Hi guys, Mary Lynn Rajskub here. You probably know me from "24" and various comedies. I'm here to answer your questions for the next hour or so so bring it on!

edited at 1:30 PM PST - thank you SO much guys - this has been a GREAT hour and a half! I'm sure I will be lurking more on reddit in the future and maybe even do another AMA. Until then - look for me on my standup tour, follow me on twitter @rajskub for updates and check out http://rides.tv/dirty-work/ if you want! Thanks!

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Hells yes! Gail is the shiznit. THey kept saying "you're too likeable! you have to make us want to throw salt on you!" so i kept making her weirder and weirder until by the end i was sucking in my spit in between sentences... it's nice to know she lives inside of me.

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Are you anything like your 24 character in real life? Also, any news on the 24 movie? Dammit Mary Lynn we're running out of time!

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No, i can relate to being socially awkward and up in my head, but i'm not good at computers and i don't like responsibility - but don't tell my kid that.

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Who is your favourite president in 24?

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Dennis Haybert as President Palmer and Greg Itzin as President Logan

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Hi Mary Lynn! What's your favourite memory from being on Mr. Show? and dare I ask... worst memory? Also, I can pronounce Rajskub. Can you mail me a cookie?

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Mr. Show times were the best!! I had just moved to LA and was doing performance art in shows in Los Angeles with the likes of David C, Bob O, Jack Black, Will Farrell and Kathy Griffin just to name a few. We were all doing live shows and I was at one of the shows that 'industry folks' came to watch when they were deciding to put Mr. Show on tv! It was so exciting. I was so happy to be there . I couldn't believe it

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homemade oatmeal?

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what kind of cookie? peanut butter?

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First off, you’re awesome.

Second, what is your favourite season of 24?

Finally, are you going to be starring in the 24 movie when production eventually gets underway?

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First off, thank you.

Second, I love all of the seasons of 24, my favorite moments seem to be similar to the fans. When I got to shoot that terrorist.... pretty great. not that I'm into guns but I have to admit it was fun. the last season was amazing and very emotional

HickoryDickoryDank21 karma

Thanks for the reply! Not even slightly subtle about dodging the question about the movie I see!

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The forces that be will hopefully allign to create the movie. At which point, you guys will be the first to know. I would LOVE to do it of course!!!!! Chloe and Jack need to be on the big screen

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If you had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a Dinosaur Death Match using only primitive weapons and not allowed to set traps, what's the biggest dinosaur you think you win against? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size reference.

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hold on, let me consult with my 3 and a half year old son... the bird dinosaur. Just cuz that thing doesn't get enough cred.

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Sweet... the "bird-dinosaur". Is that a chicken-sized one or is he talking about about something like Zanabazar. Because if he meant a chicken-sized one, I like his style of thinking.

By the way, I really liked you character in Punch Drunk Love. That movie in general is pretty good, but I always had some sympathy for Sandler's character because of how much of a socially awkward penguin his anger issues made him, and I thought it was interesting (realistic) that his sister would shove that in his face relentlessly.

Not that that will keep the boss of Dinosaur Death Match from feeding you to a dinosaur, but I like being entertained just as much as the crowds that come to my matches. I just like good movies, too.

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It's the Zanabazar, I'm having a t-shirt made that says "Zanabazar Forever" as we type this.

Yes, I have that kind of power.

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Mary Lynn, what's your favorite dish?

I'm not going to cook it but I'll order it from Zanzibar.

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Vegetables and rice. Boring answer I know. But if it's from Zanzibar, it might be more exciting.

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What was Paul Thomas Anderson like to work with in Punch-Drunk Love? Did he do a lot of takes? What about Adam Sandler?

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He did a S#!? load of takes! lol. love pta he is the real deal. we would improvise all over the place and then end up back at the original script. Adam was the bomb, while we were making it I kept thinking he was going to blow America's minds with his performance. But a lot of Sandler fans weren't ready to see him playing this type of character... too much anxiety!!!!! hahah

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Whats the worst way someone has pronounced your last name.

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Date night with me in Indianapolis? I'll buy

marylynnrajskub54 karma

Absolutely! I'll be there with my husband and child. I'm in LA, when I have a cross country road trip, I'm in!!!! What are we having for dinner?

verbality30 karma

Since he's going to just buy you food you might as well get something good. I recommend 2 lobster tails with a side of sushi.

marylynnrajskub40 karma

you're so classy.

marylynnrajskub33 karma

I'll have the frog legs.

