My name is Jason Walsh, developer of the true crossbreeding monster-catching game Monster Crown!

In under 72 hours we blew past the success of our entire Kickstarter Campaign and I am blown away by our reception on Steam!

Have you ever wanted to breed two of your favorite critters to see what unique offspring they would produce? That's what Monster Crown is all about. It also has a dangerous story-line and expects you to strategize to survive!

My Proof:

Ask me anything! My publisher (the lovely Soedesco) may chime in as well!

EDIT: Cannot BELIEVE the support! You guys are all amazing and the amount of monster taming knowledge is impressive!

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Whopraysforthedevil217 karma

I've always thought that games like this and Pokemon would be great for mobile. Do you have any plans for that in the future?

DevotedToNeurosis178 karma

IOS and Android have always been something I planned, it just feels right in the palm of your hands doesn't it?

Whopraysforthedevil78 karma

Yeah! I've always been pretty disappointed in mobile games. I've never understood why we can't just have good games on these little computers that we all carry everywhere.

DevotedToNeurosis148 karma

A big aspect is a lot of mobile users feel anything over 99 cents isn't worth it, which makes it hard to keep a large project going and viable. Commissioning artists, musicians, it takes a lot of resources even if you're doing all the design and code yourself.

Of course Freemium/FreeToPlay is a model that may work but not one that interests me personally.

CatManDontDo143 karma

Is this 100% dragon, science based?

DevotedToNeurosis127 karma

It's 100% Monster, anime science based!

roran1456 karma

How long do you expect to be in early access and is there any update on console release?

DevotedToNeurosis71 karma

Hey Roran!

The great thing about Early Access is it lets players get hands on and tell us exactly what we're doing right, and what they want to see further work/improvements on.

Things like balancing, how features work together, and of course bug fixing has been my constant life focus since the launch on Friday.

Once we're happy, and players are happy, that's when we know it's time to go for the full release on all fronts (consoles included).

We're thinking 6-12 months, it could be a bit more, it could be a bit less, but Early Access offers a great opportunity to make sure it's living up to everyone's dreams (and we're getting a lot of positive messages that it is which is every creators dream!)

roran1414 karma

Awesome! It’s a great game and I can’t wait to play it on switch!

DevotedToNeurosis10 karma

Thank you so much for your support! I'll work hard to make sure the game is everything you deserve!

Tulio51746 karma

Hey! Congratulations on the EA success! I was originally a backer but my credit card apparently hates Kickstarter, sorry for that lol. Apart from sickness and bug squashing, what's been the biggest difficulty in developing Monster Crown? Best of luck with the rest of development, excited for the Switch version!

DevotedToNeurosis38 karma

Oh thank you so much for your support and believing in us Tulio, even though the payment didn't go through it's the spirit of it that matters!

Well the chronic illness (hope to bring more awareness to those suffering with CFS in the future) was a huge challenge but the biggest difficulty was building the huge open world, which is truly massive.

Being the guy making the graphics, the layout, the code and the design of every area was not easy. It necessitated I create a system that made creating the world easy, so I created some specialized tools that let me scale up my workflow as the only person working on that. Thankfully the KS campaign let me bring in some better artists to revamp my world art/tilesets but my structure itself remains.

Also Monster Design is tricky, everyone has a specific taste for it and everyone believes they know the truly best way to design a monster. Creating a massive roster of designs with something to appeal to everyone wasn't easy but with over 200 base species and countless crossbreeds, I really believe we have an appealing menu to choose from :)

AwrooAwroo28 karma

This is the first I've heard of Monster Crown! I see a more mature story line which is a nice change.

Q: What are some unique differences between this and pokemon other than cross-breeding?

DevotedToNeurosis23 karma

Oh there are quite a few! And you're eased into them:

  • Open World
  • High risk/reward style gameplay
  • The ability to choose the approach to play that suits you best
  • Boss battles that expect you to strategize if you want to make it out alive!

The beginning area of the game is similar to a route from Pokemon. This helps you learn some new mechanics while still in a comforting style of play. Once you pass the tutorial though, things get wide, open tough and exhilarating!

WeedIsWife8 karma

Can you elaborate on high risk high reward?

DevotedToNeurosis28 karma


First let's say you're in town, you're safe. There is no threat.

Ok next you go out onto the road to your next destination. It's fairly safe, but there aren't many rewards. A few battles here and there.

