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I used to be a nanny so I fuck w/ Sesame Street heavy.

Fuck: Cookie Monster already knows how to eat that cookie 🍪 Marry: The Count, he's good w/ numbers (i love accountants) Kill: Big Bird

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I’m happy with my success in my job. But as a person, not all the time. I still have doubts about my current career choice every now and then. I wish certain things would happen and they don’t, and I feel sad. My personal life is much different than before, and it’s honestly better. I have more freedom in my life and I’m figuring out what my likes and dislikes are. I don’t like to be working all the time and stressing about travel. But as soon as I walk onto set, I remember how much I love making porn and the sadness goes away.

My personal struggle with depression was partially cured by porn. It gave me a purpose and showed me that I am valued, I am important and this is who I am. Deep down I always knew... just was too scared because of what everyone thought I should do.

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I wear contacts so AC is preferred. Fans dry me out!

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I will use my makeup experience here, it's the way I feel that we can relate here. I would take the paint scraper and remove the paint and then apply the primer.

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First of all, are they choosing to be stuck!? There might be a deeper meaning here, hah!