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Is there a trustworthy site/resource that common Internet folk can take a glance at and understand the cyber crimes that are taking place and where the attacks are coming from? Do you all post your own findings anywhere?

Thanks for all the fighting your doing!

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When you work on something like this do you ever go outside? (I work in home remodeling/construction and seems crazy to me that someone can 'hunker down' for so long on a computer)

And what was your process for coming up with so many different creatures? (Zoos? Other games? A team of children describing what their dream monsters looked like?)

Thanks and great work! Quite a high caliber accomplishment!

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Very cool man Thanks for the awesome answer. Get some sun to fight that covid...

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As someone who might oversee a first time filming project without strong background in 'filming science', are there any sources that you could recommend for beginners posing as professionals? Thanks so much and congrats on completing your film!