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This man speaks truth. I lived in one once and am told that after being given my eviction notice, I still hung around for two more weeks.

Eventually the authorities came a dragged me out at knife-point. I'm told I wasn't very happy about that.

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What's the biggest dinosaur you think you cold kill with primitive weapons? Traps aren't allowed; it's like a fight in a football stadium. You don't have to name any specific dinosaurs, just give a size.

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You can have friends with whom you respectfully disagree.

This is one of the most important things in the world regarding social interaction that I think not enough people take the time to accept or wrap their heads around.

There's this guy named Keith that works at this outdoor gear store, who works in the bicycle department who is a HUGE, smug asshole. I used to hate "Keith the Bike-Dick". You'd go into the store and he'd come help you and you'd ask about some product and he'd talk to you like you were a fucking idiot. "He looks and acts exactly like that guy from House M.D., but with a little less sarcasm and little more just general assholery. After a few years, the store started getting a team together every year for an adventure relay race using runners, road and mountain bikers, canoe and kayak legs... So they brought me on the team to do the running legs and Keith the Bike-Dick and I were forced to interact like teammates, rather than the consumer relationship we had previously. The thing I learned about Keith these last few years is that he IS a giant dickhead; he hasn't gotten any less smug, or polite or anything with me over the years that we've been teammates... He's still is and always will be a fucking asshole. But once you come to terms with that, he can be alright company, as long as you can accept the terms of him being a dick. As long as you say, "It's Keith, he's a bitter fuckin' prick, but he's alright once you accept that."

In another example, our old shop foreman at work used to be on our Tuesday Night Bowling League. The guy is driven by money and the prospect of getting more money, to the point that he is notorious for stabbing co-workers in the back for an extra commission, for a promotion, for the purposes of getting a good word in for himself even at the cost of someone else. Even so, he's fun to get drunk and bowl with on Tuesday Nights. People used to ask me why I'd want to hang out with an asshole like that after hours and I'd say, "Clay will throw you in front of a bus just to collect the change that flies out of your pockets. I'm well aware that he's going to stab me in the back eventually, and I conduct myself around him as if I expect him to eventually stab me in the back. But there's nothing I can do about that because that's what kind of person he is and if I didn't hang out with him on account of that, we wouldn't have nearly as much fun together on Tuesday nights getting drunk and bowling and acting like jackasses together."

TL;DR: The point is, there's just some aspects about peoples' characters that we aren't going to like, and either there's nothing you can do about it or it's not worth the effort to try and change them. If you want someone to be more like you want them to be, and they aren't going to be that person, is easy to dislike them and call them an asshole, and the two of your are going to have a bad time together. But if you can accept the fact that a person simply isn't going to change who they are to be what you wish they would, or accept your values and ways, there's a good chance that looking beyond that, you can still like the person and have a good time with them; you just have to accept them on their terms for what they are instead of focusing on why they won't play by your rules.

I think a lot of times, people don't like each other because they are both using their own values and life lessons to play by btheir own set of rules. When people with differing lives and values need or want to interact with one another, they come to some sort of compromise that lets each person meet the other halfway, and they become amicable. When someone isn't interested on making a compromise in the effort of being amicable or friends, they surely are a dislikable person, and that's that. But that's unfortunate because if you both agreed to not make compromises to meet halfway and simply agreed that neither of you is going to make a compromise and accept those as the terms of the relationship, you can still have a pretty good time together.

FUCK, the TL;DR was TL;DR: Some people are just not going to be what you wish they'd be, and if you can accept that you can still have some alright friendships with them.

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If you had only primitive weapons, and had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a "Dinosaur Death Match", what is the biggest dinosaur you think you could defeat? You don't have to give a specific dinosaur, just give us a general size. Also you can't set traps.