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LadyTempus89 karma

Hi Doug :) what level of OT did you reach? Also, is it true that they take extreme lengths to keep ‘defectors’ quiet?

DazedButNotConfuzed165 karma

I got up to the infamous OT 3 level. That was the last level I did because it literally caused me to go temporarily insane - that was the beginning of my long 'waking up' process from the cult. And yes, they will come after defectors, they are not a 'turn the other cheek' religion.

LadyTempus45 karma

Blimey. Were you subjected to these tactics? I will definitely watch your videos and save this thread to read later. Thank you Doug.

DazedButNotConfuzed99 karma

I went through a lot my friend, gunna cover it all - but fuck it, I made it out and I'm alive. 😬.thx for your support ✌

jf7252812 karma

What made you go temporarily insane? Thanks for this thread, very interesting!

DazedButNotConfuzed9 karma

It's the fact that I firmly believed there really were 'alien beings' infesting me and talking to me. By the time you get up to OT 3, you are already so fucked up and indoctrinated that this level just pushed me over the edge. If you believe in the OT 3 materials (which you have to in order to proceed), then you have to take on board what Hubbard says is the root cause of all your problems - 1000s of alien beings infesting your body and mind. And that's but one step away from going schizoid - which I, and many others have experienced, on these extremely damaging quack 'psychotherapy' techniques that Hubbard pulled straight from out of his ass.

Athena_Of_Britania73 karma

Is there anything you actually miss about Scientology? Or any teachings that have stuck with you since you’ve escaped?

DazedButNotConfuzed147 karma

Thats a really good question - the only thing I miss from it today is the comradarie, my family, and friends that I was forced to leave behind when I escaped/left. It was intoxicating being in the hypnotic trance that Scientology places a person in. And none of the teachings have stuck with me. I realized through my de-programming process that it really is all horseshit and a total scam.

Venomous_B71 karma

can you give examples of the most controversial or strangest teachings that u are indoctrinated with?

DazedButNotConfuzed207 karma

Thats easy to answer - the confidential level called OT 3 was very strange and caused me to literally lose my mind when doing it. The South Park episode on Scientology covered perfectly what is taught on this level - in a nutshell it teaches that you have thousands of 'alien beings' in your body that you must telepathically communicate with, while on the E-meter and doing what's called 'solo auditing' - to rid yourself of these parasites holding you down.

Dude, I walked around all day and had trouble sleeping at night for months on end because these 'beings' were constantly 'talking' to me and 'harassing' me - it drove me out of my mind. That's how bonkers this cult can make people. Some have committed suicide while doing these higher/confidential levels of madness.

Manderpander8818 karma

Did you actually hear these beings? Or were you brainwashed into thinking you heard them?

DazedButNotConfuzed16 karma

I actually 'heard' them, but in my opinion that's the power of belief and of the imagination - I was brainwashed into believing it. If you believe in something strongly enough and with enough conviction, it becomes 'real' to you and you can no longer distinguish fantasy from reality - fiction from fact.

veracassidy61 karma

Why are they so litigious against former members etc? It seems to draw unnecessary attention?

DazedButNotConfuzed157 karma

When you have a lot of secrets to hide, you need a lot of lawyers. Scientology doesn't just have 'skeletons in their closet', they have entire frickin cemeteries.

MidnightSun77717 karma

Is that why people just don't leave? Everyone has dark secrets? That's kind of disturbing. Makes you think what your relatives may have done.

DazedButNotConfuzed7 karma

Scientology isn't referred to as a 'secret society' for nothing.. 👍

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If I am not wrong Nicole Kidman was involved with it at some point during her marriage to Tom Cruise. But she didnt seem to have much problems after leaving. Her career didnt fall apart etc. Why do you think she didnt face much issues?

DazedButNotConfuzed148 karma

My opinion is there is much more to know about Nicole Kidman than people realize. She didn't get hammered too hard and her career was just fine when leaving Scientology/Cruise, you are right - but she is the exception, not the rule. Also, if you notice, she never speaks out about Scientology nor Tom Cruise, and she has a lot she could expose and help bring to light. But I guess her career is more important than speaking the truth.

Urithiru26 karma

Aren't her children (adopted) with Cruise still part of Scientology? Wouldn't that explain why both parties are 'playing nice'?

