Hey Everyone!

My name is Caitlin. I am 28 years old. And I’m ready to answer all your questions.

I am excited that I officially released my debut young adult novel, The Silent Summer (a summer love story), on May 28th! It has been a long-time coming. I’ve wanted to be a published author pretty much my whole life. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Store, and Kobo.

I was diagnosed with kyphoscoliosis (a combination of kyphosis and scoliosis) at the age of one. Then, I had major surgeries when I was three years old. There were many complications which lead me to having spinal nerve damage causing paralysis from the waist down. My main diagnosis is spinal cord injury (SCI).

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/yTIgy2n

Some facts about me:

  • Introduced to adaptive sports at the age of six (1999): track & field, table tennis, and archery. Also participated in adaptive fencing for a couple years (2008-2010).
  • Have my Bachelor’s Degree in English with a focus on Creative Writing.
  • I self-published my first book, The Silent Summer (mentioned earlier) and plan to publish more books in the future.
  • I have a YouTube channel where I post a variety of videos: Reactions, Caitlin Answers, Wiki-Wheelz Talk, My Top 10, and more.
  • I now also have a Patreon where I post uncut versions of my videos and exclusive writing content.
  • I am also the chairperson for the Tri-State Wheelchair Athletic Association board.

You can follow me on any of the following:
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Feel free to ask me anything!

Edit: Thank you for all your questions. It was fun talking to all of you! Remember to follow me at any of the links above. :)

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Matelot6782 karma

Hello Caitlin, I have had a lot of exposure to adaptive sports through my participation in the Invictus Games. Although not a wheelchair user myself, I have become a pretty good wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby player over the past 5 years, and I have found the adaptive sport community to be incredibly welcoming and willing to share expereinces.

What is your view on able bodied people participating in adaptive sport as a social interaction as opposed to a competitive basis?

CGoerlich115 karma

I love it as both for social interaction and competitive basis but the social interaction is so important. I love the social aspect of it because people are able to see everyone's strengths. I actually took part in showing the Boy Scouts adaptive field which was awesome and they tried it out as well. It was also entertaining watching them get tied down so their legs couldn't move (they didn't know what to do LOL). And when I did adaptive fencing, they would have a few of the abled fencers come try it out during practices (not only to give me extra practice but also for them to try something new) and it was great. We always looked forward to those practices. It's a great way to bring people together and open different people's eyes to one another.

Matelot671 karma

Thanks for your reply Caitlin. I have to tell you, after getting to know so many members of the teams both at the games and in my local wheelchair basketball club (still an active member btw), it's really opened my eyes to just how vibrant, active and normal the chair user community is. Also just how damn funny everyone is! The social side of it is just the best part of it. I would have loved to have had a go at adaptive fencing though, fenced competitively in my teens.

CGoerlich1 karma

Yes, we're very open and welcoming in our community. Adaptive fencing was fun! I probably would still be doing it but things happened.

scubaguy19475 karma

Hi Caitlin, thanks for doing this.

One thing I've always wondered about wheelchair users - do you have to eat less than an able bodied person of similar weight and height?

CGoerlich68 karma

Hmm I think it's depending on a person's medical history. I've never actually thought about if I do that or not. I don't think it is necessary but again every wheelchair user is different.

boo_rdl28 karma

What was the hardest part about writing and publishing a book?

CGoerlich52 karma

The hardest about writing is knowing when it was done or questioning if it was good enough to even think about publishing. Now the hardest part of publishing was figuring out how to go about it. Whether it'd be traditional publishing or self-publishing. After trying the traditional way, it didn't seem to work out so I decided do self-publishing which right now seems to be a good choice.

Poop_11115 karma

I know I'm pretty late, but how did you go about self-publishing? And do you have any advice for one who is thinking about diving into that?

Also, wishing for nothing but the best for you and your book and your career!

CGoerlich2 karma

Self-publishing is actually quite easy once I did all the research on the different ways of doing it. In my case, I actually went through four different online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo). I could've worked with IngramSpark (a distributor) but found for me, it wasn't ideal. My advice would be to do all the research you can do to figure out which way you want to go. Do the retailers yourself or work with a distributor? And then take it from there. Oh and also do research on professional editors and book designers because you want your book to be as polished as it can be.

And thank you so much!

Genius-Imbecile27 karma

What's your favorite type of taco?