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Is there any backstory on your music video appearance on Weezer's "The Good Life"?

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Funny, I just performed at the Uncabaret last night in Los Angeles which was the show where I met Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Ferris who were directing the Weezer video, they asked me to be the pizza girl. I was like 'I'm all over that' You would not believe how many streets I drove down and stairs I walked up pretending to deliver the pizzas. These two love directing . jeez. never hung out with Weezer....

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Chloe was hands down my favourite character from 24! Were those real tears while you said goodbye to Jack Bauer in the last episode?

marylynnrajskub52 karma

yes, they were real tears.

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Thanks for being so expressive in your acting! I always love your characters.

When you were working on Gilmore Girls, what was it like? Was the cast super close?

EDIT: Also, I've read that Alexis Bledel actually hates coffee, though her character loves it. They apparently filled her cup with Coke. Any other behind-the-scenes trivia you can share?

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Thank you so much. Really sweet.

I was not around Alexis during the filming of my scenes... if I ever see her again, I will check what's in her cup!!! Amy Sherman Pallidino, the creator of Gilmore Girls is a long time comedy and music fan so she was the one that brought me on and let me sing a song that I wrote!! It was terrifying and so fun. The only other thing I can say about the set is that I really felt like I was in Stars Hollow. It really felt small townish and cozy. I didn't want to leave

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First: Besides setting yourself on fire, what's the most interesting story to come out of living with Sarah Silverman?

Second: What do you find to be the biggest difference between UCBNY and UCBLA?

Third: What texture do you prefer your peanut butter to be?

And that's it.

marylynnrajskub50 karma

First: What better story could you have besides setting myself on fire? What do I have to do to entertain you?!?! if you're looking for juice on Sarah Silverman's naked body, I'm not going to give it to you, but yes I have seen it many times.

Second: UCBLA is so new age-y and UCBNY is gritty and in your face, ready-to-fight.

Third: Smooth peanut butter, all the way.

MelonFlavoured23 karma

But we need that info on Sarah. For science.

marylynnrajskub56 karma

okay, for science. what do you need to know? is her ass cute? yes. tell the scientists for me, will you?

SatelliteofLouvre20 karma

What did getting salted feel like?

marylynnrajskub68 karma

It hurts friend.... bad.... in the heart. my emotionals.

KingKidd17 karma

Hey Mary Lynn! Huge fan of Chloe and 24. Couple questions:

Do you have any idea where the 24 movie idea is in terms of actually getting made? Would you be a cast member?

Did you have a good relationship with Kiefer Southerland as the series went on, or was is generally a professional relationship while filming? Who was your favorite person on set?

Favorite Scene from 24?

Do you have any work in progress that we should check out?

marylynnrajskub22 karma

I am very excited to do the 24 and really hope the powers that be can get it together and make it happen! I will let you know as soon as I have any concrete information. I have a new web series called 'Dirty Work' that I'm really excited about... maybe it can hold you over until the 24 movie happens!! dirtywork.com let me know what you think.

kemlee17 karma

Can you tell us about growing up in Michigan and your early comedic influences/experience performing theater?

marylynnrajskub24 karma

I grew up in Trenton, Michigan, which is a suburb south of Detroit. I did children's theatre. I played an Oompa Loompa in CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, as well as a street urchin in SCROOGED.

I also did a pretty moving interpretation of a poem from the Shell Silverstein book "Where the Sidewalk Ends"...

It made me the woman I am today.

I can remember seeing Whoopi Goldberg's one woman show on HBO when I was little and it blew my mind.

ThatsthePuzzle16 karma

Hello! First I want to say that I think you're a great actress and I love your work.

My questions, what's Kiefer like off set?

What's your next big project?

Also, how exactly DO you open up a new socket?

marylynnrajskub31 karma

What's Kiefer like off-set: he's a lovely man. And a mean chess player.

My next big projects - I think I mentioned it earlier on this thread, but it's a dark comedy called DIRTY WORK. I'm also doing live standup comedy.

Re: opening up a new socket - you just stick it in!

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Hello there Mary Lynn. Fellow Downriverer here...from Riverview. My brother is marrying your cousin in September in Michigan. Will you be attending?? :)

marylynnrajskub21 karma

maybe! if i can!