DazedButNotConfuzed39 karma

Yes, for sure. Nicole needs to keep her mouth shut entirely about Scientology to not jeapordize that.

reddit_everyman55 karma

When do you think was Scientology’s peak moment of power and control and when they were scariest and the greatest threat?

DazedButNotConfuzed122 karma

In the 1990s is when they were at their peak. They've been slowly declining in membership ever since. Scientology had around 100,000 members in the 90s - today they total approximately 20,000 members worldwide.

KittysOnKeyboarghjfg19 karma

Could this be a direct correlation with the coming of the Information Age? Are people too aware now to fall for such bull shittery?

wakydawgster3 karma

I think it's more that scientology has just become too well know as a cult now

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

I think it's both in my opinion - the internet/information age has made it much more diffi-cult for Scientology to control people, as well as the fact many know it's a cult now.

namdor8 karma

Those numbers seem really low. I would have thought they had 100 times those numbers. There have got to me more, or else they have grifted a lot of money from those people.

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

Its the truth bro, these are facts that have been verified. I know it sounds impossible, that was my first reaction as well. I'm sure you can verify it for yourself online relatively easily if you do a goggle search on it. ✌

ooololoolll49 karma

How bad is it really as compared to other religions?

DazedButNotConfuzed139 karma

It doesn't compare, Scientology really is in a league of its own from my experience. Religions you can reject one day and simply walk out the door - leaving Scientology is not that simple.

ooololoolll24 karma

Thanks for replying.

DazedButNotConfuzed34 karma

Thx for the question ✌

ConnaisseurDesBenzos12 karma

Why is not simple leaving it ?

phuck-you-reddit29 karma

Your entire life gets wrapped up in it, it's all you know, and there's a good chance your family and friends are in it. When you leave they "Disconnect" from you, shun you, and you have to start from scratch. People that grew up in it have it the worst. Imagine going out into the world with no family, no friends, no job, no money, and no formal education. If you joined later in life you might have some resources to fall back on.

Some former Scientologists also get harassed, stalked, video taped, etc. after leaving.

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

Thanks for answering that bro, you completely nailed it. 👍✌

DazedButNotConfuzed28 karma

That's a huge question to try to answer which is why I am making these videos. ✌

Punkceoil11741 karma

Do you have any religious beliefs after leaving or are you an atheist/agnostic?

DazedButNotConfuzed119 karma

I don't hold any religious beliefs, but the interesting part of the de-programming process that I went through is that it definitely caused me to see the world in a very different and much more connected way. I'm not an atheist - but I'm not 'religious' either - I think I wound up settled somewhere in between. It's ironic that Scientology claims to literally 'sell total freedom', yet I've never felt more free in my life than when I left and de-programmed from it all.

Punkceoil11734 karma

Did the de programming take a toll on you?

DazedButNotConfuzed92 karma

More than I can put into words my man. It took me over a decade to stop having nightmares/flashbacks and to regain my mind. I am still working on it and probably will be to some degree for the rest of my life.

standinaround5 karma

You talk of the de-programming process. What does this entail, and is there are place or group you can go and be supported through the process..? Do you get help to find your place in the world?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

Not really bro, I pretty much just worked by myself for the most part. I hung out in the various 'ex' communities and that helped a lot, but mostly I worked on it and through it by myself. There's plenty of books and material out there on how to de- program from a cult and a lot has to do with educating oneself on the mechanics of the trap. Understanding how it works is half the process. The other half is the emotional upheaval and the massive changes you have to be willing to make and go through.

justarapking38 karma

Are there members of scientology that know it's fake but pretend they believe it in order to talk with their families?

DazedButNotConfuzed65 karma

Most definitely. There's many ex-Scientologists in that boat - they want to hang onto their fanily and not lose them, but they know it's Bullshit and just pretend. I understand why people do that, but I couldn't do that personally. I didn't want to lose my family but I couldn't live a lie anymore either.

burghblast5 karma

What percentage of high-level 'tologists honestly and literally believe that an alien named Xenu brought people to earth in galactic spaceships, stacked them around volancos, and killed them with hydrogen bombs (or any other parts of the creation story)?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

My opinion is a high majority that get up to level do actually believe in it, yes. Shit, I did 100%. 😬 'tologists lol - why does that somehow remind me of that stoner character dude from 'Idiocracy'. 😂

burghblast3 karma

Interesting. I was expecting you to say not many. So you think Miscavige (sp?) is a true believer?