CGoerlich51 karma

I love tacos! I'm actually very simple when it comes to tacos. I like hard shell with extra meat (preferably it being ground beef) and cheese.

throw-away_867-530912 karma

You're my type of taco person, I like them the same way :D

CGoerlich8 karma

I actually had tacos for dinner tonight! lol

thepluralofmooses18 karma

What is your favourite song/band/or album released from the decade of your birth?

CGoerlich24 karma

Sorry for the late response of your question. I couldn't find it! But here I am now. Hmm ... my favorite would have to be Nsync's self-titled album and my favorite song off the album will forever be Tearin' Up My Heart.

thepluralofmooses5 karma

Nice choice! I would say N*SYNC over Backstreet Boys overall but “I want it that way” tops all boyband songs. Thanks for the response, Caitlin, and I wish you nothing but the greatest success in your endeavours!

CGoerlich5 karma

Yes. I love "I Want It That Way" as well! And thank you :)

popeboyQ15 karma

Very inspiring, you should be really proud of yourself, you've got tenacity.

My question: Do you think Oj did it?

CGoerlich17 karma

Thanks. Um ... it's not something I think about often but there is a part of me that agrees that he could've done it but we will never know.

B4dBr4ins11 karma

Congrats on the book release! Are there any kinds of advice you could give to someone who struggles to find motivation and sticking to projects? Keep doing you, you’re wonderful :)

CGoerlich14 karma

Thanks! Oh believe me I've had struggles as well. This book has been an 11-year process LOL only because I took breaks here and there. And I'm currently dealing with motivation to work on videos for my YouTube and working on other books. I guess my advice would be to continue looking at the project. Don't let it out of your head for too long because then you will definitely not work on it. But, it's also good to take a moment away from it and then go back. That's what I did with this book. I took a break here and there but always went back to it.

poopsinpuddles10 karma

You’re obviously an extremely active outdoors person but also a YouTuber so plenty of indoors time too, do you play any video games? If you do, is there anything glaring in video game software or hardware that isn’t adapted for you or perhaps for other folks you know that need adaptive equipment or accessibility options in software?

CGoerlich18 karma

I do have the Nintendo Switch. I haven't played it much recently but I plan to change that in the upcoming weeks. I even still have my Wii and play some on there. One of my friends who is also a YouTuber probably would answer the adaptive part of videos better than I can. He even did a video specifically for the type of adaptations he uses. Patelasuar on YouTube is his name. I do, however, would love a Paralympic version of Mario & Sonic's Summer Olympic game. I would also love if the Ring Fit Adventure game for the Switch was more friendly for wheelchair user. I'm hesitated to buy it for that reason.

tj090910 karma

What sport(s) do you participate in as an adaptive athlete?

CGoerlich7 karma

Track & field, table tennis, and archery. I even did adaptive fencing for a couple years.

catcousdenv52910 karma

Hi! What drew you to YA as a genre? Have you written anything (unpublished or pre-published) in other genres?

CGoerlich8 karma

Hi! Actually, I've never really looked in the YA genre as a place for me as a writer but as I was working on The Silent Summer, I realized it is more for the young adult audience so I went with it. I think my work can jump from young adult, to new adult, and to adult. All would be contemporary romance. I have written fanfiction and one of my former fanfiction stories is actually going to be my next published project (sometime in the winter) and it's a sports romance. It's fun writing for different age groups and different kinds of plots so I like playing around with it.

QueBugCheckEx9 karma

How did you cope with the lifestyle change of being wheelchair bound?

CGoerlich56 karma

As a wheelchair user, we prefer the term of being a wheelchair user rather than being wheelchair bound but I understand the usage of term within your question. Now, to answer your question—I was only four years old when it happened so I actually don't really remember much of my 'walking' days and only ever remember being in a wheelchair. So there really wasn't much of a lifestyle change for me.

QueBugCheckEx21 karma

Sorry, English is not my native language. Can I ask you how was it growing up as a wheelchair child user? Were other kids accepting of you? Why did you pursue sports and English?

CGoerlich24 karma

Not a problem. Totally understandable. For me, growing up as a wheelchair user, it wasn't a bad a experience. I had a great support system by me who treated me no different than others. It also helped that I grew up in a well-diverse town. I do remember my mom telling me that in kindergarten, the kids in my class treated me like a baby (I don't remember this myself) but after a talk with them, they started treated me like everyone else.

