UPDATE 11:24 AM - Okay did this for 1.5 hours - gotta go! Thanks for great questions and if you have unanswered or more questions - good place to put them is comments on my blog I probably will not revisit this page after right now!

And please come see Wanderlust which opens tomorrow all over the USA. xoxo DW

I'm here to answer any questions you have on whatever you want!

I'm co-creator of The State, Wet Hot American Summer, Stella, The Ten, Role Models, Wainy Days, Childrens Hospital and Wanderlust (opening tomorrow).

Also more minor participant in such things as Superjail, Party Down, New Girl, That's My Boy, Best Week Ever, etc.

Squash player, Jew, Father, Husband, Son

I will type as fast as I can. Which is moderately fast.

Info about me on my website and follow me @davidwain

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Frusciante62256 karma

What was your favorite scene in Rampart?

DavidWain4Real740 karma

I'd rather just talk about my latest shit, if you don't mind.

highstakesjenga218 karma

Funk Rock or Funk Rock?

DavidWain4Real150 karma

The latter.

gonzolahst186 karma

Who the fuck is Marcus?

DavidWain4Real203 karma

I know!

ohblair121 karma

Hi David, I'm a big fan and have been since Stella, I know you're doing your own thing now. But I was wondering was there a fallout between you, Micheal Ian Black and Michael Showalter? I saw your Wet Hot American Summer reunion show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg and there was definitely some awkward tension between you three, also they went on to do Michael and Michael have Issues without and you went to do Wainy Days without them, why is that? After Stella was canceled on comedy central did you guys all have a falling out or what? What is your actual relationship with them like today? Thank you for answering my questions if this isn't your intern doing this AMA for you.

Edit: Here is an awkward photo of us, you should print it out and put it on your wall to remember us forever.

Edit 2: This is a great AMA, hopefully we can fit it into the next issue of The Redditor Magazine! I WANNA DIP MY BALLS IN IT!

DavidWain4Real162 karma

Truth is all of us in The State are constantly doing various projects with different sub-groupings of the original 11 and I think we will always continue to do that. Stella is ongoing and no plans to end it. More shows, perhaps a movie, more shorts - who knows. Tension onstage - that's always been a part of it since day 1!

mus1c45 karma

I too am interested in this. Stella is the funniest thing of all time, and I hope you guys return with some new stuff!

DavidWain4Real116 karma

Thanks - all three of us love and will keep doing Stella. Too bad CC didn't give us a 2nd season - would have been awesome.

NickDouglas23 karma

I don't know about Showalter, but Michael Ian Black appeared on Wainy Days.

DavidWain4Real66 karma

So did Showalter!

i_eversaw98 karma

Hey David, thanks for doing this!

Just wanted to say The Ten was SEVERELY underrated, and I loved it. Thanks for making things that are funny.

DavidWain4Real70 karma

Thank you for watching them! Hope you go see Wanderlust!

poopnstuff88 karma

I'm a huge fan of Stella and Wainy days and everything you've ever touched. I want to dip you in gold and put you on my mantle. Or, throw you up on my shoulders and take you to a carnival and feed you cotton candy. With that being said:

  1. ) WHO IS JIM STANSEL??? I've noticed that name used in The Ten, Wet Hot American Summer, and Role Models. Is there a story behind it, and is the name used in Wanderlust at all?

2.)I've heard in interviews and stuff that you and Ken are working on a prequel to Wet Hot American Summer. When would the prequel take place? Would it be all the same actors playing even more impossibly young characters?

3.)Will there be any more Wainy Days to look forward to?

4.) I love you.

Thanks for doing this AMA! Can't wait to see Wanderlust tomorrow!

DavidWain4Real168 karma

1 - Jim Stansel was the name of a guy who used to work with my dad when I was like 10 years old. We have a super-8 movie of him up in a hot air balloon for a radio station promotion in Dallas, and my dad's going "that's Jim Stansel! That's Jim Stansel!" and the name has always stuck in my head. I just love the name!

2 - We are working on the sequel (me and Michael Showalter). Original cast will return. Storyline is secret!

3 - Yes! For now please get the new DVD that was just released www.wainydays.com - filled with cool stuff and extras etc.

