You guys are the greatest. I honestly had a blast doing this and I hope to do it again in the future. Thank you all for asking hilarious and awesome questions. I'm sorry to those I couldn't respond to. Also, thank you for supporting me and the show. To be even close to number 1 on the Reddit front page is bonkers to me. Much love to you all. @steveyeun

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scjam1005 karma

My girlfriend wanted to know how Norman Reedus smells? To be honest, I'm curious as well.

steveyeun831535 karma

He smells like a fusion of vanilla hand soap and motorcycle musk.

blundetto666 karma

Could you hand me a screwdriver?

steveyeun831426 karma

flat head.

tlott615 karma

How does it feel to be one of the, if not THE most liked character on, in my opinion, the best show currently on television?

PS I love you.

Also PS, I've waited all freaking day for this!

steveyeun83760 karma

oh man...thats pretty flattering. Thank you. I don't know if I would be considered the most liked character, but definitely it's a blessing and I'm thankful all the producers and writers for letting me be a part of something like this, with a role like this. Definitely a dream come true.

rmigz581 karma

Hello Steven,

Thank you for doing this AMA.

  1. Is Maggie that hot in person?
  2. How do you feel about parting ways with Jon Bernthal and Jeffrey DeMunn?
  3. How did the cast react to the Darabont scenario? What were your thoughts on how that ended?
  4. Can we expect more bad-assery from Glenn?
  5. Why doesn't T-Dog get very many lines?
  6. Have you read the comic books?

I have so many more, but those were at the top of my head.

By the way, I have to add, that I think you are an excellent performer and we, as the audience, have enjoyed your portrayal of Glenn. You, sir, are great at what you do.

Edit: Please let Norman Reedus know that we think Daryl is also an amazing character. He should do an AMA too!

steveyeun83675 karma

1) yes.

2) it was rough. Those two are awesome people. I love those guys. Part of what made this whole experience for me so great was that I got to work with people that I really enjoyed. Jeff and I would have dinners on occasion, just us, and he would just tell me shit. Like stuff you can only know with age. What an amazing situation for me. Thankfully, I can still talk to him via the magic of communication technology, but damn, I a going to miss him on set. He was my trailer neighbor.

Jon is awesome. He and I probably hung out the most out of set, just because we both would play basketball. He is pretty damn good. I talk to Jon still a lot so it's all good from that stand point, but again, not having him on set is pretty rough.

3) It was an unfortunate situation. It was stuff that was kind of over all of our heads. I think that it definitely could have played out a lot better than it did, but at this point, it is what it is. We have Glen Mazzara to fill the huge void that Frank left. So we are going to be great.

4) Hope so.

5) I think that's a writers question

6) yes I have. Love them.

steveyeun83525 karma

You guys are the greatest. I honestly had a blast doing this and I hope to do it again in the future. Thank you all for asking hilarious and awesome questions. I'm sorry to those I couldn't respond to. Also, thank you for supporting me and the show. To be even close to number 1 on the Reddit front page is bonkers to me. Much love to you all.

steveyeun83513 karma

Hey ya'll gotta do a quick interview. Will be back in 20 mins. Keep the questions coming. I love this.

SeriousBlack382 karma

first of all, I have a major mancrush on you.

My question is: in a show full of complete stereotypes (Rick is a cop stereotype, Daryl/Otis as redneck stereotypes, T-Dawg as the black stereotype, Herschel as the southern gentleman stereotype, etc.), how has Glenn managed to completely break the mold and not conform to asian stereotypes? He's a unique, awesome character.

Second: Are you a fan of the comics? If so, what do you wish the writers had kept from the comics that they changed from the show?

steveyeun83541 karma

nice question. I probably can't speak for any of the other actors on their characters. But as for Glenn, I think it comes from the fact that Robert Kirkman created a pretty great character. When it comes to me personally, I am blessed to be able to play a character like this because in the industry they are sometimes pretty heavy handed with the racism or stereotypes.

I think whats great about Glenn is that he is just a person. He isn't a stereotype or an asian person. I think the writers did a great job walking this fine line of calling out the fact that Glenn is Asian, because to not do so would be almost overly-sensitive, and fizzling out that fact because he is an American boy.

At this point I see Glenn as just a character that is in the apocalypse with problems that anyone else would have in his position.

sorry for my lame response. I'm gathering all my thoughts still. I might return to this.

[deleted]369 karma

I have several questions, answer whichever ones you want.

  • First of all, how thick is Lincoln's british accent? The American accent was very convincing, I wouldn't have guessed he was British.

  • You said you've played the 2nd Portal, did you like it at all?