DazedButNotConfuzed5 karma

I'm not sure really if Miscavige is a full believer or not, my opinion is he would be a bit of both at the same time. There is a huge level of cognitive-dissonance happening within a 'tologist's mind, particularly after you're been in it for a long time - so it's not always such a black and white, one or the other kinda thing in my opinion.

But the vast majority of people doing OT 3 are 'public' members and yes, I do think they for the most part believe its true. Understand too that Hubbard is constantly talking about 'space opera' type shit so it's not all that hard for a Scientologist to accept that story by the time they arrive to it.

JoSplash37 karma

Where do you think Shelly Miscavige is? What do you think has happened to her?

DazedButNotConfuzed35 karma

I can't say what exactly happened to her, nobody really knows if she's even alive except for Miscavige and a couple others. She is being holed up, if still alive, at the very secretive Scientology base called CST - Church of Spiritual Technology.

combustionbustion9 karma

Isn't that just in California???? I always thought that if she were alive a d being held prisoner somewhere, it would have been in one of the overseas locations.

DazedButNotConfuzed6 karma

Yeah, it's in California - but I challenge you to try to get in there and save her. 😳

Jablu34536 karma

What is the overall goal of the group? I'm guessing money.

DazedButNotConfuzed79 karma

Money, yes- but their real goal is 'to clear the planet' - ie, to make you and I and everyone on this planet a Scientologist and for this world to be run as a Scientology world. Fun, right? Luckily, they arent going to be getting anywhere near that goal obviously.

PulseAmplification34 karma

Has Scientology infiltrated the US government? I remember reading that they infiltrated the IRS (or something like that) but I’m wondering if they might have secret members in different government institutions that might be spying for them.

DazedButNotConfuzed51 karma

Excellent question, and a deep one at that. Yes, Scientology infamously infiltrated various US govt departments and was caught in the late 70s/early 80s (Google "Operation Snow White"). Mary Sue, Hubbard's wife, took the wrap for her husband and went to prison.

They definitely do have members that infiltrate various institutions of society and take them over/get control by rising up the ranks undetected. There are courses that some select Scientologists train on specifically to learn how to do just that, expertly.

Whompa34 karma

Have you been able to pull anyone else out of the church? Friends, family, etc? Or did they all turn on you?

DazedButNotConfuzed75 karma

Only one friend I was able to pull out, but she was already kind of out anyways. The rest turned on me. I tried desperately to get my parents to wake up to no avail. Friends were very difficult if not impossible to try to talk to after I left. All the Scientologists look at someone who has left as an enemy and an idiot.

OMGCluck33 karma

Were you there when they re-issued "The Basics" set of books? If so, did you pull any all-nighters trying to help sell the sets, and did you witness anyone doing unscrupulous things financially to be "upstat"?

DazedButNotConfuzed50 karma

Man did you bring back memories with these questions 😬 Indeed I was around when Miscavige scammed the public by re-packaging LRH's horseshit and pretending it's something 'new' lol. As an 'up-stat', good little programmed Scilon I sold a lot of those fuckers - it gets so lame, the pressure to sell those stupid 'basics', that I remember hassling my parents repeatedly during this time and finally convincing them to buy multiple sets to sell to all their Scilon friends. The Sea Org members in particular did literally anything to sell these things - and would use all kinds of high-pressure sales tactics and manipulations and lies to meet their impossible quotas.

justarapking33 karma

Does tom cruise have a "handler" or is he too high up and whatever he does is right?

DazedButNotConfuzed62 karma

He has several Scientology handlers - chief among them David Miscavige, the current leader of the cult. He thinks he does what he wants and is doing his own thinking, but that man is so highly manipulated and brainwashed its remarkable. And he is totally oblivious of this fact.

FFalcon_Boi9 karma

Makes sense that he's oblivious of it. He starred in "Oblivion" after all.

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma


GStarRaww31 karma

Basic question but how did you get into Scientology in the first place?

DazedButNotConfuzed82 karma

Through a long and drawn out indoctrination process, beginning when I was a kid. My father got into it when I was around 8-9 yrs old and spread it to the rest of the family like a cancer. I always knew Scientology was horseshit when my parents were pushing it on me but never underestimate the power of slow, gradual indoctrination. Because over time my ideas about it began to change - and when I was at a 'vulnerable' and 'transitional' time of my life after high school, I got ensnared.

shanty-daze29 karma

The Scientologists I hear about the most are entertainers. Is membership sold as a way to quickly get ahead in Hollywood? Does Scientology have control of casting director (whether through membership or otherwise)?

