My short bio: Hey heyy everyone! I'm Blake Blossom!! I am 21 years old, and originally from AZ. I was Penthouse Pet for December 2020 and I'm the current Bang! Babe of the Month! Ask Me Anything and everything, I'm ready!

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PM_ME_UR_MULLETS5084 karma

Hi Blake! I’ve asked a few friends this question and they’re not sure so I thought I’d see if you can help! When dealing with peeling paint when decorating a bathroom do you use a paint scraper to remove the flaking paint first before applying a primer, and from there apply the standard two layers of anti-mould paint? Or is there another technique that will get me better results? I’m decorating for an elderly neighbour and I want to do as good a job as possible for her. I just wondered if you had any DIY tips. Have a great weekend!

blakeblossom3x2830 karma

I will use my makeup experience here, it's the way I feel that we can relate here. I would take the paint scraper and remove the paint and then apply the primer.

TheSkiingMonkey3357 karma

How do people who get stuck under beds or stuck in dryers get out so easily?

blakeblossom3x2691 karma

First of all, are they choosing to be stuck!? There might be a deeper meaning here, hah!

wrstlr32323149 karma

I see you have only fans. Why do you prefer fans over central air conditioning?

blakeblossom3x2901 karma

I wear contacts so AC is preferred. Fans dry me out!

pants67892284 karma

Fuck Mary Kill: Big Bird, Cookie Monster, the Count?

blakeblossom3x5404 karma

I used to be a nanny so I fuck w/ Sesame Street heavy.

Fuck: Cookie Monster already knows how to eat that cookie 🍪 Marry: The Count, he's good w/ numbers (i love accountants) Kill: Big Bird

skarnarn1408 karma

Do you think OnlyFans is more lucrative than the porn industry?

blakeblossom3x1922 karma

No. To do professional sets takes a certain type of person. Anyone can put a phone up and record them fucking some hookup. It takes real talent and skill to navigate adult films. OnlyFans is a great stepping stool to learn from, but it’s completely different.

Pinewood261092 karma

Why do adult actresses have so many problems with their plumbing and washing machines? Do you all generally live in hard water areas with high calcium in the water?

blakeblossom3x815 karma

It’s a type of fantasy! like men in uniforms or men who do house calls (delivery, handymen, repair) so it’s a fun subject to act out. The more exaggerated scripts tend to do better so the funnier it is, the more popular it is.

macbanan1079 karma

Are you happy? Do you think most other pornstars are?

blakeblossom3x4056 karma

I’m happy with my success in my job. But as a person, not all the time. I still have doubts about my current career choice every now and then. I wish certain things would happen and they don’t, and I feel sad. My personal life is much different than before, and it’s honestly better. I have more freedom in my life and I’m figuring out what my likes and dislikes are. I don’t like to be working all the time and stressing about travel. But as soon as I walk onto set, I remember how much I love making porn and the sadness goes away.

My personal struggle with depression was partially cured by porn. It gave me a purpose and showed me that I am valued, I am important and this is who I am. Deep down I always knew... just was too scared because of what everyone thought I should do.

92tilinfinityand508 karma

If you could be in one porn parody, what would you want to parody?

blakeblossom3x898 karma

AMERICAN PIEEEEEEE!!!! Or Bring It On. One of the great early 00’s movies I watched growing up.

julimagination470 karma

How has Coivd impacted your work? Are you satisfied with the precautions people you work with have taken?

blakeblossom3x1043 karma

I started porn the week before the lockdown so I’ve only experienced COVID porn. Everyone has been extremely cautious (sometimes ridiculous measures) to make sure we follow the guidelines. I’ve had over 150 Covid tests done!! I’m very happy about how they protect us, even though it’s a fucking bitch to drive there every time I have a scene.

IBaitDownvotes467 karma

Hello Blake! Recently, I have been watching your VR films, and was curious how filming porn in VR differs from normal porn. How different is the setup and does it feel different when filming for VR?

blakeblossom3x864 karma

It takes twice as long to film, I’m well practiced in VR so I don’t make major mistakes anymore. Different camera setup, different lighting, different scenarios. Only certain scenarios work with VR porn... the guy is stationary (besides his hands) so the girl does all the moving and transitions. Also, it’s a different attitude in VR. Much more flirting, intimate POV compared to a feature-style with a B roll and over the shoulder singles.

