Keiran Lee

Keiran lee nakon 3000 uloga pornicima osvaja hollywood slika 668575
won the 2007 UK Adult Film and Television Award for Best Male Actor.

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Eat a ton of celery....and if your being super nice to your lady....add pineapple to for taste

KeiranLee1663 karma

I should review this don't you agree

KeiranLee1639 karma

Ummmm its got to be being pooped on....

KeiranLee1624 karma

A very warm soft, loving place...

KeiranLee1564 karma

One things for sure, i have stopped at a lot of stations lol

KeiranLee1550 karma

In more ways than one lol

KeiranLee1459 karma

Nope, some porn girls vaginas are super tight.

KeiranLee1309 karma

Jenna Jamison.....

KeiranLee1287 karma

  1. Working in the Rail Industry in UK

  2. Was found on a internet site

  3. Kirsten Price

As for seeing my penis....its cool....

KeiranLee1207 karma

Great question, there was one in UK....I can't remember her name but she was about 55 but looked 65....the director sent us pictures of someone totally different..