Mary Lynn Rajskub

is an American actress and comedian, best known for her leading role as Chloe O'Brian in the Fox action-thriller 24.

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Hells yes! Gail is the shiznit. THey kept saying "you're too likeable! you have to make us want to throw salt on you!" so i kept making her weirder and weirder until by the end i was sucking in my spit in between sentences... it's nice to know she lives inside of me.

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Dennis Haybert as President Palmer and Greg Itzin as President Logan

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No, i can relate to being socially awkward and up in my head, but i'm not good at computers and i don't like responsibility - but don't tell my kid that.

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It hurts friend.... bad.... in the heart. my emotionals.

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"You kids...i was on TV when there were only 26 channels. You don't get it. Kirstie Alley had a show called VICTORIA'S CLOSET... you'll never get it, you won't even try. You kids with your braincomputers. Your brain IS a computer. You don't need a computer in your brain. You disgust me."

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okay, for science. what do you need to know? is her ass cute? yes. tell the scientists for me, will you?

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He did a S#!? load of takes! lol. love pta he is the real deal. we would improvise all over the place and then end up back at the original script. Adam was the bomb, while we were making it I kept thinking he was going to blow America's minds with his performance. But a lot of Sandler fans weren't ready to see him playing this type of character... too much anxiety!!!!! hahah

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Absolutely! I'll be there with my husband and child. I'm in LA, when I have a cross country road trip, I'm in!!!! What are we having for dinner?