FinzClortho446 karma

What's your preferred way to eat oreos?

blakeblossom3x578 karma

The lemon oreos and the vanilla ones, I just bite them a little bit at a time.

une_fulanito435 karma

What was the most ridiculous script you've ever read for a porn scene that made you think "this won't work" but it actually turned out to be good (whether because it was in fact sexy or because it was funny)?

blakeblossom3x469 karma

My Brazzers scene with the stocking was a little weird for me... but it wasn’t bad at all! Actually turned out pretty funny.

Genius-Imbecile376 karma

What's your favorite type of taco?

blakeblossom3x659 karma

OOooh! There is this place that I go to that have Mushroom Tacos with cotija cheese and some roasted peppers and onions!

Arse-blood306 karma

What's the coolest place you've ever visited? And where is a place you'd like to go to, that you've never been.

blakeblossom3x433 karma

Hmm, I mean I have done a lot of camping and hiking, I really do like New Mexico. There is hiking area in ABQ I frequent.

Flu77ershy297 karma

When people irl ask about your job, what do you tell them? Do you tell them you do porn?

blakeblossom3x685 karma

It depends on the situation. If I am in an uber I will never tell you. If i'm getting my nails done, possibly. I will normally say I am a model. I make up a variety of different things depending.

noshore4me291 karma

Can you recommend a good binge-worthy show?

blakeblossom3x556 karma

It depends! I like scary stuff, so I am into the thriller mystery vibe.

Haunting a Bly Manor.

blakeblossom3x639 karma

The main character's got a fat ass, hehe!

BlindfoldedWife289 karma

So my wife and I have been in an open relationship for the last 5 or so years, and it has been great.

My question is, I’ve been having a hell of a time fixing NTFS on my main domain controller. Certain file paths don’t seem to be inheriting permissions correctly and I can’t figure out how to get it to flow properly without breaking the file system completely. Any ideas?

EDIT: It appears as though the AMA has been abandoned. I may never know now. F.

blakeblossom3x163 karma

I’m sorry I don’t know anything about NFTS.

Psychological-Bid302281 karma

First of all amazing work overall! Second, with someone like Dredd, was it tough taking him 3 times in 7 months? The scenes all came out great, just realistically for you?

blakeblossom3x239 karma

NO! I don't know how it happens but I can stretch for the girth! I was walking around after, just fine!

throwaway385295285276 karma

Is the squirting that actresses do real? Or are you guys just drinking a lot of water

blakeblossom3x581 karma

It’s over-hydrating to create clear pee. Sometimes it happens out of the blue, other sets have planned moments. But everyone knows they have to prep.

kyun1275 karma

Any strange fan encounters?

blakeblossom3x592 karma

It’s the ones who just stare that are strange.... There’s a way to approach someone!! Or the random flashes I see out of the corner of my eye.... like come over here bro let’s take a pic!!

newtbob271 karma

Why are so many xxx actresses from AZ?

blakeblossom3x466 karma

There are multiple “First Time” sites based in Arizona so its natural most of the new ones would come from where the recruiters/producers live. Word of mouth and social media are the main ways girls learn about porn.

moooozy269 karma

Who are the absolute nicest people to work with?

blakeblossom3x526 karma

Most of the men I work with have already seen my stuff or follow me, so the guys are always the nicest!! And the makeup girls are usually my bestie by the end of the makeover.

thelastpieceofshit255 karma

Hey Blake, absolutely love you and your content!

How long do you think youll be doing porn?

blakeblossom3x378 karma

Realistically, a few years at least. I love doing it so why stop. Maybe i’ll branch out into directing instead of performing!

atomicaviator245 karma

Hi, Blake! If you could to translate your success in porn to any other industry, with no concerns about negative stigma, what are some other things you'd be interested in doing?

blakeblossom3x531 karma

I write a lot of my own comedy and scripts! I am super critical of them and things making sense and copyediting my grammar. I would pursue a career in comedy or TV writing!

ruminarui1243 karma

What's your aftercare routine after shoots?

blakeblossom3x533 karma

It depends! If I'm on my period I have to take those sponges out. Everything is followed by a shower, whether I use baby wipes to wipe the cum off my face, I always clean up.