DazedButNotConfuzed42 karma

Excelent question - they definitely do cater to 'helping you get ahead' in the entertainment industry - and make subtle and not so subtle "hints" that by taking Scientology courses you can 'get a leg up' in the industry. This is a big draw that captures many people who come out to LA to 'follow their dreams' - and they do have some decent pull in Hollywood (although a lot of Hollywood absolutely despises Scientology).

PulseAmplification28 karma

Hi Doug thanks for doing this.

Does Scientology have a body count? Have you heard about people being offed to protect the church or high ranking members?

DazedButNotConfuzed49 karma

Scientology most definitely has a body count. Proving that is another story entirely.

ThePeanutBus25 karma

What's the strangest thing you have witnessed as part of the religion ?

DazedButNotConfuzed72 karma

Hmm.. its more the actual experience of what it's like going through the intricate brainwashing process that Scientology is so expert at - that, to me, is the strangest part of the whole thing. It's not like there's dead bodies everywhere and people are beating the shit out of each other non-stop or anything. Everything is relatively 'normal'-looking from the outside, it's the mental derangement and total personality shift I went through that was the most bizarre aspect.

inkedfang21 karma

Is it true you record intimate moment with a partner and then pass it to the occult leader to review you?

DazedButNotConfuzed57 karma

Not quite - what happens is, everything you say in your auditing (counseling) sessions is written down and can be used against you - especially if you leave and start speaking out. You are told when you're doing these auditing sessions that everything is held in complete confidentiality - that is not the case, and shit is passed up to the leader, to other people in the organization, etc.

pasty6617 karma

I know one of the primary aspects of Scientology is that they make you pay thousands for each level of 'enlightenment' or what ever and you said you got up to OT3, how much did this cost you and how did you pay for it?

DazedButNotConfuzed34 karma

I would say I paid at least a few hundred thousand dollars over like a 15 year period in Scientology to get up to OT 3. You can't go up 'The Bridge to Total Freedom' (lol) without burning a shit load of money. My parents mostly paid for my courses and auditing when I was younger and broke, I paid for more of it after that. Also....

Scientology families are a trip - they all help 'push each other up the bridge' by loaning each other money the other might not have but desperately needs in order to take their 'next step'. I have maxed out credit cards to pay for services. Some people mortgage their home or go into fantastic debt to do Scientology. It's like a powerful drug, it's truly an addiction that forms with the whole thing after a period of time - you constantly need your 'next fix' - your 'next step' - and everything is always an emergency in Scientology, you constantly need to be 'getting up the bridge'.

sdalsop9115 karma

Where is David Miscavige’s wife?

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

If still alive, she is being held at CST - a very secret and not much talked about Scientology base

InsertDemiGod3 karma

Want to elaborate on CST?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

It stands for Church of Spiritual Technology - thats about all anyone knows about that place.

IllBeFunnierNextTime13 karma

English is not my first language and I learnt what word "science" means. So when I heard about scientology for the first time I was sure that it's stands for "believe in science" and thought it's cool thing to believe. My question is: is scientology dangerous/can be harmful for your personal life and mind or it's actually a good thing?

DazedButNotConfuzed27 karma

I can tell you, without any doubt whatsoever, Scientology practices are extremely damaging to a person's mental well-being and is a crime in my opinion.

Hypnotized Scientologists will tell you otherwise, but make no mistake - it will ruin anyone's life who practices it seriously, its only a matter of time. In these videos I'm doing, I'm going to go into fine detail why that is and how it all works.

By the way, Hubbard purposely chose that word 'Scientology' so the public would associate it with 'science', just as you aluded to.

Wheredoesthetoastgo212 karma

Hi Karin! Speaking of, do you know if anyone has been "assigned" to your case, who might be watching now?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

Hmmm.. It's certainly possible. Maybe the OSA people assigned to watch these vids will 'accidentally' wake up listening to what I have to say and snap out of it. 😬✌

Wheredoesthetoastgo24 karma

I'm sure they are screened heavily for susceptibility to indoctrination and loyalty

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

You're very right I'm sure. 👍

Gettafa9 karma

Have you read Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige, and do you think it represents Scientology accurately?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

I have read it, and yes it represents Scientology very accurately in my opinion. ✌

Lady_Lavelle8 karma

Are there any legitimate spiritual experiences/insights that you or others you know have gained from Scientology?