4 - i love you too

sgrohs87 karma

David, I only have one question that has been bothering me for years. What was better, the pizza or the assfucking?

DavidWain4Real126 karma

I go back and forth.

djtoell68 karma

David, do beards grow in space?

DavidWain4Real95 karma

They do not.

TheWatersBurning19 karma

I don't have to remind you that space has an atmosphere of negative 20. This is an atmosphere in which beards cannot grow.

baileyburritt10 karma

And yet you did.

DavidWain4Real47 karma

But I have a beard?

needsaladder67 karma

Who wrote the "I don't care if you're bowlegged, and I don't care if you're bilingual" speech from Wet Hot American Summer?

Who drew "Beyonce pouring sugar on my dick" from Role Models?

If you could get pizza and beer with anyone on Earth, what would it be?

DavidWain4Real111 karma

W.H.A.S. was written by me and Michael Showalter - we wrote that speech together.

I made that drawing in RM!

At the moment - Penn Jillette

kronicfeld66 karma

Is Joe Lo Truglio the most grossly underappreciated comedic actor working today?

clashcity20 karma

Met him outside a bar in downtown Manhattan once. I praised his work on The State. Super nice guy. Wish I coulda thrown some Role Models quotes at him. That guy needs to be in everything.

edit: grammar

DavidWain4Real52 karma

I would say yes but he's pretty appreciated! He's amazing and increasingly I think the industry and the audience is catching on!

Shedontusejelly159 karma

Do you still keep in touch with Gary Meadows? Also, can you tell Michael Ian Black that I will have sex with him? Rough sex.

DavidWain4Real72 karma

If you mean Sam Rockwell - yes!

And yes.

ScottyNuttz56 karma

I just want to say that I was there! I watched The State's 43rd Annual All-Star Halloween Special when it broadcast live on CBS, and it was awesome.

DavidWain4Real145 karma

You were that guy!

dkbadspeler53 karma

David- I am also a dildo based comedian. What advice do you have for an up and cummer like me? I've been sucking and fucking dildos for years, but for some reason no one laughs, and no one films it. You Stella boys are my biggest inspiration, and any advice would be much appreciated.

DavidWain4Real76 karma

Dildo comedy is a delicate art - be careful.

ApolloBar48 karma

How did you originally start working with everyone from The State?

Also, Wet Hot American Summer 2? Is that happening?

DavidWain4Real76 karma

I was a member of a sketch comedy group at NYU called "The Sterile Yak" (founded by now superstar children's book author Mo Willems) and we started a "B-team" of freshman when we were sophomores. A bunch of interested freshman signed up for this "new group" and that became eventually The State.

WHAS2 - see above

Uncannie47 karma

Kill, Marry, Fuck:

Alec Baldwin, William Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin

DavidWain4Real253 karma


Reptarftw44 karma

So many questions, but I've always wondered, how did Paul Rudd come into the mix for your filmography? It seems like WHAS was mostly a reunion of The State, but Rudd didn't appear in The State. Just wondering how he came aboard, and embraced your vision as well as the vision of a guy like Showalter (as he's in The Baxter and other related projects).

Also side question, if you should so choose to answer: what other comedy troupe(s) do you highly respect outside of The State? Upright Citizens Brigade has some terrific alumni, obviously. Wondering where you see the future of comedy. I guess that's a lot more broad/involved than my original leading question there, but whatever, you taste like hamburger anyway.

I normally hate to gush over famous people, because you all have more money and thusly more dinosaur-themed bouncing balls and non-generic brand soda than me, but goddamn, I love your work. I've lost count of how many friends I've introduced to WHAS and Stella (though most seemed to embrace Role Models and, interestingly enough and possibly counter to preconception, The Ten, more readily than those too). You've brought many a laugh into my life, good sir, and many an awkward quote that has at least mildly annoyed or disturbed a stranger not in the know.

DavidWain4Real78 karma

how did Paul Rudd come into the mix for your filmography?

I met him when we were doing our play Sex AKA Weiners & Boobs in NYC 1999. He'd done Romeo + Juliet with mutual friend (and Sex cast member) Zak Orth. We got along and had similar comedic tastes/POV & we asked him to do WHAS. That's how it began.

What other comedy troupe(s) do you highly respect outside of The State?

UCB Tim & Eric Kids in the Hall

Wondering where you see the future of comedy.

