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most widely known for directing the feature films Role Models and Wet Hot American Summer, the 1990s' sketch comedy series The State and for producing/directing/writing the Adult Swim series Childrens Hospital

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No because

1) Penis size is not how I measure my manhood.

2) I have a bigger dick.

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I'd rather just talk about my latest shit, if you don't mind.

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Thanks for kind words and hope you enjoyed the show!

As for MP - there was definitely some improv, as our cast is so talented and good at it. On the other hand we had to move extremely fast (4 days per episode) and largely had to stick with script a lot of the time. But funny lines and ideas were pitched constantly by actors and ourselves (the creator/EPs).

I don't remember 100% - they may correct me - but I believe the "attark" joke was pitched by Krister Johnson right before we rolled that shot.

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It was a version of a joke idea that I'd tried to shoehorn into many things but never did, then was in that one scene as a one-off joke. After that we all decided, "No matter what else we do on the show, let's never betray this fact!"

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We've mused about doing something like that so many times -- might have to wait until we're all less busy and we can get 11 people in one place at one time long enough to make something worthwhile.

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I know!

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Stella was always crazy & fun. I remember doing the first short Turkey Hunting and we were in some kind of nursery school parking lot in Michael Showalter's hometown and the police came by and were like "um what are you doing...?" It was many years before YouTube.

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1 - Jim Stansel was the name of a guy who used to work with my dad when I was like 10 years old. We have a super-8 movie of him up in a hot air balloon for a radio station promotion in Dallas, and my dad's going "that's Jim Stansel! That's Jim Stansel!" and the name has always stuck in my head. I just love the name!

2 - We are working on the sequel (me and Michael Showalter). Original cast will return. Storyline is secret!

3 - Yes! For now please get the new DVD that was just released www.wainydays.com - filled with cool stuff and extras etc.

4 - i love you too

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Truth is all of us in The State are constantly doing various projects with different sub-groupings of the original 11 and I think we will always continue to do that. Stella is ongoing and no plans to end it. More shows, perhaps a movie, more shorts - who knows. Tension onstage - that's always been a part of it since day 1!