  • Do you ever get a little scared when the walkers are walking towards you, even though you know they're just people with makeup on?

  • What's you're favorite weapon used on the show?

  • How was it doing the well scene? Did you actually go down attached to a rope or was it just a lot of editing?

  • What's you're favorite episode/scene you've been in so far?

  • If a zombie apocalypse actually happened, would you feel safe with the cast of TWD being in your group?

  • This is off topic, but, every time the show takes a break for a few months, is that when you film the next season? Or at least, half of the season?

  • Last one. How is the stabbing/shooting/impalement effect done?

steveyeun831033 karma

1) Andy's british accent is so perfect. It's almost as if it was british. He's actually Honduran. His name is Ned Holness.... No he's british and it's so proper and nice. The dude is great.

2) I loved it!

3) The make up on our show is so amazing it's hard not to do a double take when you see them. Especially during the well scene. Greg Nicotero didn't let me look at the walker before we started the scene, so when I finally got down the well it was pretty ridiculous.

4) shotgun

5) I went down a rope and hung from a harness for about a total of 10 hours

6) I think there are some coming that I can't spoil:)

7) No. All we do is eat catered food and ask about our motivations. We'd all die. Instantly.

8) Possibly.

9) sometimes with practical effects like stopping mid take and replacing the arrow or knife with a fake one. OR sometimes with CG. The people who do all the effects and Special effects are AAAMMMMAAAZZZZIINNNGGGGG!!

tobyherman27367 karma

Hey Steven -- Just wanted to say hi/thank you for all of the love you've shown for Talking Dead this season. We were lucky to have you on our show and appreciate your getting the word out to everyone! Can't wait for everyone to see The Walking Dead finale on Sunday -- congrats on kicking some major ass this season!

steveyeun83329 karma


JavaPants360 karma

Do you hate Lori (as a character, not the actual actress) as much as everyone else? Also, what would be your weapon of choice during the zombie Apocalypse?

steveyeun83989 karma

I think it's great that you hate Lori. When I hear something like that I smile and think about what an amazing job Sarah Wayne Callies has done and also how fearless the writing is with her character.

What I find interesting about TV and the audience reaction sometimes is that everyone tends to want each character to be likable or consistent. Even with villians, if they are consistent, they kind of like them. Then, when a villian displays some sort of warmth, they go bonkers because they love the idea of a villian with a heart of gold.

But how come it's harder to swallow when it's a good person that isn't consistently good?

I remember reading the comic and HATING Lori. I hated her because she was bipolar; irrational in one moment but then suddenly rational the next. Loving one moment, and scornful the next. But then I realized as I took a step back and looked at the whole that her character is completely necessary and makes for interesting drama.

They are in a zombie apocalypse. They are going to be inconsistent. People are going to mess up. People are going to be irrational. People are going to be selfish. People are also going to be good.

Makes for interesting TV.

StraightMacabre335 karma

I'm a 21 year old male, who is trying desperately to get on the show. I have 12 weeks left in the Navy, and would like more than anything in the world to just be a walker. How do you think I can go about this? (pretty selfish question I know :()

peaceboner295 karma

Hey Steve! It’s Cole from Kzoo! Glad you’re doing the AMA. You still playing/recording music? Hope all is well!

steveyeun83475 karma

whats up! So glad your name is peaceboner. I play some music still.... Hope you're well man!

happysri252 karma

I cant think of any questions, but Im a big TWD fan and Glen and Daryl are the best characters in the show.

Fist bump ?

_______,-'        '-.____
              |      '-.     \/     
             / `-._    |_____|
            /    | \  /|    |  |    
           /    _|__'|_|____| 
          /|   |           |    |
______          |         |      

steveyeun83813 karma


____,-' '-._ | '-. /
/ -._ |_____| / | \ /| | | / _|__'|_|____| /| | | | |___________| ______ | | -._______'---------'

steveyeun83863 karma

clearly...I am a newb

obediah251 karma

There's a scene in episode 2-8 (Nebraska, first episode after the walkers are let out of the barn) where you're talking to Maggie about Sophia's death and how it is a chance to move on. You say the line, “We've lost others...but this is Sophia” and you sort of smile and do a little laugh. I remember thinking that was a very interesting way to play the scene. Can you speak to what your character was thinking at that moment and why you chose to play it that way?

Thanks so much for your time, man. Not sure if you frequent Reddit much, but we are all huge fans of yours.

steveyeun83412 karma

This was a particularly hard scene for me. The director and I would talk about this scene, coming at it with our own ideas. We collaborated about it and Clark, the director, explained it to me in a great way, which is that Glenn in that moment is the window for the audience. He gets to be the reaction that the audience would have. How ridiculous is it that out of all the people that could have died, it was Sophia? Sophia?