No idea - hope it includes me.

I normally hate to gush over famous people, because you all have more money

You might be surprised.

j-hermann41 karma

The episode of Party Down that you directed was one of the most cracked out and wild in the series. Any stories from the set? Does Ken Marino actually have an eleven inch cock?

DavidWain4Real49 karma

It was so so fun. Those actors are totally amazing, all of them. And you go so fast, which I like a lot. Great crew too. Everyone was laughing a lot - can't think of any specific thing other than that.

Re Ken - no.

McSwaggerton3639 karma

Hey David, huge fan. I was wondering what it's like going back to film after being in TV recently. Do you like one more than the other, or feel it's easier to be funny in one medium or another?

Also, was it hard to be professional when you got the chance to see Jennifer Anitstons tits?

DavidWain4Real49 karma

I love going back and forth - each thing has its own challenges and rewards. I'm so lucky to get to do all different stuff.

2nd question - yes.

Uncannie33 karma

Can you just acknowledge that I exist? That would make my entire day. I'm such a huge Stella fan and the day I met Joe Lo Truglio all I did was talk Stella.

What is the all-time most awkward moment in your career? And I suppose also in your personal life?

DavidWain4Real83 karma

I see you.

2nd question there have been many - can't think of examples right now. Oh maybe when I met Cameron Crowe - he was/is my all time hero esp for doing Fast Times and Say Anything. I sent him my short film and he wrote me a great note about it. Then when I was working at MTV, maybe 21 years old, he tracked me down to say hi in the office, and I was super stand-off-ish to him - FOR WHAT REASON I HAVE NO IDEA! I will always regret it.

NickDouglas30 karma

Which lady was most excited to make out with you on Wainy Days? Which lady was least excited?

DavidWain4Real69 karma

Most excited - probably none really Least excited - Zandy Hartig

kid_millions27 karma


DavidWain4Real55 karma

He did have a cameo in Wanderlust - didn't make the cut but will be on the DVD (Blu-ray has the "Bizarro Cut" which is a new cut of the movie made up ALMOST ENTIRELY of material NOT in the theatrical cut)

DavidWain4Real16 karma

He also plays Brad's dad in AISLE SIX

allometric25 karma

ah! Wet Hot American Summer is my favorite movie of all time. I'm also a really big fan of Stella, Childrens Hospital, and Wainy Days. I feel starstruck, so uh... I guess.. my question is: Is it weird to you that Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks are now big stars? Also, what has been your favorite thing to film?

DavidWain4Real42 karma

I'm certainly not surprised that they're big stars. It's more weird that they still return my calls.

Favorite thing to film? Hmm. I'd say often the lower budget, the more fun. So funnest shoots tend to be things like Stella Shorts, State skits, Wainy Days etc.

mikeob24 karma

My friend and I tend to get drunk at bars...apparently it's the social convention. Whilst drunk, we play rousing games of zots and crambles...to nearly everyone's confusion. Where did this game come about?

DavidWain4Real43 karma

It's not real.

flitterella24 karma

What's something true about yourself that most people don't know?

Also, what's with all the sexual tension between you and Michael Showalter?

DavidWain4Real73 karma

True about myself - I'm super shy in many situations.

Sexual tension - maybe gay? Dunno.

Lj2722 karma

Tell me a funny Jewish joke.

DavidWain4Real113 karma

A husband goes to a doctor and finds out he only has 8 hours to live. So he goes home to his wife and the wife says, that's terrible, I guess we should live it up these last moments - so they go to bed and have incredible sex. Then they do it again.
Afterward husband says, "I'm loving this - let's go again, honey!" Wife says, "that's easy for you to say - you don't have to get up in the morning!"

MJDeebiss21 karma

David, is it fun being the Warden in Superjail! ? Do you just record your voice wherever or are you more involved? Love all your work and will be seeing wonderlust Friday. Also, will you be involved with ken in any way with the party down rumored film?

DavidWain4Real27 karma

I'm just an actor for hire on that show - for whatever reason I always seem to be in L.A. when they are producing it so I go into a booth by myself and the guys who do the show are on the phone from NYC. I take no credit for that show's brilliance.

pancakebrain21 karma

I love the Stella Shorts that are floating around youtube ("Pizza" in particular). Will they ever be on DVD?