For the sports question. I was 5/6 years old when I pursued sports because I had so much energy, my parents wanted me to put that energy somewhere. And one of my physical therapists happened to me a coach for a local hospital's sports team so I joined.

For as along as I could remember, I loved writing and reading. I always wanted to be a writer so I thought English would be the route to go when it came to school to better my writing.

QueBugCheckEx10 karma

It's so nice to hear you had a lot of support. Best of luck to you!

CGoerlich14 karma

Thank you :)

Akshay5378 karma

Hey Caitlin. You're a very interesting person and I have many questions about different parts of your life, but of course the part that freaks me out the most and thus the part I have to know more about is the surgical complication bit.

Did you get a second opinion before you got surgery? Did you absolutely need surgery at the time or were alternative solutions like braces an option? Were the risks told to you beforehand? Did you sue the hospital? How do you feel knowing that you were paralysed because of decisions made by others that you had no control over?

CGoerlich11 karma

Honestly, I don't know about second opinions as I was only three years old but I do know I definitely needed the surgery. We did not sue (I think my parents looked into, I can't remember) as it actually wasn't anything wrong that the doctors did. My back and body just didn't cooperate. The doctor who did my surgery was actually one of the best in his profession. He was also one of my favorite doctors and I saw him up until I was 23. I trusted him most out of all the doctors I had. I actually have no answer for the last question because I've never really thought about it.

moonflower_C16H17N3O1 karma

Have you never felt resentment towards the doctors or your parents about this? It's a serious loss that you had no control over.

CGoerlich12 karma

As hard as it might seem to believe. No, I never had any resentment because who knows what would've happened if I didn't have the surgeries.

ominousty7 karma

I imagine it’s different for every author, but how do you write a book and come up with the story? I could see an author having an idea and then coming up with plot points and an ending then writing the book around the guide already set up. Or do you have an idea you start with and just let the story unfold as you write?

CGoerlich10 karma

You're right every author does have a different way. In my case, I usually come up with an idea (they sometimes just come to my mind out of no where) and then I start with the beginning and just let it come. There are times where I do know how I want it to be in the middle and the ending, but as I write—it can change.

Mob_Rules19947 karma

So, what do you do for fun?

CGoerlich6 karma

Doing my YouTube videos are fun. I enjoy reading. I also enjoy watching YouTube videos and playing some computer/video games.

Pattims707 karma

You are an amazing person. Very inspiring.

Who are your favorite role models in life?

CGoerlich14 karma

I've always looked up to my parents and my sister. But also one of my former teammates who is also an U.S. Paralympian, Jessica Galli Cloy. I also looked up to Derek Jeter at how he went about playing the game with a 'we' mindset rather than a 'me' mindset.

Lysdexic123457 karma

What's the biggest thing that helps you get through the bad days?

CGoerlich20 karma

Remembering that there are good days or knowing that I have my dog loving me when I'm home :)

Lysdexic123456 karma

Cats or Dogs?

CGoerlich15 karma


GhostAnon5 karma

Have you ever considered public speaking? As a graduate of a program that is based on disability legislature, I think you could be incredibly inspirational to self advocates.

Also, great job! Writing a legit book is nothing to smirk at! Congratulations!

CGoerlich12 karma

I'm disappointed in myself because I just realized I forgot to mention the DreaminOWLs, a public speaking group that I am a part of. We speak about our experiences during school and life after school. I've even done some other public speaking events on my own. I actually have a couple of those speeches on my YouTube channel. One is called "Importance of Adaptive Sports" and the other is "Each One Teach One Speech."

And thank you!

alalal9825 karma

So cool! Definitely putting your book on my amazon wishlist. What inspires you to write?

CGoerlich10 karma

Thank you! I've always been a fan of writing , as well as books, and I think just knowing that someone could one day read my books and say 'I want to be a writer because Caitlin is' would be awesome.

TheRealDubJ4 karma

What’s your favorite food?

CGoerlich8 karma

I love Italian food!

Champlainmeri4 karma

Congratulations on publishing your YA book! What shows or movies are you currently enjoying?