Now you wander off the road, stronger monsters appear, rarer monsters too... Oh what's that? Wild fruit to feed your monsters to help them recover? Oh, and look at that, a tamer backpack. Some tamer had to run for their life and lost their things! Open it up to find great items, and plenty of gold. What a treat!

Wander further and find powerful tamers ready to take you on in battle, but also, offer you lucrative trades for rare custom breeds, and the tamer packs out here were dropped by even stronger tamers, so they have even more rare items and rewards.

Then you start finding the truly rare beasts.

Of course if you get knocked out, prepare to lose your pack as well, fair is fair, right? ;)

I hope that helps you imagine what I'm talking about :)

WeedIsWife19 karma

Welp, as a Hardcore Diablo 2 player, and a pokemon fan. TAKE MY MONEY. Are you guys still doing Kickstarter? Just the Early Access on steam for now? Whats the best way for me to back the project with my dollareos

DevotedToNeurosis11 karma

thank you so much for the kind support :)

The Kickstarter ended in 2018, so right now the only way to support the project is via EA and is definitely a cheap way to get the game forever.

Thank you so much :)

katthetechie3 karma

Will there be a sort of banking system to store your stuff so you don't loose it when you are knocked out?

DevotedToNeurosis6 karma

Yep, it's in :)

kikiubo20 karma

Do you have an estimate full release date?

edit: And a roadmap?

DevotedToNeurosis19 karma

Not a hard estimate, but we're planning for 6-12 months of Early Access (definitely not something we plan for years). Once we get the vibe that players are happy and we've worked out all the kinks, we're going full steam ahead :)

Muroid17 karma

Is there anywhere I can read a bit more about breeding mechanics?

DevotedToNeurosis25 karma

Gym Leader Ed gives a great rundown on his youtube channel:

Daemondog0416 karma

When will you get some well deserved rest?

DevotedToNeurosis21 karma

Haha, my brain rests when players are able to have fun easily, so after all the patches I've pumped out since Friday I'm beginning to feel a bit more at ease :)

FaustusC13 karma

So is this just a larger scale Dragon quest monsters? That's not a criticism. I miss the shit out of those games.

DevotedToNeurosis19 karma

Well, I don't take that as a negative because DWM2 owned half my childhood, but the breeding is quite a bit more in depth than DQM.

DQM feels like combinations unlocks new monster, they aren't always visually similar, but Monster Crown's monsters actually look like descendants of what you combined!

FaustusC10 karma

Hard same. I had all the NA DQ games for gameboy. I genuinely cannot tell you bow many hours I put in but...too many comes close lol. That's good tbh. Breeding never felt super rewarding in DQM. Oh, a dragon boinked a zombie. Skulgon! A dragon boinked a literal box with teeth. Swordgon! Then the monsters were level capped. You had to breed em again to get a + monster which just slightly increased the cap.

I'm very interested now. Controller support or just keyboard?

DevotedToNeurosis6 karma

You know we got controllers!

RaptorDash2 karma

Is it though? I get the impression its not a mixture of the parents physical traits but the base monsters form of the typing of the secondary monster.

DevotedToNeurosis5 karma

Yes it is, give it a shot here (if you're on desktop or large format tablet):

theinfamouswofford12 karma

Love the game, enjoying it way too much.

Can we get a special breeding code just for the IAMA?

DevotedToNeurosis23 karma

Why not? Have a Cobreo: PPHO34NJNN

Keep in mind that Monster Codes have os not 0s!

Corka2 karma

Awesome! I only just found out about this game from this IAmA and decided to purchase it based on how much I liked DWM, SMT, and Pokemon. Only just started the game up now, but will look to redeem him once I'm at the point where I can and know how to do so :)

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

Thank you SO much for your support! All the love on here has me psyked up!

GriffinWatch11 karma

hey there gratz on the early success! are you worried about any legal problems that could arise due to how similar the game is to pokemon?

DevotedToNeurosis21 karma

Not really, because this game is a great fit for the Monster Taming genre, and there are plenty of inspirations outside of Pokemon (Telefang, Dragon Warrior Monsters). I definitely recommend checking out "Monster Taming" in general!

zeuljii10 karma

Early Access feedback can be a double edged sword, and from a player perspective it seems many games go off the rails in EA trying to respond to it. How do you manage feedback that boils down to "this is hard; could you make it easier for me", or "could you remake my favorite game"?

