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Oh I've got a good one. How do you feel about game trailers that advertise their game but at the bottom say 'Not in-game footage'?

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Okay this is going to sound odd. How do you communicate sexual attraction and desire without being creepy?

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Mate! You're funny as hell. First thing I ever saw of yours was about the ducks. Absolute legend!

So my question to you is about British humour. I find that some of the best comedians are the ones who are very subtle and natural with their delivery. America seems to lean more towards openly outward delivery with their jokes.

Seeing as you've had gigs in America, is it more difficult to engage an audience because your comedy style is not really the sort of thing they would gravitate towards?

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Forgive me if this seems ignorant, but I'd like to ask, with each person playing their instrument and having a sheet in front of them, what is the role of a conductor?

Do you point towards the people you want to take the lead in a particular verse, and then point up or down depending on the volume and tone you want them to play at?

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Hey Ronn, I'm writing a book. It's about a racing driver, a kid who starts out racing at a young age, but the reason why it relates to this is because he loses his dad from fighting in Afghanistan.

I want to be able to ride the line of being respectful to the troops but also showcase that war really is just so unnecessary and damaging. What advice do you have?

Also, I salute you sir. Takes a lot of guts to stand for something that the big wigs in power can just decide on without thinking about the major consequences