Of course it could be hard to estimate this if you're in an insulated groupthink paradigm. But comparatively held against other spiritual lines of thought, how do you feel about it regarding that aspect?

DazedButNotConfuzed6 karma

Very interesting question, thank you - that's so hard to answer because of course I FELT like I was having legit spiritual experiences while in Scientology - all Scientologists do - but like you said, it's a groupthink-influence paradigm you buy into whole-heartedly that makes you 'believe' you really are becoming more 'spiritual' by applying Scientology principles to your life. Not to mention there is ample hypnotism going on the entire time, but that's a whole other topic for a later time.

Honestly though, after sifting through it all for over a decade now, there was nothing left to hold onto in the end - there's nothing truly 'real' about it at all, it's a brainwash from start to finish that is occurring that you mistake for 'spiritual progress' - I see the world and reality completely differently than when I was in the cult.

mayu17 karma

How do you ‘get out’ of it? Do you just renounce it publicly, move to another city, or sign something?

DazedButNotConfuzed9 karma

A concerned friend from my acting class, who knew I was a Scientologist, dropped a book off on my doorstep called 'Combatting Cult Mind Control' by Steve Hassen. I knew within an hour of reading that book that Scientology was a scam. It took many years to process this and to understand what happened exactly.

Tenth_106 karma

Hi Doug,

Thank you and please keep doing the videos.

Not sure how to bring it, but my best friend went back to Scientology, a few years ago. Before that, we were close as fingers on the hand, after that, well, the reprogramming begun : He bought the vitamins, the treadmill, the golden lettered "books" kept pilling up, and so on. I love the dude as he did a lot for me and to see him do that, and starting to start saying/doing stuff that was both not him and stupid, was painful enough.
I knew the moment where I would bring the topic would sign the end of our friendship, so to avoid that and preserve what's left to be preserved, I cut communications altogether. Did not wanted to become a "suppressive" or to lose him.

My question is : Is there any smart way to help him ? Am I not just an asshole to decide what's good for him ?

Thanks and good luck to you, looking forward your story.

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

Bro, that's a great fuckin' question which I have struggled with so much myself since leaving the cult and having the same problems attempting to maintain any semblance of a relationship with a current Scientologist - I can very much relate to exactly the delimma you desribe here. I honestly don't have a pat answer to that bro, because its a lose/lose situation either way, isn't it? You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

This is just my personal conclusion I came to awhile back on dealing with this whole overall scenario in general you're describing, and its just my opinion dude: I feel we basically need to accept people for who they are and where they are currently at, even if we personally know it to be wrong for them or even damaging to them what they're doing. People sometimes have to figure things out for themselves, and sometimes the hard way - and no matter how badly we may want to intervene and help, it almost never works out too well for either party - and it can create a lot of resentment.

I would not personally try to change them in any way and vice-versa, I also wouldn't allow myself to be imposed upon if its not good for my own well-being. You're not a dick for doing what you did from my perspective, I would have (and have) done the same thing you did. Your friend may come to see things differently over time, you never know what could happen bro. ✌

BakaSandwich5 karma

Are these documents actually real? They're supposed to be the real OT documents

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

Yeah, that's them. ✌

everythingisopposite5 karma

How does one maintain a Hollywood career and handle all of the studying that is required to be a member? I see people like Cruise or Travolta who seem to have super busy lives and wonder if they are exempt from things that others are required to do.

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

Good question - Scientologists are very busy people, that's for sure. It's not a 'just show up on Sunday' kinda 'church', they want you there a minimum of 5 times a week. Someone like Tom Cruise obviously works around his shooting schedules and such, but he manages to do lots of Scientology concurrently as well. There are no 'lazy' Scientologists lol.

ollie_churpussi4 karma

How realistic/true was Leah Remini’s show about Scientology?

DazedButNotConfuzed8 karma

She did a very good job of portraying what Scientology is actually like in my opinion. It's not really for me to critique her, as she helped so much with her show exposing all this horseshit - but there would be a couple of things I would have done differently. Overall, she's out there killing it and I'm glad she is doing what she is doing. 👍 ✌

Jackandahalfass4 karma

So when you learned the OT 3 secrets, did you buy in completely, and that’s why you went temporarily insane? Or did part of you realize this was insane bullshit and the wasted money and years drove you crazy?