I think the smirk/laugh comes from kind of a plea and realization at how ridiculous the situation was.

In terms of my own acting. YEESH. I have a hard time watching myself.

I hope that explains some motivation?

RyanMoar200 karma

Hey Steven, congratulations on being the number one Glenn in my life. Questions? Yes, I have them.

How did you wind up getting the role of Glenn?

Have you or any of the other actors accidentally (or not so accidentally) injured a zombie extra while filming a zombie kill?

What was your favorite scene to film so far this season? Least favorite?

Can you go back to wearing Dales hat? I mean come on man, it's a classic, someone needs to.

P.S. You're also my favorite Steven.

steveyeun83559 karma


I'll talk a bit about how the whole role came through for me. I had just moved to LA about 5 months prior from Chicago. I was waiting tables and such, booked a couple of commercials, and was heading into my first pilot season.

My manager, got me an audition for this ABC pilot, which I ended up going to test for. For those who don't know, "TEST" means that you are basically in the running for the role. They work out your contract, tell you how much you'll make, blah blah blah...all that stuff then you go in and you do your final audition in front of EVERYONE. The studio, the network. It's CRAZY.

So I went in there and did the audition for ABC and I literally thought I couldn't have had a better audition. I walked out of their fist pumping. I NEVER fist pump (unless I'm playing hockey and I scored an outstanding goal).

I went to Denny's to go celebrate. WOO DENNY's! I was mid way through a stack of pancakes when my manager called and said, "We'll get the next one buddy." I was so bummed.

But what was amazing is that, it ended up being the best thing that had ever happened to me. A couple of months later, I auditioned late in the pilot season for TWD and I got a call back. Then I went to Frank Darabont's office to do an audition with just him and a reader opposite me. It was so much more relaxed. Frank is great. He loves actors. So I ended up booking it that week.

The crazy thing is, is that if I had booked that ABC pilot, I wouldn't have been able to audition for TWD. I would have never had this opportunity. I get to be Glenn now. That other show didn't even get picked up. Blessed.

ThePuffyShirt198 karma

How was your experience at Second City? I just started taking classes at the Chicago school. Any advice you can give in getting the most out of Second City?

steveyeun83449 karma


You're going to love SC. The best advice I can give you is to create your own material. Take those classes, get plugged in with some people you click with. Create a group. Write some bits. Put them up in the skybox or anywhere. And just enjoy yourself.

Chicago is great because unlike LA. You have so much more opportunity to put yourself out there and be seen. Granted, in terms of TV/Film it doesn't have as many opportunities, BUT you are able to learn on the job in Chicago whereas in LA, it's not as easy to book gigs.

I learned so much there and I'm so glad I spent my first four years there after college. I got to tour, I got to write, I got to improvise. Stuff that I might have been able to actually get a chance to do consistently over in LA. Enjoy it!

ys_88165 karma

First off, I love your character on Walking Dead and wish you the best in your career :) Definitely great to see more Korean Americans in the entertainment industry these days.

Secondly, sorry it this seems kind of odd, would you want to do a Podcast interview or blog Q&A interview? I work for a DC based organization that focuses on US-Korea affairs and relations, and we always love connecting with and hearing from the Korean American community.

Thanks for your time, can't wait to see the season finale! :)

steveyeun83259 karma

sure message me!

Cakeman9160 karma

Hey can you acknowledge that I exist real quick? Thanks

steveyeun83285 karma

you think. therefor.

Yeayohaha159 karma

How's life working with the legendary T-Dawg?

steveyeun83262 karma

Irone Singleton is the man. Great actor. Great human.

castastrophe134 karma

I have a giant crush on Glenn. Does that mean I have a giant crush on you? >.> But for my real question: What's it like being the only Asian in the show? Does it even matter/affect anything?

steveyeun83382 karma

Thanks! It's kind of funny how coming from outside in, people to notice that I am the only person of Asian descent on the show. But to me it's all pretty normal. I'm American and other people on the show are American or British. We are all people. I'm not trying to be soapboxy about this question but I think the most important thing for me is for people to realize that it's all people at the end of the day.

I am a person. Everyone treats me like one.

Glenn is a person. Everyone treats him like one.

