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I think I watched the "You Can Do Anything" video at least 25 times a few weeks ago. Absolutely brilliant. If anyone hasn't seen it, watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlD9JYP8u5E

What is the process like for writing something with such absurd lines like this skit? Do you ever need to pull yourselves back from getting too crazy?

Also, what are your thoughts on The Mighty Boosh?

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Wow, a Broken Lizzard/Bill Murray collaboration might be the funniest movie ever. That will sell itself!

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I'm a HUGE fan of your work - just thought I'd get that out of the way. What is the group dynamic like of Broken Lizard and how did you guys meet? If you had the opportunity to work with any actor in any sort of film, who and what would it be? Thanks for the AMA and for making awesome movies that never get old!

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You've had the chance to be in some incredible projects over the years (in which you have been great!), at what moments did you think "wow I can't believe this is happening"? Do you have a favorite role you have played? Also, what was it like working on Dude Where's My Car? Thanks for the AMA!

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Tables of free food. Lots of donuts, bagels, candy, chips, etc. It's heaven.

Source: I've been an extra in quite a few shows.