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You've had the chance to be in some incredible projects over the years (in which you have been great!), at what moments did you think "wow I can't believe this is happening"? Do you have a favorite role you have played? Also, what was it like working on Dude Where's My Car? Thanks for the AMA!

marylynnrajskub27 karma

I think I can't believe this is happening every day. Unless I'm having a bad day then I have to remind myself that I can't believe this is happening.

Dude Where's My Car was a little harrowing. It was at night, and I was around all nerdy guys wearing suits of bubble wrap. I didn't know what the hell was going on. Luckily, Hal Sparks was there to do his num chucks, that made me feel safe. and a young Jennifer Garner before Sarafina and Violet were even a glimmer in her eye. Just think, she could've ended up with Aston or Sean William Scott! Also, Ashton was real bored without twitter as it hadn't been invented yet

Dymodeus10 karma

What's your favourite pick-up line?

marylynnrajskub26 karma

"Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?"

it's a 70s love song reference. Figure it out people.

Wannabe_Costanza10 karma

What is your favorite breakfast? I love you.

marylynnrajskub20 karma

Steel cut oatmeal. Pecans. Fresh fruit. Sunlight streaming in from the window...

Fresh cut flowers on the table. and fuzzy slippers.

remmycool9 karma

When you're old, what movie/tv show will your grandkids always hear longwinded stories about?

marylynnrajskub65 karma

"You kids...i was on TV when there were only 26 channels. You don't get it. Kirstie Alley had a show called VICTORIA'S CLOSET... you'll never get it, you won't even try. You kids with your braincomputers. Your brain IS a computer. You don't need a computer in your brain. You disgust me."

anomalied9 karma

When's the last time you spoke to David Cross?

marylynnrajskub20 karma

I just did a live show with him in Iowa City. I did standup in his show, it was awesome, he was great.

ZoeSP9 karma

Hey Mary Lynn!

I saw on IMDB that you are in a new series (Dirty Work) when does that air? I'd love to see it!

marylynnrajskub16 karma

The first episode is out now! Please watch, i love it! I get to be as sassy as I want to be. http://rides.tv/dirty-work/

SongForTheWorldsEnd6 karma

This is an important question:

Imagine you are a director. You are filming a scene that depicts the end of the world - say, for example, the Earth is being swallowed by a rapidly expanding sun.

You have to pick a song to play in the background of this scene. This song has to sum up, in your mind, all of humanity. It has to be a fitting tribute to human kind and to planet earth - a perfect goodbye for the planet that has so much history.

You can pick any song. Which one do you pick?

marylynnrajskub33 karma

"MMM-Bop" by Hanson.

carrollr5 karma

What is the corniest joke you know?

marylynnrajskub20 karma

why is a hot dog always happy at the end of a race?

because he know he's a WEINER!

marylynnrajskub16 karma

my 3 year old told me that.

rmarti785 karma

What happened to your talk show?

marylynnrajskub4 karma

it was awesome, E! didn't pick it up.

woger7234 karma

How did you end up on Mr. Show? Audition or did you know Bob/David? It's very cool to see you on a show like 24, then be able to watch you in "Rap: The Musical!"

marylynnrajskub8 karma

I will try to talk Bob & David into developing the full-length RAP: THE MUSICAL musical, which will probably take over from BOOK OF MORMON and be the toast of Broadway.

burying_luck4 karma

Hi there! I grew up in your hometown of Trenton, MI. Do you ever find yourself coming back that way? Considering you grew up there, how do you feel about the area (and Detroit) now?

Also, have you seen the signs around town with your name? Must be a pretty neat feeling to see those.

marylynnrajskub4 karma

I go back when i can. Midwestern people are some of the kindest, most down to earth people. Detroit kind of bums me out, but there's still always a lot of hope there.

gorgen0024 karma

What was it like filming "Mysterious Skin?". Avalyn was so weird >.<

marylynnrajskub6 karma

Huge fan of Greg Araki. Loved the script and the final product I found it to be quite poetic. The film handled a difficult subject manner with a lot of grace. Avalyn is a freak! she grabs that boy's crotch! get a grip avalyn. SHe needs to get out of the house more- poor thing

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Following my cat Pearls' trail over to the neighbors, where she was being fed treats and listening to music and sitting on the neighbor's pillow. Cheater.

rocknrollhikeskoo3 karma

I want to let you know that I would never salt you, snail. I've always enjoyed your roles in what I've seen you do, so keep doing what you're doing, because you're a great actress!

