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My parents lived in Holland during the occupation, and had vivid memories of the time. How did the average German feel about occupying their neighbours at that time?

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Given Pell's standing within the Catholic Church, and what appears to be a 'he said - he said' element to the testimony, there is a perception that this conviction is a little unsafe, and that the real story is yet to play out in the Appeals Court. With the considerable financial resources available to Cardinal Pell through the church, the appeal will be of great interest. Will you cover the appeal as well, and do you believe Pell has grounds to appeal?

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Hello Sia, I hope you are recovering well.

I am in the military, and I wonder how people in the Middle East really feel about military people from other countries coming to the middle east to try and bring their verson of stability to the region. Is it a worthwhile exercise, or are we simply delaying an inevitable conclusion?

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You'll need to use more blue for the lips and nipples....

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$750,000? Is that all? 44 years of your life is worth $750,000?

$17,045 a year? That's bullshit.

What happened to those who lied to put you in prison?