NoKindofHero226 karma

In an internet so full of porn how is Penthouse Pet still even a thing?

blakeblossom3x405 karma

Brands evolve with the times. Im actually up for Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2020 so its relevant to me!!

qwertycat689224 karma

How often do you enjoy the sex you have on camera vs. fake the reaction (leg quiverings, facial expressions, etc.) Is it pleasurable apart from your awareness that you’re doing it for work, or does that setting sort of ruin the enjoyment?

blakeblossom3x352 karma

I enjoy myself in every setting. Maybe it’s not the most comfortable on a kitchen counter but that’s what makes it fun! Do I have chemistry with everyone? No. But it’s performing, I’m opening up to a camera, I’m saying lines that are scripted, I’m calculating where I’m putting my arms and making sure my face is in the correct spot for the cumshot.

Each scene is different but I’m wet every time :)

SXnRXnRnR220 karma

Do you have an agent or do you book yourself?

How prevalent is drug use on set? Do you know girls (or guys) who have to get high before shooting? It occurs to me that as the most illicit form of entertainment, there's going to be lots of drugs around.

Have you ever had problems with other actors who were too fucked up to work?

blakeblossom3x357 karma

I think movies and TV has shown you the bad side, as there is in every other industry. We sign legal forms and record pre/post testimonies and state we are not under the influence of anything. Sure it happens every now and then, someone new will make a mistake and show up fucked up. But most directors and producers are very strict. It’s a liability issue. I can’t speak for anyone else but, I’ve never had anyone under the influence on set with me. If someone showed up to my set fucked up on anything, they’re going home.

Sad_Scale2375211 karma

When you orgasm, are you the type of person who needs a nap to recuperate after or do you have a ton of energy and go about your day?

blakeblossom3x349 karma

I guess it depends! If it's a vibrator and I'm squirting it really takes it out of you. If it's clit stimulation and during sex, it makes me have more energy!

SarcasticPedant211 karma

Would you rather:

1.) Everywhere you go, EVERYWHERE, you have to run at full speed, even if it's just to the fridge, or:

2.) Every time you speak, EVER, you have to yell at the top of your lungs?

blakeblossom3x319 karma

Running around! Great cardio 😂😂

abarua01200 karma

Do you feel that people judge you or think of you a certain way because of your career choices?

blakeblossom3x564 karma

Yes. Everyone judges each other. For example, I judge people on how they cut their hair. I wonder why they would make such a bad decision with those bangs... but it’s not my hair so why should I care!

ChasWooo193 karma

Whats your favorite drink at a bar. Also favorite pickup line a guy/girl has used on you?

blakeblossom3x289 karma

I’m not a fan of alcohol but I love mojitos. Very refreshing and light. And I don’t like any pick up lines. Really turns me off...

ruminarui1186 karma

What's your favorite food?

blakeblossom3x421 karma

Uhm, well it varies. I try not to eat before I film because with the blow jobs it gets a little crazy sometimes. Recently, it's been pistachio pound-cakes. When I get married i'm going to have a thousand of them at my wedding!

noodle_attack158 karma

What's the wierdest thing to happen on set?

blakeblossom3x395 karma

Ohhh, let's see. It varies. Sometimes the script requires us to do some crazy things. I had to put ice cubes in my pussy and squirt them into a glass of water. If I order Uber eats and the guy looks through the window though 👀

-Asher-101 karma

Wait, why would you have to put ice in your pussy and squirt them out?? Was it for a squirting scene of something?

blakeblossom3x223 karma

You’ll have to wait for the scene to come out to see it.

throwitawaynow7129 karma

Hey there!

Favorite music? Who are you listening to lately?

blakeblossom3x179 karma

Oooh sometimes I will go on Spotify and type in Runway and Catwalk music. If I'm prepping for a scene, I put on that! I love newer Rap. Travis Scott, Future, all that!

NicolasTom128 karma

Which company you’d like to work with if you have the chance?

blakeblossom3x262 karma

I love the dungeon/ vibe but I’m such a baby I don’t think I could handle anything.

DuineDeDanann115 karma

Do you have any tips on dirty talking?

blakeblossom3x211 karma

I’m still learning the ropes... I learned that if I describe what I’m going to do before I do it, it feels more natural. Asking if it feels good is always a backup if I don’t know what to say.

hentaitoad101 karma

2 questions from me if I may:

What got you into porn?

What are your fetishes/kinks?

blakeblossom3x243 karma

Well myself! I got myself into porn! I took the initiative after my 20th birthday and I'm gonna make an OF and get rich! I was just doing nudes and super snapchat style stuff and then I took the leap! I thought it would be really fun and I would be good at it! It's been 15 months. March 26th.

