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What are the details of your penis insurance plan? Would you get the money if you got erectile disfunction, or does it require some type of physical injury?

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I'd love a Community Scooby-Doo parody!

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If you wrote an episode of Community, what would it be about?

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first of all, I have a major mancrush on you.

My question is: in a show full of complete stereotypes (Rick is a cop stereotype, Daryl/Otis as redneck stereotypes, T-Dawg as the black stereotype, Herschel as the southern gentleman stereotype, etc.), how has Glenn managed to completely break the mold and not conform to asian stereotypes? He's a unique, awesome character.

Second: Are you a fan of the comics? If so, what do you wish the writers had kept from the comics that they changed from the show?

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I've got $100 on "V4"