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Three questions:

Did you also request education and qualification information broken down by race from Silicon valley?

Why is race important when it comes to hiring? Surely we should be hiring the most capable candidate that will mesh with the existing staff, correct?

Lastly: Why did you create a tool that will further reinforce an echo chamber? Sure, it will also filter out the incessantly toxic trolls but at the end of the day your new app will simply stop people from having to hear other view points.

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Follow up question: What were you smoking that made you think it was a good idea?

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Have you ever considered the possibility that Government subsidy is the reason that prices have increased anywhere they've been offered? Healthcare, College and Rent being primary that come to mind.

Secondary question: The US government has blatantly failed to run it's only current attempt at single payer healthcare (the VA). What makes you believe that you could roll out a system that works for 315,000,000 people when we failed to run one for a few million?

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How do you cope with anxiety when it's situational?

I've always been anxious internally but at this point it's exacerbated by situations outside my direct control. I'm basically at the level where if I could sleep 24 hours a day, I actually would. Meditation doesn't work for me, I can't quiet my mind.

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By their wording, Caucasians are a minority since compared to the global population, we're a small demographic lmao