People always want to know my fetishes/kinks! Since I started porn I have gotten more knowledgable about the fetishes. I am not into the super rough, submissive stuff. I'm a switch. I have gotten into feet and licking mens' asses! Feet & rimming!!

PearlJamPony97 karma

Do you do pelvic floor exercises and if so which?

blakeblossom3x151 karma

I don’t do any daily routines. Maybe a few exercises here and there but nothing crazy... none of those little eggs ladies are sticking up there.

malongoria80 karma

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Napol3onS0l026 karma

I need an answer!

blakeblossom3x158 karma

I would say no! Seems wrong if the bread is still connected...

Mosesmann59 karma

Bananas. Yay or nay?

blakeblossom3x125 karma

If it’s in a smoothie, I don’t mind. But I don’t grab one as a snack.

jeremey_long44 karma

Hey! Just saw this ama and I hope I'm not too late.

I experienced some harsh sexual abuse when I was younger and it has messed me up during my romantic life. I never really opened it up with anyone and am ashamed to talk about it. It has greatly affected how close and intimate I can get with a partner, because even when someone hugs or touches me I get great anxiety and I feel like I am "constricted". I rarely initiate any touch because it feels like I would be violating someone or harming them.

Not sure what i myself am trying to ask, but I guess: what is the best way to let a partner know that I want to be intimate but I have had a harsh past and it's tough for me to be comfortable while at the same time not freaking them out?

blakeblossom3x174 karma

I would recommend counseling or talking with someone who has experience in helping you work through it. A partner isn’t the best place to start working through past trauma, someone who can give you real advice on how to deal with it will give you the answers you’re looking for.

But once you feel your ready to tell a partner, I would be completely honest and explain as much as you want. Explain why your behavior is different and give them ways they can help you. Maybe they also dealt with something and are waiting to talk about it as well. I hope you find some peace with your situation and know that there’s a large community of survivors waiting to help you!! ❤️

scrotal_discharge42 karma

Do you think Howard stern wears a wig?

blakeblossom3x62 karma

If he does, it looks very nice!

iwasthecoconut27 karma

I know I'm late, but you're one of my favorite actresses, especially your scene with Brickzilla on Hussie Pass! You seemed like one of the only actresses who genuinely enjoyed working with him, so how was that experience?

And how much do you like the business in general?

blakeblossom3x33 karma

He’s an awesome guy so it’s easy to work with someone so pleasant. His dick is ridiculous but that’s why it’s funnnn

reggiNN2k1123 karma

Any VR coming up?

blakeblossom3x81 karma

Just had one release today! It’s about me saving the bees.... 🐝🐝🐝

Axxxelt0122 karma

Love your scenes, Blake ❤️ 1)do you watch sports? If so which teams do you support? 2) have you ever been recognised in public and what is usually your reaction?

blakeblossom3x40 karma

  1. I am watching the NBA Playoffs, I like to watch all the NBA players! I like Basketball, and college Basketball. I love football too and always wanted to be an NFL cheerleader growing up.

  2. Multiple times! People are afraid to come up to me, and I've even signed autographs!

Tasty-Safety984617 karma

Hi Blake 😊 I wanted to ask you if it's comfy for you to wear lingerie and heels during a scene, especially since you're into feet stuff,or you do it just because the director asks you? I mean, does it make you feel empowered and sexy being all dolled up? Thank I love your nails, they're always so perfect

blakeblossom3x38 karma

Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable for certain lingerie, but if it's an expensive set then you bet I will be wearing it all day! I would rather wear a bra, stockings and lingerie, it's classy!

blakeblossom3x24 karma

And thank you so much! French acrylics.

dreamysleepy14 karma

Any plans for Summer?

blakeblossom3x27 karma

I have a lot of plans! I have a really good personal and work milestone coming up! It's something I've never done before (even in my personal life). I am probably going to go to the Rolling Loud festival too, if it happens.

dragonia67813 karma

What are your work hours like? Do you have 40 hour work weeks like the rest of us? Or is it like a skewed schedules? Are you your own boss and you just have an agent or do you work for a specific studio?

blakeblossom3x32 karma

It varies. I was out of town for 3 months straight filming pro stuff, so on filming days usually 5-8 hours on set. Maybe 2-4 hours on social media. For bigger scenes it can be up to 14-18 hours on set. I spend at least 10 hours a week on editing content. If I’m shooting content, it can range from an hour to up to 8 if I’m doing multiple videos.