CGoerlich6 karma

Thanks! I'm very into crime drama shows (NCIS, NCIS: LA, NCIS: NOLA, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Hawaii Five-0, and others), Reality TV competition shows (Survivor, Amazing Race, Worst Cooks in America, Great Food Truck Race, etc.), and family drama shows (most of the ones I enjoy are no longer on—example: One Tree Hill). Oh and I loved Julie and The Phantoms (definitely recommend). I can't remember the last movie I watched. It's been awhile.

retroroses1 karma

I loved Julie and the phantoms too! Also a big crime drama fan, I really liked Bones and I love psych and monk (although those are probably more comedies than dramas)

CGoerlich1 karma

I'm hoping Julie and the Phantoms get renewed. Too good not to be.

retroroses1 karma

Me too!! I so want to see Julie and Luke together

CGoerlich1 karma

Yes! Their chemistry is crazy good. The whole cast's chemistry is great. Kenny Ortega knows how to put a cast together.

WerhmatsWormhat4 karma

Can you give me an elevator pitch on why I should read your book?

CGoerlich6 karma

It has everything you'd want in a book: love, friendship, family, grief, facing decisions, and some drama. It's a simple sweet summer love story with a twist on how the two lovers communicate as the heroine doesn't use her voice. And the main question, will love be enough for her to start using her voice again? Or will she stay quiet and let him go?

WerhmatsWormhat1 karma

Ohh cool twist! I’ll check it out.

CGoerlich1 karma

Awesome. Thanks!

Grizzant4 karma

What do you wish you could snap your fingers and change 1 thing about how people interact with you?

CGoerlich11 karma

I would love people to stop staring at me like I'm not normal when I'm just doing anything they're doing (ex: shopping). It's fine when kids do it 'cause they're curious but when adults do it, it can be creepy.

Grizzant2 karma

thanks. i always like to figure out how to be better at interacting with people and being able to just ask and get an answer is fantastic.

CGoerlich7 karma

That's great. That's how I wish those who are staring were like as well. Because I don't have a problem answering any questions they may have. So good for you :)

dedwolf4 karma

What are some of your favorite books and authors?

CGoerlich4 karma

I absolutely love Lucy Score, Nicholas Sparks, Mila Gray, Julie Cross, and a few others. My current favorite books are Rock Bottom Girl (Lucy Score), Stay With Me (Mila Gray), and Center of Gravity (K.K. Allen).

500dollarsinprizes3 karma

Hi Caitlin. If “negative thoughts” slow down your first book, do you think those same thoughts will present the same challenge in the future?

CGoerlich6 karma

Hi! I actually think I'm past the negative thoughts since most of them were about publishing the first book. I think I'll be more confident with my books in the future :)

draw_your_mind3 karma

What advice do you have for someone who may be interested in publishing?

CGoerlich3 karma

I'd say go for it and not let any negative thoughts get in the way. I think the negative thoughts is what kept me from self-publishing sooner. Not really negative thoughts, but those procrastination thoughts. I recommend again just to go for it and look into all the different ways of publishing.

Consistent-Trifle8343 karma

Hey Caitlin. I’m a stroke survivor and have thought about wrong about my experience. Any advice?

CGoerlich5 karma

First, I'm sorry about your stroke. I hope you're doing well. Second, all you can do is move forward and think about the positives. Surround yourself with the right people. And work on yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.

Flwrz88183 karma

I’m going to check out your novel! How long did it take to write?

CGoerlich9 karma

Awesome. Thanks! Technically it only took a year and half but I took breaks afterwards and then went back to it, revised it a lot. So, if you count all the revisions and breaks—it took 11 years lol

kentotoy983 karma

Hey Caitlin! I have to ask, how does traditional publishing differ from self-publishing?

CGoerlich9 karma

Hey! So traditional publishing is you can find a literary agent (not always necessary) and they work with you to make your work great, then send it to a publishing house (Random House, HarperCollins, etc.) to see if they will give a book deal. If you get a book deal, you'd either get an advance and then royalty once advance is paid back. Then, they can edit the book even more, do the book designing, setting up the marketing plan, etc. It can probably take a year or two after you get a book deal before you see the finished product up for sale at retailers.

While self publishing, you basically do everything yourself. Editing, book designing (or hire people to do them for you), marketing, putting the book for sale at different retailers (usually only online unless you use a distributor like IngramSpark as an example). You basically have full creative control over your work and it's quicker to retailers than traditional publishing but again, it's more work for the writer. But you can also get higher royalties. You may not sell as many but there have been very successful self-published authors/books.

kentotoy985 karma

That is super impressive. I can't even do half of what you did! I now have mad respect for self-publishers.

