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Why do adult actresses have so many problems with their plumbing and washing machines? Do you all generally live in hard water areas with high calcium in the water?

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Do you suffer from washing machines breaking down as much as your colleagues?

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Thanks for replying, Do they at least finish the repairs before getting distracted?

Does the Adult entertainment industry recommend tradesmen/women?

Last thing you would want is getting stuck ihead first in a washing machine that to an outsider looks like an easy escape but having no experience of said situation i'm sure its more challenging than we think


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Do you know if there is a specific supplier of casting couches?

How much would one of these set the average consumer back?

What's the upkeep like on one and what do you recommend to remove stains? eg Red wine

Lastly Do you know if there is an opportunity to move into the casting couch supply business or it it all Monopolised by big Porn?

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the climate is changing but do you think it's been over exaggerated in the past and that's why you have so many deniers? like wasn't the ozone layer disappearing but now it's repairing itself?