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how old is "too old to be on reddit?"

asking for a friend

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okay when you said biker and it took me a bit to figure out which kind i immediately flashed back to this

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there are quite a few symbols that you can buy online/get tattooed that actually displaying them without affiliation is a super bad idea. i dunno if this is one of those.

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were you one of the chosin few?

my grandfather was. he actually felt bad for the chinese. he said they only armed the front line. all the following attacks were supposed to pick up the front lines guns and continue the attack. and that they weren't properly clothed and lacked the shoes to even operate in that temperature range. i recall his stories about how his main job, as a master gunny, was to get men to change their socks and keep their next pair in the jackets under their arms so they would have some warmth. he always said that was a war with the weather, with the minor annoyance of the chinese, though they killed a shitload of chinese.

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do you have a secret family kimchi recipe and if so what is it?