I've banged all your favorite pornstars, and I get paid to do it. Ask me anything!


Edit: I've got a doctors appointment in 30 mins, so send off the last few questions and I'll try and get to them!

Edit 2: doctor time, thanks everyone for the questions, this was fun.

Edit 3: I'm coming back! Just heading back home now. I'll be on in 45 minutes (6:40 EST, 3:40 Pacific)

Edit 4: Hey everyone,this was awesome, thanks for all the questions. I'm off for the evening have a great weekend.

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withallyourpower1709 karma

What does a vagina feel like?

KeiranLee1624 karma

A very warm soft, loving place...

ambivilant1464 karma

What do I need to do to get my cum to shoot out like a rocket?

KeiranLee1865 karma

Eat a ton of celery....and if your being super nice to your lady....add pineapple to for taste

Aluminium_tissue_box1160 karma

  1. If you weren't doing porn, what would you be doing?what did y want to do when you were a kid?

  2. How did you get started in the industry

  3. Who are your favorite actresses to work with?

Also, I've seen your penis, I hope that isn't weird

KeiranLee1287 karma

  1. Working in the Rail Industry in UK

  2. Was found on a internet site

  3. Kirsten Price

As for seeing my penis....its cool....

tklibe1770 karma

Rail Industry


KeiranLee951 karma

Yup i was working for network rail before i did porn

Helmets640 karma


KeiranLee1564 karma

One things for sure, i have stopped at a lot of stations lol

TheEssence1102 karma

Have you ever done a Russian Bake Sale?

KeiranLee398 karma

Nope....what is it


Do porn stars have more spacious vaginas than your average female?

KeiranLee1459 karma

Nope, some porn girls vaginas are super tight.

bw2002139 karma

Then how do you postpone blowing your load for hours?

KeiranLee480 karma

At home, i have no shame in saying i can sometimes be a 2 pump chump...

At work its different as you are thinking more about lighting, opening for the camera etc

toastedipod1046 karma

Worst thing that's happened on set??

KeiranLee1639 karma

Ummmm its got to be being pooped on....

WhyShouldIWorry1678 karma

So you fucked the shit out of her?

KeiranLee1550 karma

In more ways than one lol

mastercylinder2567 karma

on purpose?

KeiranLee1032 karma

Wasn't on purpose i hope....but its still never pleasant

[deleted]645 karma


KeiranLee1127 karma

See...who said porn was all glam

isaacthegreat874 karma

Who is one retired star you'd do anything to bang?

KeiranLee1309 karma

Jenna Jamison.....

BaronOshawott869 karma

Have you ever been involved with a female pornstar off-camera?

KeiranLee1140 karma

Yes....a lot....

Had many a one night flings, booty calls and also 3 relationships

SeriousBlack846 karma

What are the details of your penis insurance plan? Would you get the money if you got erectile disfunction, or does it require some type of physical injury?

KeiranLee1017 karma

Requires a physical injury, in the contract it actually goes to my boss...but im sure he wouldn't be that mean and not let me have it...

jfcffs1028 karma

you're contracted by a porn company. the penis insurance is to make sure that if you break your dick and can't work, that the company still gets paid

unless you have some kind of agreement I doubt that you'd get any of the money. maybe a nice lil severance package but that might be it, if at all

KeiranLee1663 karma

I should review this don't you agree

Kudhos817 karma

  • Do female pornstars have issues, like daddy issues and such?

  • How's the attitude towards "working" after 800 shots?

  • Have your choice of career affected your personal life and with relationships? Do you go on dates with "regular" people and live a normal life outside the pornography?

Thanks for the ama!

KeiranLee979 karma

  1. Nope, some girls do come with issues but mainly its them getting into bad relationships with guys that wanna pimp them out

  2. I still love it

  3. I am actually dating someone, we've been together for over a year and half

TastyMidgetElbowSex762 karma

Would you do it with Octomom?

KeiranLee1011 karma

I think i would....

Just to say, yeah i did her 2 lol

kingle0343 karma

what about chyna?