DavidWain4Real49 karma

No but they're all here.

saucepanicus21 karma

Who is the baddest mother fucker of them all / what is your favorite animal?

DavidWain4Real52 karma

Pootie Tang; Dog

StNathaniel20 karma

Just saw Wanderlust last night at an advance screening in Atlanta. The movie was incredible and hilarious from start to finish. Some really smart/subtle jokes in there. Ken Marino (once again) was the standout star to me. Anyways, my question is...what are some of your favorite beers?

DavidWain4Real32 karma

I don't really drink beer too often. But I love dogfish!

How did you like the Atlanta-ness of the movie?

aramz77716 karma

Who's Marcus?

DavidWain4Real34 karma

No kidding.

NeilPoonHandler15 karma

Is there any truth to the report that you removed Jennifer Aniston's topless scene from Wanderlust? If so, what was the impetus for your decision? Was it to appease Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux?

If true, I hope you realize that millions of moviegoers are very disappointed with this artistic decision. You've let America down, man.

DavidWain4Real52 karma

The scene is there, it probably just not shown at an angle that will fully satisfy horny teenage boys who are looking to jerk off in the theater. Which I think is a good thing!

[deleted]15 karma

Hey David,

What has been your best podcasting experience? What is the experience typically like?

DavidWain4Real26 karma

I have been lucky enough to do many different types of podcasts - many enjoyable. Loved doing Mac Power Users where I could TOTALLY geek out. Comedy Bang Bang with Rudd & Marino was a good one too.

DavidWain4Real41 karma

I have a few ideas of my own podcast to do one day too - no time at the moment.

Joaster14 karma

Hi David!

Just curious what your thoughts are/were of Reno 911, seeing as a big chunk of your The State co-stars were a part of it.

Besides that, Stella was fantastic, everyone I show it too is slightly confused, then completely taken. It needs to return in various forms.

Keep up the good work! Me and the lady are seeing Wanderlust tomorrow actually, I expect good things.

DavidWain4Real25 karma

LOVED "Reno" - awesome. Was thrilled to be on a couple episodes and in the movie.

Glad you're seeing Wanderlust - let me know what you think. Also why not invite 30 friends to go with you?

yampuffs14 karma

My husband hates Stella, The State, & Wainy Days. He says they're stupid. I should leave him, y/y? (He does claim to like WHAS & The Ten.)

Oh also, a question about MIB: I know his being a total dick is like a character he plays for the public, but sometimes he says stuff where I'm like "holy shit, maybe it's real..." Is he actually a nice guy?

And now let me throw in how much I love you & your work. I love you & your work.

DavidWain4Real30 karma

No stay with your man.

Michael Black is actually a nice guy. And has an amazing book coming out in a week.

RQSCOEtheDeer13 karma

Can you make a stella youtube series? get the micheals together. it'll be cute.

DavidWain4Real37 karma

We did! Just before YouTube here it is

bob_9913 karma

Love your movies! I read that you came onto Role Models late in the game to rewrite it / direct it. Can you talk about that rewriting process?

DavidWain4Real23 karma

They were 8 weeks from shooting when I came on board. The script was not in good shape, so during the time when normally a director would be busy 24/7 doing final casting, location scouting, working with costumes, art, shot listing, hiring crew, rehearsing, etc etc -- during that time I was holed up with Rudd and Marino and we basically started over with the script from page 1. We kept the very broad strokes from Tim Dowling and others, but added many elements to the story (Kiss, Jane Lynch character, Liz Banks character/storyline, many setpiece scenes, etc) and rewrote 99% of the dialogue. And restructured/reshuffled etc etc. This was an incredibly challenging time! But ultimately paid off.

nightgolf13 karma

1) Will any of the State reunion shows ever be released on DVD? 2) What was the best part of filming Role Models? Wanderlust? 3) Do you have a book in you? 4) What advice do you have for young writers who want to get into TV? Writers in general?

Thanks for the years of awesomely funny, mang.

DavidWain4Real32 karma

1) State reunions never got videotaped well enough to be released - the big show we did in SF somehow we didn't get sound!