A busy week is no less than 12 hours a day, everyday. A chill week is maybe around 8 a day. It’s hard to gauge when I’m on Twitter all the time.

-Dillad-11 karma

What is your opinion on the new Ford f150 electric pickup?

blakeblossom3x37 karma

I think we have a long way to go in battery technology.

Deepakcr7776 karma

When will u do anal?

blakeblossom3x30 karma

I understand because I tease it so much, hehe! I do do anal training and for me right now I'm going to wait!

Diet_Coke25 karma

Be careful when you do do anal training ;)

blakeblossom3x22 karma

haha, good one. I do, do anal training 👏🏽

dukekovac6 karma

Have you ever had a shower boning/action with a male performer after shooting a scene?

If so would you mind sharing some experiences?

blakeblossom3x41 karma

Noo, no no no. I am very professional! That does not happen.

colforbin12344 karma

What’s the most amount of times you’ve orgasmed during a scene? What percentages of your scenes do you actually cum?

blakeblossom3x9 karma

I don’t even know I’ve never wanted to count. And depending on the style of the scene, maybe once or twice. If it’s a crazy scene and the dick is THAT GOOD maybe 3-5 but it doesn’t get bigger each time.

Kindly-Gazelle12413 karma

@u/blakeblossom3x which character you love to play in porn movie if get chance?

blakeblossom3x6 karma

I love playing myself... but I would love to be different super villains!

blakeblossom3x3 karma

I love playing myself... but I would love to be different super villains!

RedLMR563 karma

What would you say to all the manchildren who say pornstars are not worthy of basic respect and decency because "selling pictures of yourself naked is wrong and shameful"?

blakeblossom3x13 karma

I would say, “Maybe if you could do it too, you wouldn’t hate on me so much!” It’s all jealousy at the end of the day.

Orrrrr it’s crazy religious fanatics who have been preconditioned to view porn as lesser than. Everyone fucks. It’s basic instinct.

SamesJilk2 karma

Have there been scene/offers where you’re like “that’s too much for me” or like “God not this again”?

Also, are there concepts, scenes, or roles that you’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance?

blakeblossom3x3 karma

I’m a very picky person when it comes to scenes. Sometimes I’m lenient if it’s not too crazy or I’m asked beforehand. I don’t do any step/incest porn and haven’t shot anything since last August, but everyone already knows it’s a definite NO so they give me other scenarios.

I have only stuck my toes into the water so there’s plenty of things I’m dying to try out. I’m patient so I can wait until the perfect conditions.

ruminarui11 karma

What is your aspiration after porn? Vanilla life? Director? Own your own Studio? Onlyfans forever?

blakeblossom3x2 karma

A studio would be pretty awesome! Probably mainstream acting or comedy if I get bored of all the sex.

ThirstyPunter1 karma

I absolutely LOVE when you lick male feet, it's one of my favourite acts in porn when a woman does this! My question is, what turns you on about it and did you first discover this kink in porn or did you do it before porn too?

blakeblossom3x7 karma

I did not do it before, it was part of a couple scenes that I performed in. The producers threw it on the table and I was down for it! It's very sterile and clean, so I personally enjoy it.

Either-Travel0 karma

What the biggest mistake perception about industry that ppl need to know?? N If u retired ,did u planning still doing a adult content or really stop it n try new things??

blakeblossom3x6 karma

We aren’t found on the street or forced to do anything. We sign legal paperwork every single time. We get our IDs scanned and logged every single time. We made a choice to be there. We pay taxes.

It’s actually very empowering and helps you gain confidence.

I think there’s always room to grow but porn seems like the industry for me!

ConsiderationSmart550 karma

How to approach you for a virtual photoshoot?

blakeblossom3x5 karma

I don't do customs, right now ❤️

guavapapii-6 karma

Honestly it's turning me on asking you this. How many times a day should someone pleasure themselves?

blakeblossom3x3 karma

See, I'm very conflicted about this. I would it would be 1-2 times, more often if you are frisky!

BigDEnergy799-7 karma

Hey there Blake! First just wanna say I'm a HUGE fan of yours and wanna congratulate u once again on bein the May Bang Babe Of The Month!! I'd like to know which of your many phenomenal scenes is your fav and why?

blakeblossom3x4 karma

The scene that dropped today on Bang has honestly been my favorite! The behind the scenes, the photo set, and the content was the best!