KeiranLee711 karma

Thats one girl i would like to shoot with...

BobbyBench754 karma

Which pornstar do you most regret having sex with?

KeiranLee1207 karma

Great question, there was one in UK....I can't remember her name but she was about 55 but looked 65....the director sent us pictures of someone totally different..

Disco_Drew732 karma

Does your work lessen your enjoyment of sex or cause trust issues in your private life?

KeiranLee1089 karma

Not at all, work is totally different to how people imagine it...its not all great sex....sometimes it can be hard work....girl is having a bad day, opening up for the camera, having sex in awkward places....

I'm lucky i have a partner that trusts me and we have a great sex life at home

JohnWad712 karma

  • Who is your favorite female to work with?
  • Ever done "Gay for Pay"?
  • Who gave you the best blowjob ever?
  • Ever had the "Rusty Trombone" performed on you?

KeiranLee906 karma

Favourite Female - Kirsten Price

Gay for Pay - Nope, never even done a solo...just not my cup of tea

Blowjob - Jenna Haze

Rusty Trombone - Ha ha Great question, but no....i haven't lol

UseThe4s816 karma

Blowjob - Jenna Haze

I think I've heard multiple other male porn stars say the same thing. Girl's got a gift.

KeiranLee958 karma

Its all in he hand movements i think....

packofthieve5584 karma

How strange is it having sex in front of dudes with cameras? And whats your favorite part of the job?

KeiranLee1043 karma

At 1st it was really strange, but the more i did it the more i didn't notice them there....i just concentrate on the girl or girls...

Favorite part of the job - Well the money is great, plus it has opened up others doors for me....no pun intended....

[deleted]568 karma

Clear up a long standing suspicion I've had about porn acting:

When you're filming a scene that's edited down to 30+ minutes, obviously there must be at least an hour or so of footage. So my question is, are you literally hard that whole time without once cumming? Or do you find a way to sneak an ejaculation off camera or something then quickly "reboot" yourself?

Thanks for the AMA! I'm not asking because I wonder about myself or anything...

KeiranLee811 karma

With Brazzers its totally different....

We shoot the intro video, we then take pictures of the intro and the sex stills...

then we do sex video, this is only around 20 mins of sex....i normally go straight through and finish without any cuts

Nekrocvlt558 karma

About how much do you make for every scene you do?

Also, what's the favorite scene you've done?

KeiranLee967 karma

I make on average roughly $1500 per scene appearing in 20/25 per month...

Favorite scenes are the Office 4 play scenes for brazzers ...me and 4 chicks to myself everytime

henkz470 karma

Hi there! Thanks for doing this. A few questions:

  • Some guys are meticulously listing their conquests. Have you done this? What's the count, big guy? If not, can you give a rough estimate? (I imagine this could get pretty hard)
  • What would you say is the craziest sexual maneuver you've performed? (360 blindfolded one-shot-thrust or.. y'know)
  • If you build up many PSI of farts while shooting a scene, do you call for a scene cut or power through like the rest of us?

Thanks again!

KeiranLee652 karma

1st great question....

  1. I honestly couldn't put a number, i have actually shot over 2000 scenes the 800 where for brazzers....if i was to guess....i would say 1300

  2. I have my own position which i call the Keiran Cow girl

  3. Power through pal....its a must

Thanks for questions

CiciCasablancas461 karma

  1. Do Porn stars practice scenes before shooting?
  2. How do porn stars act when they first meet the person/s they are going to shoot with?
  3. If you have breaks in shootings, what do you do?

KeiranLee583 karma

  1. Nope, although we do sex stills 1st most of the time and that gives you a blueprint for the the actual scene

  2. Some shy, some flirt, most of the time you know people through mutual friends

  3. Its rare we break, but if i do...i'm checking emails, twitter etc

ItsaBirdaPlane439 karma

What makes a female pornstar stand out compared to ohthers?

KeiranLee695 karma

The way they conduct themselves on and off set....

