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I’ve never had paranoia or psychosis so please forgive my ignorance if this comes across as incredibly stupid or naive, I’m just trying to relate - from what you’ve described is it like watching a horror movie, knowing it’s a horror movie/not real and still feeling scared? Like the real and intense emotions outweigh your conscious reasoning of ‘this is a movie, I can switch this off at any time, it’s just a screen I’m watching’? So you can tell yourself it’s irrational but your emotional state trumps those thoughts and you still feel in danger/scared? Or is it something totally different and that’s a terrible analogy.

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I'd like to tack onto this question and ask if you think the job would be any different for a woman? I know it sounds like a stupid/loaded question but I am a young woman (early 20s) and would be interested in helping others at a shelter, but I am physically petite and would not be able to easily handle physical confrontation. I'm of course not assuming every resident would be violent but there is a high prevalence of mental illness in the homeless population, and was wondering if being 'strong' physically would be necessary in the job should a physical confrontation arise.

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Just to say I’m a huge fan of Pokémon and this seems right up my street. That monster design is adorable and has absolutely sold me on this. I am totally going to buy your game when it’s available on Switch and am really excited to see all the different designs.

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Thank you so much for your response! That's really good to know thanks, I'll look to enquire further with shelters in my area.