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Hey Fred,

Not much of a question here - just wanted to say, Thank You. People may joke and say stuff about Limp Bizkit and you – but truth be told you shaped the person I am today. I grew up listening to your music, and still to this day I will fly my LB flag with pride.

In February 2009, when the first word of Wes returning and Limp going on tour across Europe, without hesitation I bought three tickets (concert and plane) for me and two friends to go from Canada to Germany to see you guys at Rock Am Ring. Being front and center that day with that massive crowd and you guys a few feet from me is a memory I’ll always treasure.

So again, nothing really much to ask you – just always wanted a chance to say directly to you – Thank You. Thank you for getting me into music, for having a better appreciation for film, life, family and friends, and for honestly, being a role model to me. LBF

EDIT: So I feel like this is a total wasted opportunity. Here’s a shot at communicating to Fred and not asking a question. So may as well throw one out there:

Fred, I know you had plans to direct Runt a long time ago among other things, and I really did enjoy The Education of Charlie Banks – so any plans to continue working in the director’s chair?

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Well then, can't say I am glad I did that.

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And then I stumbled upon a collection of "sexy" photos of girls posing with it... so I guess Google came back around full circle.

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Some were innocent and educational... then there were some, that I assume, went horribly wrong and look like something out of an 80s horror movie.