DevotedToNeurosis19 karma

Wew, that's a hard question!

First off, we're getting a really good reception in EA, SO many people are saying "this is the exact direction I hoped this would go" and the game isn't super early in development.

When it comes to balancing, it's more tweaking than revamping, our core features have been pretty well tested conceptually and I feel (and our fans feel) that it makes for a pretty addictive and rewarding experience.

So I don't see big feature revamps in our future, more like, X part is too hard, or Y doesn't flow well. Menu Z is unintuitive. That's where my hours are being spent right now.

A single user saying something is too hard doesn't mean we'll change it, but 20 people means we need to take a closer look. And making things easier isn't always the solution, sometimes it's just making sure players know about all the strategic options that could help them out that they may have missed.

biscoita7 karma

The steam page mentions gene editing as a planned feature, may I ask what is currently present in the game regarding monster genetics? I'm a huge fan of breeding mechanics with a focus on genetics and have been dying to find a good game to scratch that itch for me. Congrats on the success you have all achieved so far!

DevotedToNeurosis7 karma

Hey Bisoita!

Gym leader Ed does a great dive on a breeding overview here:

Which traits come from which parents is something gene editing will give you control over, right now there's one stock gene formula.

Butwinsky7 karma

If I gave you five bucks would you create a monster named Butwinsky that is completely useless or quite possibly a liability to own?

DevotedToNeurosis6 karma

Unfortunately our monster roster is fully booked :D

Charlotte_the_witch6 karma

the project looks good! Did you ever play Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 : Cobi // Tara on GBA as a kid? If yes what monster did you like the most?

DevotedToNeurosis5 karma


Battle Rex/Hackasaurus of course. I was obsessed. Ok I still am. Had to get one again for my DQMJ playthrough, even used the scepter to keep its appearance after breeding (direct inspiration for custom genes in Monster Crown).

Although the hammer wielding variant is growing on me.

What's your favorite?

Treecat225 karma

Hey Jason,

I don’t think these questions have been asked and I apologize if they have.

  1. How long have you been working on this?

  2. What are you coding this in and using to create art? I remember reading about the developer of Stardew Valley taking years to develop his game because he wanted fro code himself I believe and then if I am not mistaken he later said he would’ve saved a lot of time just using something like Gamemaker.

DevotedToNeurosis6 karma

I began in January 2016, so it's over four years now! It's a huge game though with a staggering roster of monsters, so for the content available, I don't feel bad for having worked on it so long!

This is coded in C# in Unity!

For art I used plain old Paint.

StatusJoe4 karma

Do we see the monsters breed? Is it consensual?

DevotedToNeurosis7 karma

You don't, but there's cool lightning when you make an egg XD

It is consensual, as Monsters agree to pacts they are roughly caveman level in intelligence (there is some species variance). They cannot speak but lore-wise, the monsters want to help you create a powerful team and help them reach their potential. If a monster didn't want to do it they wouldn't be forced to (in gameplay monsters want to follow the terms of their pacts and help you create a strong team for them to travel with).

Bibidiboo2 karma

Does this mean you need to keep them happy enough to breed? Can you mistreat them and be a mean/evil tamer?

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

You can be an evil tamer if you wish, but the monsters obey their pacts.

As long as you keep getting them stronger (by any means necessary sometimes!) they're happy.

yahel144 karma

Hey Jason, thank you for doing this AMA, I'll ask my favorite question: what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Congrats on EA btw, that's amazing!

DevotedToNeurosis8 karma

Thanks! I always felt out of the loop on ice cream! My family and fiancee love it but I prefer non-cold sweets and pastries, that being said, I've always been a sucker for anything with chocolate (or similar chunks) like "Hoof Prints" (might be canadian) and Cookie Dough.

Sometimes I disturb even myself at how undercooked I like my cookies.

ed_on_reddit2 karma

Ha. My wife is the same way (in terms of undercooked). I realized early on that she doesn't actually like brownies - she likes warm brownie batter. Same for cookies. If I am baking brownies, I have to set the timer for 5 minutes extra, because she pulls them out early every time.

DevotedToNeurosis7 karma

TIL your wife has great taste.

terminal1124 karma

Is it grindy?

DevotedToNeurosis7 karma

If you don't want to use strategies, and you don't want to use breeding, you can still play the game but may have to grind a bit.