CGoerlich3 karma

Thanks! :)

BandElsu2 karma

Hey Caitlin, we’ve gone to a couple events together What was your favorite meet you’ve gone to?

CGoerlich2 karma

Wow. That's a hard one. I think every meet has their own special thing. I've always loved the New Jersey nationals, not only because I'm from New Jersey, but because friends and family were able to come out and support.

raendrop2 karma

What do you think of the TV show "Speechless"?

CGoerlich2 karma

I definitely watched the first season and loved it. I think I watched part of the second season but can't remember. I watch so many things that I slowly moved away from the show but was definitely a fan! And loved that they had a disabled actor play the disabled character which is needed more in Hollywood. I might go back and watch the rest of the series when I get the chance (maybe even React to the episodes for my YouTube and Patreon).

jalapenorthwest2 karma

Since you’re from NJ- what’s your go-to WaWa order?

CGoerlich2 karma

We just started getting WaWa around where I am so I haven't actually tried anything there yet but my dad loves their pretzels.

bnucky1 karma

Congrats on the book! What’s it about? Also, what’s your favorite sport (to watch or to play)?

CGoerlich2 karma

Thanks! I originally had a link that went to the book as part of the AMA but I think I had too many links because it kept getting removed so here's a shorten thing about it: It has everything you'd want in a book: love, friendship, family, grief, facing decisions, and some drama. It's a simple sweet summer love story with a twist on how the two lovers communicate as the heroine doesn't use her voice. And the main question, will love be enough for her to start using her voice again? Or will she stay quiet and let him go?

Favorite sport to play would probably be the field events. And to watch would be baseball.

Budrick31 karma

Do you find it difficult trying to come up with your own story, or do you find your mind racing with examples from other literature / entertainment, and you feel the draw to mimic or take ideas to fill your narrative or ideas that you're trying to convey? How do you get around this problem if so?

Sorry if I'm not conveying my thoughts clearly. Best example would be that someone told you to write a song, and all you can think of is your favorite song. So unintentionally it sounds very similar.

CGoerlich1 karma

It can be hard to come up with my own ideas. There is some inspiration I get from other areas but never actually their ideas. There could be similarities but never the same exact thing. I work hard to make sure I'm not copying someone else's work. And some ideas actually just come to me and aren't related to anything I'm reading or listening to.

bugonawire1 karma

Hello Caitlin , what do you do when you feel down?

CGoerlich3 karma

Spend time with my dog, listen to music, of read books.

bugonawire1 karma

What is your favourite read?

CGoerlich3 karma

I like contemporary romance and sometimes romantic comedy novels whether it's young adult, new adult, or adult.

bugonawire1 karma

What is the name of your dog?

CGoerlich3 karma

DJ after Derek Jeter

ready-4-it1 karma

Do you ever get tired of answering questions that ultimately circle back to your wheelchair use?

CGoerlich1 karma

It depends on the questions. But yes, sometimes it is tiring especially if it's from the same person.

ready-4-it1 karma

Thank you for your honesty! Hope your book launch is a success!

CGoerlich1 karma

Thank you!

iloveulster1 karma

That is super awesome. Congrats!!! What inspired you to write a book?

CGoerlich1 karma

Thanks! I've always loved to write, ever since I was younger. I would write here and there, and never really finished anything I started. Then, I decided it was time to finish one story and here we are :)

iloveulster1 karma

Wishing you tremendous success!!

CGoerlich1 karma

Thanks! :)

mattmonster251 karma

when u say young adult novel does this mean theirs totties and cocks?

CGoerlich2 karma

No. That's more in new adult and adult.

darrendewey1 karma

When did the idea for your book come into your head? How long did you think about it before you started writing? How long did the first draft take? I hope you do well!

CGoerlich1 karma

In this book's case, the idea came to my head while I was waiting for my psychology class start in high school (I don't know why). I started writing things down at that very moment. The first draft took about a year to write. And thanks!

Kittykatsu971 karma

Hi Caitlin. I loved reading your story. Could you tell me more about how you became a self-published author?

CGoerlich2 karma

Hi! I looked into different aspects of publishing: traditional vs self-publishing. And after debating (and a few 'no's'), I decided to try the self-publishing route. I did A LOT of research about self publishing. Then, hired an editor to polish up my book. Then, hired a book designer to actually do the interior and cover design. Once everything was complete, I researched more about how to go about putting the book out there. I saw there were multiple ways (distributor or posting on online retailers myself). I decided to post on four different online retailers myself and then that was it. It was actually easier than I thought it would be but again, I did a lot of research before going into it. :)

random80021 karma

how did you get injured?

