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Make it like a boxed cake-mix, except replace the boxed cake-mix with ground truffles.

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IOS and Android have always been something I planned, it just feels right in the palm of your hands doesn't it?

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A big aspect is a lot of mobile users feel anything over 99 cents isn't worth it, which makes it hard to keep a large project going and viable. Commissioning artists, musicians, it takes a lot of resources even if you're doing all the design and code yourself.

Of course Freemium/FreeToPlay is a model that may work but not one that interests me personally.

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It's 100% Monster, anime science based!

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Hey Roran!

The great thing about Early Access is it lets players get hands on and tell us exactly what we're doing right, and what they want to see further work/improvements on.

Things like balancing, how features work together, and of course bug fixing has been my constant life focus since the launch on Friday.

Once we're happy, and players are happy, that's when we know it's time to go for the full release on all fronts (consoles included).

We're thinking 6-12 months, it could be a bit more, it could be a bit less, but Early Access offers a great opportunity to make sure it's living up to everyone's dreams (and we're getting a lot of positive messages that it is which is every creators dream!)