All good.

brucemanhero131 karma

I recently saw Sarah Wayne Callies on a college humor video, with plenty of other actors from other shows that have spoiler-heavy content. If a site like college humor, funny or die, or heck, maybe even 5 second films, asked you to cameo or even do occasional things with them, would you find the time to participate?

steveyeun83166 karma


wakawhat127 karma

You are always so humble about your role, and I think that speaks volumes about who you are. Do you ever watch the show and think, "damn, I'm a badass!" or do you constantly judge yourself? (As I would surely do.)

Also, are there ever any changes made to the script during shooting? Or is it all very finely tuned in advance? Thanks!!! Can't wait for Sunday!

steveyeun83351 karma

I hate watching myself. Seriously. That stupid...stupid.. face. But thank you.

As for the script. The writers are on set, so if there are changes, we discuss with them and we are able to tweak and work things based on a collaborative effort. It's pretty awesome.

josh_hofer113 karma

Steven, just wondering what kind of music you listen to. Maybe the top three bands/artists you can't get enough of right now? Thanks!

steveyeun83356 karma

I love hip hop. I love folk. so right now I'm crazy in to:

Wilco "The Whole Love" Childish Gambino "Camp" Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago"

BeBenNova112 karma

If something was to happen to Glenn that gets him killed, how would you personally as an actor prefer to be killed twice?

Like what kind of death scene would you like to play if it was totally up to you, both as human and walker?

steveyeun83864 karma

I'd love to have my death be via explosion. I'd be on a motorcycle and a heard of walkers would be chasing me down a highway. They would also be on motorcycles (it'd be way down the line, when the walkers eventually figure out how to ride). I'd look behind me and say, "Oh F-" but it would cut to me looking ahead, right before I said the F word, to a giant Chevron semi. I'd look back one more time. Grit my teeth, then pull out a comically large stick of dynamite from my pant leg. It would say, "TNT" on it. Trinitrotoluene guys... come on. Then I'd take an large match, I'm talking like 3 feet long and drag it on the ground to light it. Then I'd light the stick of dynamite and throw it at the truck in front. I'd do a front flip with my motorcycle over the blast and the blast would project me on to the road in front of me. The explosion would kill the giant walker biker hoarde and I would look back in satisfaction.

Shortly after, I'd realize that I'm physically fine but will to live would diminish as I had done maybe the most bad ass thing I possibly could in my life. Then a harem of bodacious babes would come of from the sides and we'd cut to black because it's still basic cable. Then we'd reopen on me with lipstick kisses all over my face and I would say, "all in a days work." Then I'd fall to sleep/death with a smile on my face.

I'd reanimate immediately, and would have to be sexed to death again. As my brain would be realized to be actually located in my nether regions.

I hope this happens.

forsstromftw101 karma

I have no idea what to ask you. I just love you. Thanks for being awesome.

steveyeun83219 karma

love you too.

funfungiguy99 karma

Using only primitive weaponry, what's the biggest dinosaur you could beat in a fight-to-the-death against a dinosaur? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size. Also, you're not allowed to set traps.

steveyeun83173 karma

damn. the setting traps thing is really messing me up. I'd say a solid brachiosaurus.

herpderpedia93 karma

Everybody is going to ask you about the show, not that they shouldn't, because it's incredible, but I'm just curious as to what kind of car you drive? Are you a sports car guy, a sedan guy, an SUV guy, truck guy, motorcycle guy?

steveyeun83269 karma

what a freaking awesome ass question. I drive a sedan. I drive a Nissan Altima. I know lame. But I call it my hobby wagon. It helps me get around to all my hobbies! wow!

I used to drive a Nissan Xterra with a front grille guard when I was in highschool and college. I also used to wear stripped neckties loosely over my pink abercrombie polo. I've done a bit of growing up. I also smell less like the store now!

sabs70787 karma

What is your favorite meal? Be as specific as possible, please and thank you.

steveyeun83341 karma

A nice new york strip medium rare. Don't hate me: with A1. I don't care how delicious your steak is. I just love A1. Cheddar Mashed Potatoes. Green beans. Beer. and a woman.

Maxwell123481 karma

Hey Steven! What was it like being Sheldon's roommate?

steveyeun83168 karma

very fast.

[deleted]78 karma


steveyeun8389 karma

message me!

Damadawf74 karma

So down the track (hypothetically of course) you, your significant other and first born child end up in a post apocalyptic world, not unlike the one portrayed in TWD. Once finding somewhere safe to hold up, which of the following parenting styles would you implement on your child?

A) Never let them leave your side for any reason in order to ensure their utmost safety

B) Once things settle down a bit, you'd show them a little flexibility when it comes to supervision, provided they always remain in earshot in case something bad happens.

C) Let your child aimlessly wander around unsupervised while you do laundry, because it might be the apocolypse but dammit!, fresh, clean underwear is important too!