Monster Crown is all about options. You'll find yourself able to take down surprisingly tough foes without grinding with just a hint of strategy such as our Synergy system or status effects! It's very rewarding to take down a beast using your smarts!

Zenfullone4 karma

When you work on something like this do you ever go outside? (I work in home remodeling/construction and seems crazy to me that someone can 'hunker down' for so long on a computer)

And what was your process for coming up with so many different creatures? (Zoos? Other games? A team of children describing what their dream monsters looked like?)

Thanks and great work! Quite a high caliber accomplishment!

DevotedToNeurosis11 karma

I go outside very little and am at my palest (and it's summer!). I've been really hunkered down since I got sick last year and am hoping to get back to my usual exercise soon (my muscles are definitely a lot weaker than they were a year ago!).

I think my monster design inspirations are a love of general biology, an interest in obscure animals/evolution and a childhood dunked deep in 90s anime and video games :D

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Zenfullone3 karma

Very cool man Thanks for the awesome answer. Get some sun to fight that covid...

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

one day my skin won't be almost blue in hue! :D

redkaiser824 karma

How will the online work in the Switch? How much will it cost? Are you changing the Brutus overworld sprite to match the new desings? Is there any estimate date for the Consoles realease? Thank you for making this amazing game!! Can't wait to play it full time 👀

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

The online on Switch should work the same as on PC.

Yes! I am for sure.

I touched on this in other replies but basically once I'm happy, and fans are happy with the game's state, it's onto release! Right now a big focus is polish and bug fixing.

Thank you for enjoying Monster Crown :)

Adam_Ohh4 karma

The second I heard “crossbreeding” I immediately got Monster Rancher vibes. That was one of my favorite series as a young boy, so I’m very intrigued by your game. Did you ever play that when you were younger?

DevotedToNeurosis5 karma

I wasn't fortunate enough to have a PS1 (was an N64 kid) so I didn't play it but always wanted it.

I made do by loving the anime :)

redkaiser823 karma

I forget to ask What is the estimated price on the Switch and other consoles?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

I don't believe we've landed on a launch price just yet, but it's on discount on steam right now.

_7q43 karma

Have you ever heard of astroturfing?

followup: Define 'trending'?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

All I mean by trending is if you go to Steam's Early Access page it's listed as trending. I'm as surprised as you (but also pretty thrilled!).

JokuIIFrosti3 karma

Did you get inspiration for breeding and crossing the monsters from the Dragon warrior monster series or the PS1 Digimon game?

DevotedToNeurosis7 karma

DWM2 on Gameboy was a huge inspiration, I LOVED that game, easily as much as Pokemon growing up. Good eye :)

JokuIIFrosti4 karma

I had never heard of your game, and once I read the description, I instantly thought of DWM 1 and 2. I honestly think that it's a shame those games never caught on. They had many mechanics that were far superior to Pokemon.

I'm going to keep an eye on this game. When do you expect the Nintendo switch port to happen?

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

Thank you! It's very kind to compare us to those games :)

When EA players are happy with the design, feel and balance!

mr-purupurupuru3 karma

Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy ?

DevotedToNeurosis8 karma

Nurse Joy, I couldn't handle Jenny

Gyddanar3 karma

I get you, but I'd take Jenny just to play with her Growlithe.

Growlithe beats Chansey any day

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

True but I think Joy would be more likely to chill out at home, Jenny would be an extrovert and I'm not about that life.

oneshibbyguy3 karma

How many different combinations of monsters can you make from breeding? Is it some sort of procedural thing or is there a set limit?

DevotedToNeurosis5 karma

You can make endless combinations, I think appearances alone people on our discord have calculated to be around 24,000?


With both Temtem and you being new Pokemon style games (monster catching), do you think there's a lot of untapped potential in this genre?

Your art is incredible btw, I'm really excited to see where this game goes.

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

Thank you so much! I work very hard on our pixel monsters :)

I think there's a lot of room for growth. People are finally starting to realize this is a genre, not just a game (Pokemon).

thankfully there's a backlog of excellent games in the genre, like Dragon Quest Monsters, Siralim, Monster Rancher, Telefang, SMT, etc.

The_Sean_3 karma

How in depth is the breeding? Is it simplistic enough so that two base creatures create a child and that is as deep as the family tree goes, or can you then breed 2 different children and get 1/4 of the traits from 4 base creatures etc?

Apologies if this is explained in the promotional material, I am at work but will definitely be checking this out when I get home.