DazedButNotConfuzed6 karma

The former - I bought into it 💯%, and that caused me to lose it.

NEETButMessy4 karma

I unfortunately live near Golden Era Productions / Gold Base (HQ) out here in Riverside County, do you have any experiences/stories from there?

I drive by it all the time and 100% of the rumors I've heard turned out to be true.

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

No, I never went out to Gold Base. It's almost entirely Sea Org members there and, as you know, it's guarded well. They shoot videos out there too, they have their own studio - and actors sometimes go out there to shoot one of their Golden Era Production vids - and they also have to go through a pretty thorough 'check' if they are a non-Scientologist going out there to shoot. Fyi - I did several shoots for Scientology in their cheesy vids (I'm not proud of this 😷), I just didn't shoot out at Gold ✌ PS. - sorry you have to live near these creeps.

peppeatta4 karma

How do you think Scientology's power can be tackled down? Can you think of any weak spot? And if so, is there any movement that is challenging the religion that you are content of?

DazedButNotConfuzed5 karma

Shit brother, I really wish I knew the answer to that question. It seems to me that the only way to really bring it down is to just keep exposing it as much as possible. I don't see how else anything could really change until change is demanded by enough people - and the more informed and aware people become about it, the less effect Scientology will have in being able to ensnare people.

morepowerplease4 karma

Why do you say that you needed to "escape"? Are people in some way forced to remain members of the scientology cult?

DazedButNotConfuzed18 karma

Scientology is a prison that is built into your mind, layer by layer, step by step - thus, it has a very powerful hold over a person mentally (and therefore 'physically') - the deeper you go in, the harder it is going to be to leave.

Scientology is like that line in 'Hotel California' - you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave - ie, you can take the person out of the cult, but its very difficult to take the cult out of the person. Escaping is pretty much what it comes to if you want to leave Scientology, as simply walking out the door is not the way it works.

ExoticDrakon3 karma

That line in Hotel California always freaked me out

DazedButNotConfuzed2 karma

Lol, me frickin too bro. 👍

ImSoPrancy3 karma

Are you scared?

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma


VictimOfCircuspants3 karma

How exactly to they walk the line between being a joke to the public and being a dangerous influential group behind the scenes?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

That's a great question which I have no answer for. I wish I knew how they pulled that trick off myself.. 😬👍

froggielo13 karma

Two questions for ya! 1) how does it feel knowing they are combing this thread and reading everything you have to say and working on ways to silence you? Is it scary or are you accepting/preparing for it?

2) I've seen alot of questions about Nicole but none about Leah Remini, do you think she's doing what she needs to in order to help those getting out or should she be doing more?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

Hi friend. ✌

1) I am prepared.

2) Leah is a hero for doing what she did and is doing in my opinion, she has undoubtedly improved many, many people's lives by stepping out like she did.

incougnitoxz3 karma

What do you know about like the freewinds ship? Have you been there?

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

I have been to the Freewinds once. I did a course in board called "The Route to Infinity" (lol) - thst whole ship has a kinda 'hirtir' vibe to it if you feel me.

oalmeyda3 karma

Props for doing this. Do most members of Scientology know of each other? Given that you said it is about 20K members today, is that something you learned after leaving or they give that type of information to you?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

I learned that after leaving. When you are in the cult, you are told and convinced there are millions of members worldwide and that the 'church' is expanding like crazy (Scientology is, after all, the 'worlds fastest growing religion' accirdung to them). It's quite shocking when I got out to realize this not even close to the truth.

And not every Scientologist knows one another, but its a tight-knit group in general.

YoloSwag69bruh3 karma

Do people in Scientology use psychedelics?

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

Absolutely not, thats a big no-no in the cult. 😬

FilosofoVelociraptor3 karma

You are taking this brave step to expose them. Why?

DazedButNotConfuzed5 karma

If I don't talk about this and what happened to me and others while in Scientology openly and honestly, I can't move on with my life. It's not possible for me to remain silent and just pretend like nothing happened, there's too much burning inside me that needs to come out - and I also feel I have somewhat of a responsibility to speak out so others can at least have a chance to avoid what I and others went through.

FilosofoVelociraptor3 karma

Thank you for doing this.

