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His leg muscles can probably crush steel now.

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I recently saw Sarah Wayne Callies on a college humor video, with plenty of other actors from other shows that have spoiler-heavy content. If a site like college humor, funny or die, or heck, maybe even 5 second films, asked you to cameo or even do occasional things with them, would you find the time to participate?

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We also saw Austin Powers!

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I started a business. It is a little bit over a year old. We have built up to get into NYCC and are selling there starting tomorrow!

...I am a little terrified.

But your last three sentences is a good mantra to have. You're right. Even if I don't do as well as I hope, or simply bomb, I'm doing this for myself in the long run. I will be learning a lot this weekend. And I will definitely see new doors that my currently scared self can't see.

Perfect time to read this comment, for me anyway.

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This makes me wonder if you have a superhero sister named Dupli-Kate? Dating this immortal fellow?