Its the little things like smelling good, nails and taking pride in how they look

thegreatgazoo432 karma

How did you end up in the business?

Any pro tips for banging women?

KeiranLee626 karma

By mistake really, my pals put me on a swingers site and a couple found me on there....I shot for them and eventually left my job in the rail industry and became a full time adult performer....I then found myself in LA 4 years ago contracted to a company called brazzers

thegreatgazoo250 karma

Some pals...

Are you in the 'lifestyle' scene?

KeiranLee340 karma

I was....was a great scene to be in

pemble417 karma

  1. How much is your personal sex life affected by your job? Do you have to abstain if you are shooting the next day?
  2. Do you masturbate anymore?

KeiranLee872 karma

1.Personal sex life can be hard to maintain, i have a partner and she has needs to...sometimes it might mean we have sex but i just don't climax...

  1. I don't masturbate a lot these days...with work and my partner its hard to get in some good old DIY

Bucky_Ohare399 karma

What was the one part of the job that took the most "getting used to" for you?

KeiranLee536 karma

Ummmm great question, i would think the opening up to the camera for me....

I knew i could maintain an erection, but it was allowing the camera and the light in also for viewing pleasure

Bucky_Ohare344 karma

Thank you for doing an IAMA, btw. It's a small world, but so many different ways to look at it. Your profession is full of intricacies and "mystery" to those of us outside it, it's really cool to hear answers from someone actually doing it.

Oh, and what's your favorite breakfast cereal?

KeiranLee584 karma

My pleasure sir.....

As for Cereal, i love Wheetabix from UK....

[deleted]344 karma


KeiranLee437 karma

Keeping it up is only really about 40minutes of the day....

Its the pictures and doing the set up that is time consuming....

njeXshn152 karma

I am assuming thats with breaks here and there. And not 40 consecutive minutes?

KeiranLee316 karma

Pictures take about 20 minutes, the girl then goes and get make up retouched up...

then its 20 mins of sex all the way through to pop shot

gnusmas37313 karma

What ever happened with you and puma Swede?

KeiranLee410 karma

We split up....was for the best....

molrobocop255 karma

I saw her at a local club probably 5 years ago. I suspect she was on A LOT of cocaine that night.

KeiranLee604 karma

I upgraded....I have Kirsten Price now lol

bw2002778 karma

Nice. Dickbump. (that's a thing right? no homo)

KeiranLee1093 karma

Ummm lets stick to fist bumping lol

DerekThePerv303 karma

Who's your all time favorite film house to work with ???

KeiranLee393 karma

I would have to say my partner Kirsren Price is great to work with, also there is Nikki Benz, Lisa Ann and Franseca Le that spring to mind

Djebel1330 karma

Because having sex with them is good, or because they are nice/professional?

KeiranLee559 karma

I would say both.....

MrTrashBuckets296 karma

Is genital herpes common in the porn industry and is it considered no big deal?

KeiranLee501 karma

I think its common worldwide and not just in porn....People in the industry do have it no doubt, but they are sensible enough to stop working, take medication and have some time off work....

In personal life, some people don't even know they have it and pass it on without knowing...

Princ3ssKitt3n286 karma

What was your very first time filming porn like?

KeiranLee741 karma

Surreal....afterwards i was like did i really just have sex with a strange woman i only said bout 5 words to and get paid

kal0029274 karma

What's the drug use like in the business? More referring to anything that'd enhance your performance in bed. But any other drug use is interesting.

KeiranLee393 karma

I would say class A drugs aren't really that much to do in the biz compared to years ago....

Alot of people still smoke weed

As for performance enhances, Viagra, Kamagra and in extreme case guys inject there cock with Caverject....

The_Director313 karma

I recommend not doing a google search for "caverject".

I need eyebleach.

KeiranLee252 karma

Looks painful eh...

Now picture doing that before a scene with a hot girl....crazy right

GreeceReece221 karma

How do you stop yourself from spaffing pre-maturely?

KeiranLee583 karma

Concentrate on some strange things...