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

Thank you for caring. 💕👍

[deleted]3 karma


DazedButNotConfuzed11 karma

Yes - dm me.

InsertDemiGod7 karma

The deletion of that account looks super creepy, but I don’t know the question that was asked.

DazedButNotConfuzed5 karma

Lol - he asked me if I had Tom Cruise's phone # - then proceeded to delete his comment when I responded 😂

Jackandahalfass3 karma

Did you ever act regrettably towards those who were deemed “enemies”?

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

Very much so, that's the hardest part to deal with when one wakes up I feel.

Cybergor2 karma

Do you think the people at the top actually believe anything of the crap they spew?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

I believe they do believe it for the most part- but the closer you get to the top, and the more you start to see 'behind the curtain', the harder it would be to justify your actions and the more build-up of cognitive-dissonance there is bound to be.

Igortheignorent2 karma

At 33? what took you so long?

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

It's long story brother, hence the vids. ✌

Emoretal2 karma

How many people has Tom Cruz personally brainwashed?

DazedButNotConfuzed5 karma

That's a damn good question. He's certainly the person most responsible for driving traffic into the Scientology organizations. That alone means he's damaged many, many lives - though he believes he is doing the exact opposite obviously.

withoutreservation2 karma

Thank you for doing this! So, OT3 appears to be the point when everyone realizes the truth. My question is, is there no lead-up to it? Are OT1 and 2 more like the pre-clear self help stuff, or are they similar to OT3?

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

There is a lead up to OT 3, but OT I & II are generally quick levels so you can hurry up and get to the good shit already ol. It's hard to describe OT II because its so lame and requires a little backstory to get across what it means - and OT I is very simplistic and gets you 'in the groove/prepared' for the 'big reveal' on OT III.

risenomega2 karma

Are you afraid of any repercussions from Scientology members for doing this, or posting your videos?

DazedButNotConfuzed4 karma

I'm sure there will be repercussions, but I don't fear them - I'm simply speaking what I know is true - and I'm not going to smear anyone or bring up names unnecessarily, I simply am going to get my personal story out there as a warning to others - as these are my friends and my family that are trapped in this cult - Scientology's threats and intimidation tactics are common knowledge today, it just comes with the territory of exposing true evil. ✌

risenomega3 karma

Thank you so much for responding. You are doing a great thing by bringing some of this cults practices to light. You never know just who you may be saving from making a mistake.

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

👍👍 That's what it's all about brother, thank you for your encouraging words ✌

SoundandFurySNothing2 karma

Strange question, I am writing about a galactic overlord and was wondering if you had anything humourous or harrowing to say about Xenu?

What do they say about him? Are there any inside details I should know? How is he characterized? What were his beliefs?

I don't really know anything outside the south park episode, so if you've seen it you are on your way to understanding what I am aiming for.

Also, would I would I be courting death/litigation for using his name?

Ps, congratulations on getting out, freedom isn't a given these days. I am thankful you found yours.

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

Thank you bro - and honestly there isn't much more to say about Xenu, South Park covered it all. OT 3 is a confidential level so they don't mention him at all until you get to that level - and he's never mentioned again after that on any of the other levels.

tjak_012 karma

Have you been to Clearwater, Fl? Why are there so many workers and what do they do?

Exscientologist999983 karma

OP seems to have disappeared. But I can answer this. Clearwater is a big, probably the largest, delivery organization. They provide auditing and training for public and for staff members that ship in from all the other organizations (think every single other place labeled “Church of Scientology”). There are certain levels that can only be gotten there.

For people on OT levels, they do the levels at home but they have to return to Clearwater multiple times per year for “review” and “error checking” among other things. They come up with reasons to force those people to show up so they can charge them for services. Generally someone on those levels is spending $10,000 or more to continue on their levels, because the organization in Clearwater is either the only one allowed to deliver that level, or because they have authority over other “advanced organizations”.

DazedButNotConfuzed3 karma

Thx for taking that question my friend 👍 I'm here and still typing away answers. ✌

Cheeselord9981 karma

Is John Travolta really gay?

DazedButNotConfuzed1 karma

What do you think? 😬

DazedButNotConfuzed1 karma

I believe he was auditing on OT VII at that time.

ImTheGodOfAdvice0 karma

How do you like your coffee?

DazedButNotConfuzed1 karma

With cream please, thx. 👍