CGoerlich1 karma

I had complications throughout back surgeries when I was three/four years old.

ToddTheOdd1 karma

I wanted to say that it's awesome you managed to write a book. I have so many ideas, but can't seem to get them out of my head and onto the page.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to write a book?

CGoerlich2 karma

I would say first open a blank document (or grab a piece of paper) and create a list of the ideas you have. And then see if you can expand those ideas which could jump start your inspiration. Also, see if any of the ideas can work together on one book. It takes time. Once you start with one idea, then expand on it, it might just come right to you. Always start with a list. I have a lot of ideas for different books but know I can't do them all at once so I wrote them down and will go through them one by one.

-flymetothemoon-1 karma


What did the process for writing your novel look like? How long did it take? I'm also working on a YA novel, and I'd love to self-publish someday!

CGoerlich2 karma

So for this book, it started about 11 years ago. I came up with the idea, started writing it, and then I finished it 10 years ago. But took time away and then started working on it again (adding, deleting, revising). For a year, I reached out to agents (some responded, some didn't) but I didn't sign with anyone. Then last year, I reached out to a publisher (who takes unagented writers) and they came back with great advice about the book so I worked on it again.

Then, decided to self-publish. Researched it. And then hired an editor. The overall editing process with her was about two months. Then, hired a book designer who did it in a week. And then, I decided to put the book on Amazon, B&N, Google Play, and Kobo. Other people go through distributors like IngramSpark. But posting the book on each retailer was easy. If you take away the 10 year writing and working on it, it took less than a year to self publish. My next book will probably take the same amount of time but after that, I think they'll be quicker.

Good luck with your book and self-publishing!

CapeMama8191 karma

I just bought your book and I’m excited to read it! What’s your favorite song to sing and dance to?

CGoerlich3 karma

Thank you! Just one favorite song? Hmm ... That's a hard one. I don't know if I have a current favorite song. I guess I would have to say 'I Want It That Way' by Backstreet Boys or 'It's Gonna Be Me' by Nsync.

CapeMama8193 karma

And now I am an even bigger fan of yours! Those and “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls :)

CGoerlich2 karma

:D :D :D

draw_your_mind1 karma

Do you struggle with internalized ableism? If so, how do you deal with it or how have you dealt with it? As someone who is also disabled, I find this to be a reoccurring issue no matter how many times I think I’ve gotten away from it.

CGoerlich11 karma

I think there are instances where I have struggled with internal ableism. I think the way I've dealt with it is trying to change my thoughts or if I have thoughts or see myself thinking/doing something, I stop and question it by asking "am I helping myself or other disabled people by giving into the stereotypes?" Sorry, if this answer doesn't make sense. I don't think I ever truly thought about this question and knew the right way to answer.

kangarufus1 karma

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

CGoerlich2 karma


LoreleiOpine0 karma

Why did you capitalise those words in the title that you did? —Specifically the words young, adult, spinal, cord, injury, wheelchair, user, also, adaptive, athlete, me, and anything.

CGoerlich1 karma

I am not sure why I capitalized Also but I think the main reason I capitalized the other ones were because I wanted those words to be seen. Other than that, I don't think I have a real reason.

LoreleiOpine0 karma

I'm taken aback by how many people use that justification. I'm not criticising what you did but I am politely and respectfully letting you know that that is not how capitalisation works in standard, modern English.

CGoerlich1 karma

I usually wouldn't capitalize those words in regular writings but in this case, I did just for the purpose of having those words stick out.

-trusttheprocess-1 karma

Do you have any pain? Do you support Medically Assisted Dying?

CGoerlich3 karma

This is a hard question to answer. I personally wouldn't do it but I can't speak for other people. And no, I don't have any pain.

Ali_s1987-9 karma

Why do you want me to hate myself for the decisions I have made in my life? :p

CGoerlich5 karma

Never! We all have our own lives to live and whatever decisions we make lead us to where we're meant to be. Keep on going! :)

Poobeard76-28 karma


CGoerlich21 karma

I am perfectly fine with that. I know that not everyone is going to be buying the book since everyone has a different taste to what they like to read, watch, or listen to.