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Genius-Imbecile156 karma

Why would I judge you for being allergic? That's just who you are, and you can't help it. Much like the rest of your life. So go enjoy your bland tacos with pride shipmate.

Genius-Imbecile125 karma

Did you find out what his favorite taco is? If not do you consider your book a failure for not including this info?

Genius-Imbecile112 karma

I'm a veteran of the Navy. Glad you're able to be yourself and serve. With that said. What's your favorite type of taco?

Genius-Imbecile92 karma

The BLT is a solid choice for a sandwich.

Genius-Imbecile47 karma

It's not. It's what I ask in all IAmA threads. Also what's your favorite taco?