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Hi Blake! I’ve asked a few friends this question and they’re not sure so I thought I’d see if you can help! When dealing with peeling paint when decorating a bathroom do you use a paint scraper to remove the flaking paint first before applying a primer, and from there apply the standard two layers of anti-mould paint? Or is there another technique that will get me better results? I’m decorating for an elderly neighbour and I want to do as good a job as possible for her. I just wondered if you had any DIY tips. Have a great weekend!

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Amazing, I thought as much but sometimes you just need an outside pair of eyes on the situation. Thanks for replying and have a fantastic day!


It’s interwar I think? The plaster behind the paint looks super recent though, last 5 years I’d say. I think it wasn’t primed before the original paint went on. Thanks again for the help, I’m not much of a decorator but trying to help an old lady out


I’ll go pick one up when the shops open again tomorrow! Genuinely appreciate the advice my dude, that fucking wall gonna be the shit 👌🏼


I have some fine aluminium oxide paper for smoothing/sanding will that be alright? The wall behind the chipping paint is already smooth af. Thought I could use the paper to smooth the border between the two? Thanks for the help!