DevotedToNeurosis9 karma

Oh it's very deep, the deepest breeding in the genre!

Gym Leader Ed gives a great overview, you can breed through generations and generations, getting more unique each time!

filenotfounderror2 karma

getting more unique each time!

is that really true though? is the breeding hard coded or algorithmic? it looks to be me like its hard coded, so there has to be some limit?

Looks like a cool game though, good job.

Edit: i see below you said there are about 1200, so hard coded, but quite a lot. have you thought about making it algorithmic?

DevotedToNeurosis6 karma

You definitely want to consider:

  • Appearance
  • Color
  • Type
  • Stats
  • Growthrate
  • Moveset
  • Level up moveset

Not hardcoded, not tied to a species, each new creation is its own independent entity in code.

lnodiv3 karma

Are there any unbreedable monsters, similar to Legendaries in Pokemon?

The inability to leverage such awesome creatures in a key subsystem of Pokemon was a huge disappointment for me back when Gen 2 came out, and since breeding seems even more important here, I'd love to see it work differently here.

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

No such thing as unbreedable in Monster Crown! :)

Meal_Delicious2 karma

Hi big fan of the game happy that I’m a backer but a couple questions. How many monsters will be in the final game and how many hybrids will be able to be breed?

DevotedToNeurosis11 karma

A little over 200 base monsters (I'm feeling out 204-207) with more coming through free DLC (I just love making monsters, game done or not!).

The hybrids are countless, talking body shape alone and not beginning to count colors, movesets, learnsets, stats, typings? the calculation works out to about 1200.

Meal_Delicious6 karma

...I love you so much rn and I can’t wait for the game to be fully released

DevotedToNeurosis4 karma

Thank you! I hope you have a blast with it :)


What is the chance encounter for Brilliant forms? If it’s not secret 😅

DevotedToNeurosis10 karma

Haha, it's not secret but it is thrilling to encounter one (and hopefully tame it).

It's 1 in a thousand! Have you found one already? What is it?

For anyone that doesn't know, Brilliant monsters are our game's version of Shinies. Because you can inherit any color using breeding the rare alternate coloration had to be something really unique right? They flux through the rainbow!


Wow! I’ve been lucky enough to encounter 2 in just 4 hours of playing! The first was a Bileat, which sadly I couldn’t tame.. second was Teedon which I tamed! It’s definitely a lot of fun breeding because of that 😄😄

DevotedToNeurosis5 karma

I think there are a lot of people in our community that would LOVE to get a Brilliant Bileat, that's a very loved monster :D

Congrats on the luck Tamer!

JVskunkape2 karma

You should totally make an anime/cartoon to go with it! Or even/also a comic/manga! Would those be something you would be interested in you were approached by a company to make one?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

Oh absolutely, but I think that dream is quite far off. I think you need to be in a whole other realm of success to consider that sort of thing, but yeah it'd be insanely cool :)

kikiubo2 karma

Can you share a little bit more about creature breeding?How does creature combination work design wise? Do you have to manually draw each creature or did you teach an AI how to create combinations? It would be amazing to have multiple outcomes with the same combination of creatures and creating unexpected horrible or beautiful creatures.

DevotedToNeurosis7 karma

There is no AI and every sprite is hand crafted with much effort and love.

Gym Leader Ed gives a good overview here:

You do get different results depending on which parent is primary and which is secondary, but each monster has a set of genetic forms that can be triggered depending on breeding combinations.

It's a ridiculous amount of work, sure, but is seeing fans send me new hand crafted special creations with their own lore each day worth it? Absolutely.

I don't know if players realize I've tricked them into making cool new monsters to send me every day, because I love pixel monsters and now I have an infinite stream MWAHAHA!

SmontyJ2 karma

Is the dudes hat a shout out to One Piece?

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

Haha, while Pokemon, Dragon Quest Monsters and DBZ are all time favorites, I have never seen One Piece.

The character starts on a farm and so the straw hat is meant to represent humble beginnings (and not being a chosen one).

suigenuris2 karma

Loved games like Jade Cocoon, Azure Dreams and Monster Rancher growing up. Were these big influences? The ability to infinitely customize and breed new and rarer breeds (with rarer skill combinations) was always a huge draw for me. May have to check this game out!

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

That's absolutely the vibe we are going for, only to take it to the extreme.

M4rw2 karma

How's the competition in the genre?