I sometimes think bout what i need to do later that night or i know Johnny Sinns does a maths problem in his head

Pierre77220 karma

  1. Have you ever had to shoot a scene with another star who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

  2. Do a lot of people recognize you when you are off-work?

KeiranLee308 karma

  1. Nope, we have to sign in on camera before the scenes and if either performer is under the influence of either then the director will cancel the scenes

  2. Since working for brazzers, i find i do get spotted a lot more

[deleted]188 karma

How did your family and friends react when they found out about your work? Were people generally supportive?

KeiranLee353 karma

They were great about it....

My mum at 1st was taken back a little but she saw i was safe and in no harm and like most mothers they support your choices in life...

my friends - all i can say is they love it...lol

streetsahead88177 karma

With so much 'amateur' porn these days, is there less of a need for professional actors? Is there less demand and/or less money to be made for someone like you??

KeiranLee419 karma

I think there is a growing trend for amateur porn, i watch it myself....

but i think people will always want to see the old stuff to....the pizza guy, plumbing etc...lol

GodlessInGomorrah159 karma

Have you ever had any conversations with older male performers who were on the scene before the advent on the internet? How was the industry different before it?

Do you think it is ethical for people to watch porn and never pay for it?

Are fake boobs better than the real deal?

How uncommon is it for a male porn star to be able to support himself solely based on his work? Do most others have side jobs?

Thanks for the AMA!

KeiranLee373 karma

  1. I have spoke to a few of the older guys, and the internet has had a huge effect....I think a lot of the old school didn't take notice of the internet and regret it now...

  2. I do, hey at the end of the day...at the end of the day we pay through our noses in so many other ways...why can't we be cheeky and have a few songs, movies etcs for free

  3. I love fake, but real big real ones get me 2

  4. For a guy that can perform on a reg basis he can support himself but if for any reason they make the money then party like rockstars you find them guys don't last long and end up bk doing a 9-5

123fakerusty150 karma

Any tips regarding manscaping?

KeiranLee336 karma


Don't shave, use a trimmer....shaving can leave nasty razor burn...

and if you wanna do your ass, use nair hair removal cream....

cums_on_your_face141 karma

How long do you see yourself doing this job?

KeiranLee193 karma

To be honest, im not sure....

I am doing well for myself at the minute, performing strong and have now branched into directing scenes...

There is a part of me that would love to do mainstream but i think the chances are slim for doing adult

SgtOScrotBags123 karma

What was it like to bang Mercedes Ashley? Does she really have ass implants? Are there many girls in the industry that have these? Thanks for the AMA

KeiranLee193 karma

Yeah she is super cool, there a few that have ass implants...

Lela Starr, Alexis Ford and if im right in saying i think Katsuni 2

feralbat108 karma

How much direction do you receive during a shoot? Is it largely up to you to keep things fresh and exciting?

KeiranLee163 karma

I'm actually allowed to get on with it now days....before when i was new the director would tell me what he wanted but with time they just let you flow

MikeVoldemort83 karma

April O'Neil. Best fuck ever, or greatest fuck ever?

KeiranLee177 karma

Very good fuck, wouldn't say she is the best but well worth a squirt

Strangeglove37 karma

How often do women (Or men, I suppose) profess to recognize you in public? Female porn stars have commented before that men recognized them with frequency.

KeiranLee72 karma

I have a lot of guys coming up to me and recognize me from scenes, i think that might have something to do with my accent being British and also working for the largest adult network site brazzers...

I actually get spotted more than a few of the girls there days....

[deleted]34 karma


KeiranLee103 karma

Would love to do some kind of mainstream movies or show....chances are slim though doing porn....

Hence i am into buying property and selling them on at profit or renting them out

SyanticRaven31 karma

Maybe someones asked this and I have missed it.

Was there ever one star you really wanted to do a scene with when you first got into the business and then eventually get your chance? If so, how was the experience for you?

KeiranLee60 karma

No one asked that one...

But yes Katsuni....I was very nervous 1st time working with her