2) Best part of RM - Laire battles were pretty fun; WL - guitar scene was a blast - those come to mind but there were so many

3) Yes - a few ideas - no time at the moment

4) Keep writing, don't wait for invitation or venue, quantity as important as quality esp when starting out.

maiacanter12 karma

Tell us about the difference between filming Wanderlust and some of your older stuff! Was it much more high budget? was more "serious" and less improv/fooling around? or was it the same amount??

DavidWain4Real22 karma

Yes highest budget to date; by far the MOST improv of any project so far.

big_gordo11 karma

Why are you so incredibly popular with the ladies?

DavidWain4Real42 karma

Big juicy lips.

radiopools10 karma

Not really a question, just wanted to thank you for creating some of the greatest entertainment I've ever seen. Also I wanted to thank you for teaching me about the word "and". I use it on a daily basis AND it has greatly increased my quality of life.

DavidWain4Real17 karma

It is so handy, right?

AreEyeGeeBeeWhy10 karma

Big fan of stella, so incredibly stupid it was brilliant.

my question:

What's up with the nose job?

DavidWain4Real51 karma

Had to get surgery to fix deviated septum age 14 - my mom said "while you're in there, why not fix up your nose!?" I didn't realize there was something wrong with it. But my mom and HER mom had their noses done so I thought it was just something people do. They changed the look of it quite drastically (Here's a photo) but didn't help my breathing which was the point. So I had another surgery at age 24 - but that one was just internal. Fascinating story right?

Venom0us9 karma

Hi David, Huge fan of Childrens Hospital. It has recently come to my attention that Lake Bell won Mr. Skins "Breast Picture of the Year". What do you think of Lake's marvelous tits?

DavidWain4Real18 karma

I wasn't aware of that. I'm thrilled for her and yes her tits are terrific!

trippymcgee8 karma

Hi David! Longtime fan here. What's the greatest piece of advice you have for college filmmakers? In six words or less.

Also, your wife is beautiful. I want to see her in more things!

DavidWain4Real13 karma

six words advice: work hard and don't make excuses

My wife, Zandy - yes she IS beautiful thank you for saying so - and she's a great funny actress. You'll see her in Wanderlust - she has a great scene with Jennifer Aniston and Keegan Michael Key (she's pregnant in it, as she was in Role Models!) and you'll see her also upcoming Childrens Hospital season and of course on the new Wainy Days DVD

DrPoopEsq8 karma

David, I miss seeing you in front of the camera. I love the work you have been doing recently but are you going to be one of the leads in something again soon, or are you concentrating on writing/directing? Wainy Days is just not enough! I need to hear someone ask you what you are doing, and have you respond, "I don't know," then have a big sax solo come in.

DavidWain4Real20 karma

I have a little part in Wanderlust - go see it tomorrow!

But yes I'd love to do more on-camera. I have a tiny cameo in the New Girl episode I directed too - 18th episode of first season - look out for it called "Secrets"

Oh and I'm in a couple of Childrens Hospital episodes next season - coming in spring to Adult Swim.

But would be happy to play a leading role in a big movie or TV show - let Hollywood know.

MaybeNavi8 karma

As someone who pictures the Warden everytime your voice is heard, I would like to know...What are your thoughts on Superjail?

DavidWain4Real13 karma

I don't think of myself in that way, no. Superjail is a fun job - I basically go into a booth once in a while and read a bunch of lines that I have no idea what they mean!

intercommie8 karma

Who's your favorite person you've made out with on-screen? Will there be a David Wain Bergman phase?

DavidWain4Real19 karma

Zandy Hartig (Wainy episode 10) Bergman Phase - how so?

staypuft858 karma

I'm from Cleveland and few years back you did a seminar at the cinematheque there. You talked about your career and how to get into the film business, particularly screenwriting. You emphasized how important it was to constantly hone your craft and that in order to give yourself the best chance of success you should really consider moving to LA.

I'd heard people say the same thing before but hearing it from you it clicked. I've been living in LA for a year and a half now and have worked consistently since I arrived. I just want to say thank you. That day was a very important one for me and I don't know if I'd be where I am now without it.

edit: proofreading silly auto complete errors. And a couple of my own too.

DavidWain4Real9 karma

Thrilled to hear!

bigazznika8 karma

You said you can type moderately fast - how many words per minute? If you don't know here is a test http://www.typingtest.com/

DavidWain4Real16 karma

I'll take the test after this and post results.