Who would win in a fight, a grilled cheese sandwich, or a taco?

marylynnrajskub7 karma

Tough one. I'm going to go Grilled Cheese because tacos always fall apart, they're very delicate, just like me.

MagicFireDragonPower3 karma

What is your favorite style to paint? Do you sell your paintings? Thanks for the AMA. You should blow Reddits mind and do a painting of Shitty_Watercolour...not that I have any idea what he or she looks likes.

marylynnrajskub3 karma

I do love watercolors. Messy, colorful, childlike.

AdamBertocci-Writer2 karma

As a person with an unusual name myself, I'm interested: Were you ever pressured/advised to take a stage name that was easier to pronounce / less ethnic, in your days before fame? What names were suggested or considered?

(And kudos for not changing it, btw!)

marylynnrajskub3 karma

Mary Lynn Raskell

marylynnrajskub3 karma

WTF so glad I didn't change it! I'm going to make people say my name right. damnit!

AdamBertocci-Writer2 karma

Ha, thanks for answerin'! Would "Raskell" have been pronounced like "Rascal"? (Sounds like some sort of superhero.) Or more like "Pascal"?

Either way it seems your choice to stay yourself didn't hurt. A lesson for us all!

marylynnrajskub2 karma



[deleted]2 karma

First off, I second the fact that you are amazing!

Now, is it wrong that while watching TV, my wife and I will refer to people "Tony Almeida-ing" a situation? That is, at the beginning of an episode they will be in some sort of horrific accident, but will be able to recover enough to save the day in a matter of a few hours.

EDIT: Zoltan!

marylynnrajskub3 karma

I thought you were going to say. Tony Alimeda-ing as in dying and being shot with adrenalin!? to bring you back from the dead. I love the show 'I Survived' on bio. Go to the light! but it wasn't my time... you know? I was up there, watching myself ... dead! everyone was freaking and I was like what's the prob? I'm fine

LeeCarvallo2 karma

Chloe! Easily one of my favorite characters in any show.

My question is how did you get to be the star of the Weezer music video for "The Good Life"? I loved that song and it took me a while to realize that Chloe was the pizza delivery girl, and that's when it solidified my position as being my favorite song on the album. Thanks!!

edit The Good Life Music Video featuring Ms. Rajskub

marylynnrajskub7 karma

thanks for linking to it. I think the boxes in the video were empty. I don't remember eating any pizza.

Drewsipher2 karma

Two things, if I can do that, what was your most memorable moment on set for 24, and what parts have you either passed on or been denied that you where GLAD afterwards that you where not a part of that project.

marylynnrajskub3 karma

I auditioned for Pam on the Office. I auditioned for Jane Adams role in Happiness... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I gotta go to the 'everything happens for a reason' place in regard to auditioning etc. you can't hold on to any of that .

creamiest2 karma

What would you eat for your last meal?

marylynnrajskub9 karma

Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream.

kemlee2 karma

I'd love to know your thoughts on alternative comedy and what made you want to take that path (you're not a setup-punchline type of comic)

In the early nineties what comics were blowing your mind?

Can you give us a timeline of where you first started performing comedy, and who you were performing with?

marylynnrajskub2 karma

I had a need to perform and express myself and I was lucky enough to be in LA at the right place and the right time. I was doing performance art in SF and people were laughing at me, that became comedy. I started to try to get laughs instead of making people uncomfortable. I loved everyone in the scene in the 90s. It was a sweet spot. and a sweet time. cross, odenkirk, garafalo, galifinakis, tenacious d.

rotzooi2 karma

M-L spreads her legs was awesome; are you working on a new standup show?

PS love your YouTube stream-of-consciousness shorts.

marylynnrajskub5 karma

yes - i am working on a new standup show. i've done bits for Mashup on Comedy Central (TJ Miller's show) and also Kate Flannery's hosting a show on the TV Guide channel, but i'm also working on my longer form standup to tape at some point (thank you so much!)

skylitfear2 karma

Do you ever look in the mirror and randomly shout "Zoltan!", followed by the gesture?

marylynnrajskub4 karma

hmmm... i'm too busy telling myself how beautiful i am, inside and out.