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To be fair, I think it's a very german thing to go to South America so it's not that extreme lol.


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How would you respond to "Men who consume pornography regularly have reported less stable mental health, specifically higher levels of depression." Source

Or, PsychologyToday's take: " Pornography use is widespread, and often problematic , and has been shown to generally have a negative impact on couples and gender relations, leading men and women to devalue one another". source

What do you think about girls that turn 18 and immediately start an Onlyfans? Would you agree that to some point they've equated sexual value with selfworth?

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poland sweats nervously

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How concerned are you about data manipulation on the internet? [Other browser] not just filtering but removing things from the index to control what people can see.

What can we as citizens do to prevent this and protect free data sharing?

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Three questions:

Did you also request education and qualification information broken down by race from Silicon valley?

Why is race important when it comes to hiring? Surely we should be hiring the most capable candidate that will mesh with the existing staff, correct?

Lastly: Why did you create a tool that will further reinforce an echo chamber? Sure, it will also filter out the incessantly toxic trolls but at the end of the day your new app will simply stop people from having to hear other view points.