Looking forward to the season final, thanks for contributing to such a kick ass show!

steveyeun83353 karma

Great question Damadawf.

I choose D) Hard drill them on Calculus, Biology, Earth Sciences, Violin/Cello (never viola, unless you're first chair..and even then...), don't let them watch TV unless its a news special about how a kid got into Stanford, then make them sleep with orthodontic headgear.

I turned out fine!

Admiral_Cheese_Balls70 karma

Does Lauren Cohen smell wonderful?

steveyeun83227 karma

she smells like essence of lavandar and chamomile mixed with a bit of swedish fish.

uchoo78665 karma

My cousins live in Troy and went to your high school, they're friends with your brother! It's cool having someone from MI be on such a kickass show!

steveyeun8383 karma

who are they?

steveyeun8365 karma

Alright peoples. I have about 45 more minutes. Holler at me!

walker10961 karma

So we all now how Norman smells, how do YOU smell? lol

steveyeun83334 karma

I smell like bear taint and reese's puffs.

Barneygrubble61 karma

Hi Steven,

Have you read the graphic novels at all? If so, do you feel the show is going in the right direction with the characters as compared to their fates in the novels?

Also unrelated, but can I get a shoutout for being a current attendee of your alma mater Kalamazoo College?

steveyeun83117 karma

I have read the graphic novels.

I think the direction that the producers and writers are going is fantastic. You gotta remember Robert Kirkman is in the room with them and Glen Mazzara is awesome. Also, all of the writers are awesome. No question that they will make good story as it should be see on TELEVISION. The mediums are different too so you got to take that into account in the way you tell a story.

Would you want to read something and know whats going to happen already? I wouldn't. I think the show is in great hands.


MythzFreeze57 karma

steveyeun83 , why 83?

steveyeun83285 karma

thats when I was born. 1983. Also, steveyeun was taken. I will find him.

pairadise42 karma

How did your Asian relatives, and the rest of the "community" feel when you said you wanted to be an actor (initially, like in high school or whatever)?

steveyeun8397 karma

My parents were not thrilled. They did however let me do it. I am so blessed to have loving parents, who can bust your balls one minute and support you the next. They are amazing.

I remember my parents were so worried that I would starve the rest of my life. I would get lectures from other parents and my family about how I should be going back to school and looking at other things.

I think it IS hard. But for me, I just knew that this is what I was supposed to be doing. And it happened. I can't be more thankful.

[deleted]37 karma

I am currently at a job that I would consider crappy. Glenn also had a crap job as a pizza delivery boy. What crap jobs have you had in your life? Any cool stories?

steveyeun83157 karma

I used to work at an Assisted Living home. It was rewarding and traumatizing. I got to meet some of the sweetest people and talk to such wise folk. It was definitely rewarding in that sense. But on occasion I had to wipe butts. Older butts.

__Creeper___35 karma


steveyeun8398 karma


YouArentReasonable33 karma

When you become famous do ex-girlfriends and people you've parted ways with come out of the woodwork to either hound you or talk bad about you?

Is there anything on the internet you wish wasn't there?

steveyeun83126 karma

no I haven't had any of that happen. People are generally supportive and are great.

I think if you put out good, you'll get back good. Let's just hope they don't find out about all the murders.

MaxEPunk31 karma

Fellow actor here and I find people have some of the best stories for this, what was the strangest venue where you had to do a show? (e.g. - revolving restaurant, the audience only caught what they saw of the show as they revolved by.....)

steveyeun8357 karma

I once had to do a live sketch show with SFN in the lobby of a student center. It was so strange because in one of the scenes I come out with my shirt off and a fur coat acting like an Asian Pimp. The crowd that had come were into it but the students studying near our makeshift stage were not having it. Also, I have tiny nipples, so there is that.

[deleted]29 karma

You seem to have mastered the "Why is it always me?" look. Was it mastered through acting or life experience?

steveyeun8344 karma

haha...I dont' know. Maybe through life?

CheshireCat8029 karma

Since everyone has already asked the ?s I was going to ask... I will ask a silly one... did you really have to swim in a pool of caramel?! :p

steveyeun8352 karma


HairyFireman17 karma

Hoping I'm not too late here, but I have to ask anyways.

What are some of the things you like doing while off set(gaming, music, television, food, lounging with the cast, helping Maggie around the "farm", etc.)?

What did you think about the death of Shane in the show compared to the comics? (I personally liked it better in the show)

Edit: Added spoiler in case someone isn't caught up to that point.

steveyeun8334 karma

Always better to service an awesome character and a great actor longer