StevenRosen7 karma

Corky & Lenny's, Jack's or Slymans?

DavidWain4Real7 karma


DavidWain4Real7 karma

Although I have a soft spot for Corky & Lenny's where I've gone my whole life. Until they shut it down for food poisoning or something - remember?

mutesirens7 karma

What did you think of Madonna's halftime performance?

Do you think that in the future people will make movies about Paul Rudd using your new technology?

Also would just like to say that you have no idea how much me a few close friends worship Stella, I think we all own our own copies of the first season. Superjail is amazing, and I promise to finish watching Wainy Days!

DavidWain4Real13 karma

1 - Madonna - great

2 - No - that was a joke


UniverseHeard7 karma

First of all, thank you for making "Wet Hot American Summer" and providing the staff of my sleepaway camp with the annual tradition of watching and providing ourselves with character associations (I was Susie for many years, but eventually turned into Beth).

Anyway...super excited for Wanderlust to open this weekend -- I can't wait to see it! My question is this: What was your inspiration for the film? Like, have you ever seen/randomly stumbled upon/heard tell of/gotten sucked in by propaganda and mind-altering substances to a place like that? (Sorry if this is a repeat...I haven't read all of the comments.) Thank you! JEW POWER!

DavidWain4Real12 karma

Never done much drugs at all ever in my life; inspiration for Wanderlust was many-fold - wanted to explore modern-day commune setting (Together is one of my all time favorite movies) and like the theme of a group of people getting together to try to rise above the expected way of doing things. True to my experience in The State, and somewhat reflected in other movies I've done too. Plus just wanted to do something super funny and fun!

phil0sophy7 karma

Huge fan of all your work! I just saw the STELLA nightclub show in SF and it was amazing. I had heard rumors about a Wet Hot sequel... will this dream become a reality?

DavidWain4Real11 karma

Yes see above.

briantownusa6 karma

Are you actually answering these questions or are you just passing those duties off to Marcus?

DavidWain4Real10 karma

Me all alone.

morningfire6 karma

What is your favorite Jean Luc Godard film?

DavidWain4Real17 karma

Breathless (don't know if I've seen any other!)

TheWatersBurning6 karma

1) How do I convince my wife that she wants to see wanderlust? She wasn't stoked by the preview like I was, perhaps due to my unmatchable fandom.

2) Do you have any advice for your fellow ultra-shy, socially awkward penguins?

DavidWain4Real16 karma

How do I convince my wife that she wants to see wanderlust?

It's a funny, charming, warm romantic comedy starring Rudd & Aniston - what more does a woman want? Alan Alda? She's got him!

Do you have any advice for your fellow ultra-shy, socially awkward penguins?

Keep forcing yourself beyond your shyness - fake it till you make it!

jwforce5 karma

Do you see a future for web based series programming?

DavidWain4Real15 karma


pedwardcuminale5 karma

any future project plans? what are some cool things coming up with childrens hospital and uh how do you feel about michael showalter's claim in regards to a wet hot american summer sequel? thanks

DavidWain4Real15 karma

Many projects in progress at the moment. Right now editing season 4 of [Childrens Hospital](www.childrenshospitaltv.com) which premieres in the spring. Writing several movie scripts, and prepping Childrens spin-off Newsreaders for Adult Swim. New TV projects cooking too. Lots of stuff! Too busy! But this should be my biggest problem right?

DavidWain4Real9 karma

Oh also I directed a fun episode of New Girl which will be on in a few weeks I think.

coffeepunk3 karma

I've been a huge fan of Stella, WHAS, The State... it goes on and on - one of my favorite things was seeing the shenanigans behind the scenes on the WHAS DVDs. Everyone seemed to get along so well and have so much fun with it despite the shitty freezing weather. Seeing as many of you guys work together on different things is it often you all get together outside of projects just for fun? Any particularly funny stories from one of these hangouts? Thanks! (btw - my old co-worker who got me to watch The Ten is Mike Ziegfeld's cousin - love that movie too!)

DavidWain4Real32 karma

Glad you like the ten - yes we all hang out as much as possible. Funny stories? One time we ordered too many wings and had to leave some on the table!