming a physician (MD).

Training with physicians who study and investigate its use.

Working with clinical trials to investigate marijuana which continue to fall into roadblocks.

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Agree - I’m in another country just north of you and we have federally legal cannabis.

Despite being legal, we still cannot study it for the aforementioned reason (companies will not go ahead with trials) or because of selection bias (non-naive users are keen, but not if there is a chance for them to get placebo) or other reasons.

There is also the issue of delivery for consistent, randomized and blinded approach.

Lots of barriers which can be overcome, but companies need to be invested to prove their claims, rather than rely upon unsubstantiated anecdotes.

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Very good.

I appreciate your commitment and I would love to see this be translated into hard evidence to support its use.

Keep pushing for legitimizing the claims and many people will thank you (one because it will clearly show possible harms, two because we see the benefits it has).