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Dan, If you could distill what you learned about yourself, the creative process and being emotionally invested in your work during your time away from Community into one piece of advice, what would it be?

Justin, When creating a show like Rick & Morty, what comes first: the world or the characters? How does the one influence the other?

Thanks guys!

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David, how much money was spent on actual pudding for $240 Worth of Pudding?

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Hey guys, glad to have you on reddit! Been a fan since the late 90s and I have a few questions:

1) Before you released Sing the Sorrow, there was a lot of talk of a DVD—Warped Tour 00 footage, the headlining Art of Drowning tour, etc—and that project got put to rest. Is there any chance of that footage surfacing? How far along was it?

2) I really, really love the two songs that were on the 336 10”, and always point people to them. Was either song ever played live?

3) Most of the music I enjoy now came from shirts I would see you guys wear in photos back in the day—was it ever a conscious effort to expose your fans to other artists or just music nerds searching for new things to hear?

4) What movies are you all enjoying lately?

Thanks for the new record, it really rips. The two shows I caught on the East Coast last week were some of my favorite AFI shows ever.

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1) Will any of the State reunion shows ever be released on DVD? 2) What was the best part of filming Role Models? Wanderlust? 3) Do you have a book in you? 4) What advice do you have for young writers who want to get into TV? Writers in general?

Thanks for the years of awesomely funny, mang.

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Hey Chuck, big fan for many years, thanks, etc. Few quick questions for you

1) Do you have another book project in mind? Fiction or non?

2) What is your "writing mode" like?

3) Do The Cure get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Why/why not? What about Pavement?

4) If you're hungry and on a long drive by yourself, where do you stop?