DevotedToNeurosis4 karma

Wew, it's tough! So many quality games are starting to come out in this genre, but hey, it pushes us all to work harder, which means a better game for Monster Taming fans.

Aotoi2 karma

Curious what kind of design proccess goes into the monster creation! Do you have a favorite monster so far?

DevotedToNeurosis9 karma

Hey Aotoi!

I'd love to say I have an established process, as I designed over 80% of the monsters in the game, but inspiration can come from many places.

Base monsters must be distinctive with a clear theme, body shape, typing and concept. They have to fit into the world and have personality quirks of their own. An example is Glutovi, who is a bit fat-cute but has some very odd compulsions:

For crossbreeds I like to take the base monster and put it very prominently on my screen. I look at the main animal/creature inspiration (In Glutovi's case fat lizards and egg-eating snakes) and search for animals in that family or more primordial versions of it from the distant past.

I use the most interesting ones to create the crossbreeds and try to put a different spin on the base concept for each to keep things interesting, fun, and often unexpected. It's a lot of work and over the years many have received redesigns, but sometimes you just know when you got one right, and it feels great!

I keep redoing them until I get that feeling.

faroffland7 karma

Just to say I’m a huge fan of Pokémon and this seems right up my street. That monster design is adorable and has absolutely sold me on this. I am totally going to buy your game when it’s available on Switch and am really excited to see all the different designs.

DevotedToNeurosis4 karma

wow, thank you so much for the kind words. I really didn't expect this many people to love our designs because 4 years ago I couldn't do any art at all, and I've always pushed myself to find a way to make better more likeable designs.

Comments like this make it all worth it!

Aotoi2 karma

Thanks for the response! I appreciate the time and effort you put in

DevotedToNeurosis1 karma


the_manofsteel2 karma

How long do you think it will be until Pokemon sues you?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

I don't think they will because the game has just as much in common with other classic games in the genre as it does with Pokemon.

Are you a fan of the genre? I highly recommend checking out:

  • Dragon Warrior Monsters
  • Monster Rancher
  • Telefang
  • Siralim
  • Disc Creatures

just as a start, from there you can move onto more storied takes such as SMT and Persona.

SonofGondor321 karma

I am currently a web developer, but I have always wanted to move into game development. What is a good way to get into game development so I can get a job as a game developer?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

I'm a web dev by day too, I get what you mean!

First off, game programming is far more different than my day job than I expected. Two totally different ballgames. The biggest change of course is that you're going from a mostly action > reaction based way of programming to a frame based constantly "living" condition of the code and functions.

You need things to happen totally independent of a direct action and that can be more tricky than it sounds!

I'd recommend downloading Unity and just messing with it! I think you'll find your way :)

TheScarecrowKing1 karma

First I've heard of this one. How does it differ from Impossible Creatures?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

I would say the ways its similar is smaller than the list of differences, I'd recommend checking out our trailer on the steam page :)

bluebird32141 karma

What do you think separates your game from any other monster catching games?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

The crossbreeding system.

The difficulty.

The more adult-oriented story (nothing sexual don't worry).

The high risk-reward dangerous world.

WillsMonsters1 karma

What aspect of other Mon games did you feel you most wanted to improve or that you could do better in your own game?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

I wanted there to be crossbreeds, because as a kid I was SO hype for Pokemon Gold but was a little disappointed that Wortortle X Corsola doesn't create a Worsola! I thought that maybe, I could find a way to make a similar system that would really work like that!

But also I wanted to have a huge world to explore where you can get very far away from society, that feeling of danger, aloneness, isolation with only your monster partners to protect you. It wasn't easy to let myself see the game as open world, because it's 2D, but it really is massive.

WillsMonsters2 karma

Well im loven it! Cant wait for more updates! I run around multiple times a day fighting and looking for Brilliants. Im just now scratching the surface of combining mons and its very exciting!

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

I'm so happy to hear you're having fun, I bet it'll be a long time before you stop being surprised :)

lionhands1 karma

What programming languages do you use for game development?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

C# on the Unity Engine :)

Indyclone771 karma

Two Questions

1: If you could turn any monster into a plushie which would it be?

2:When are you adding Sooty and Sweep to the game? ;)

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma


I think the most wanted plushie right now would be Bileat, he only got added to the game on Friday but everyone seems to love it already!

FluffyPandaShiba1 karma

I picked up and really enjoyed your game so far outside of some frustrating bugs that it looks like you've been tending to, my main worry was how fast 1/3rd of the game went by. How long are you looking for the final experience to be? With 200 base monsters and many many more in the combinations I'm mildly concerned I won't be able to get to play with enough of them before my adventure is over. Love the aesthetic so far and thanks for your time!

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

More story is being added very soon via a content pack that will give a lot more context to the full length of the final game (the full story is quite long).

Be sure you check out all the optional content like crossbreeds, rogue-lite-like tamer battles, trades and the optional east-desperado mini dungeon. Watch out for that legendary though ;)

Eroeplays1 karma

Congrats on reaching Early Access! When you released an option to back the game via PayPal in 2018, I scrambled to get money together. I've only tried playing for a few minutes at a time, but I'm excited to be putting in actual game time today!

Anyways, question time. Was there any part of Monster Crown (mechanic, story aspect, etc.) that you believed to be impossible in thought, but surprised yourself and found a way to implement it?

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

Thank you so much for your long time support Eroe! It makes all of this more than possible.

Haha, yes, first off the breeding. That felt impossible before I even started, but I managed to design a system to make it work!

The late game story choice was something I wasn't sure would work, but you know what, it did! I can't wait to see how players handle more ethical choices than they may have bargained for!

GoldFynch1 karma

First time hearing of the game but it sound so fun! Is there online multiplayer? Will there be?

DevotedToNeurosis1 karma

Online battling is in and being worked on, online trading is on the way very soon :) We have servers too, so it's not just p2p.

fromyourdreams1 karma

What is your go to team?

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

Great question:

  • Guallop
  • Panipillr
  • Glossum
  • Tanukrook
  • Jungro
  • Deuvul
  • Trove BOTD
  • Gigadrile

kim_frenchhorn1 karma

Do you lose the parent monsters like Dragon Quest Monsters or can you keep them and have a family team?

Also - I noticed a swear word in the trailer is the story more grown up than other monster training games (will I cry)?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

It is more grown up but the only people that swear are criminal scum!

You get to keep your parent monsters :)


When will the Atomic Clock (and other evolutionary items) be released? I’d love to see my Dracoyle become even more badass 👀

DevotedToNeurosis5 karma

Transformation items are going to start trickling in very soon, think weeks, not months.

heyzeuseeglayseeus1 karma

So... is your team currently hiring any new writers/narrative designers?

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

Not right now, but you're free to send me your portfolio via DM and I can keep your info close?

_7R331 karma

This looks like a game I would really enjoy playing! Are you planning to opt-in on streaming services such as Geforce Now?

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

Hm, I'm really not sure about that! I've sort of kept my head down in code for 3 years and while GeForce is literally installed on my laptop I'm not sure what it's all about.

I'll definitely have to chat with Soedesco about it!

psydelicdaydreamer1 karma

What advice would you give to solo devs just starting out?

DevotedToNeurosis2 karma

Make dedicated time to, every few weeks, step back and try to call your project trash.

That sounds horrible right? But pretend it's an internet simulator (someone somewhere will always call your project garbage) so try to beat them to it!

Find the weakest part, for me, early on it was "the graphics are garbage", so I worked on them and worked with others until I could no longer say they were the weakest part, then something else came to the surface.

Continue doing that, and never let yourself say "well, it's good enough". With Monster Crown I never say any part of it is the "best", but I can make 100% sure it's "my best".

When you achieve your best, you'll know in your heart you couldn't have done better.

And what can you ask of yourself other than your best?

psydelicdaydreamer2 karma

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights!

DevotedToNeurosis1 karma

my pleasure :)

debloons1 karma

Would you mind telling me how many different base monsters there are and how many combinations can be made?

DevotedToNeurosis1 karma

appearances alone, our discord players have calculated it to be north of 24k I believe?

R3D611 karma

If you were to release a sequel, would you cut monsters out to meet a deadline?

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

I think I'd cut the deadline to meet the monsters.

I'm one of those weirdos that bonds with 1s and 0s :D

AngryNinetails0 karma

Why did you take so much inspiration from Pokemon? This is literally a complete copy.

DevotedToNeurosis1 karma

I highly recommend checking out a let's play on youtube, the amount of differences in feeling and mechanics by the one hour mark is just huge.

It doesn't feel like pokemon when you play. Actually the bigger pokemon expert you are the less at home you'll feel.