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As a Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 patient, I want to thank you sincerely for giving someone a chance at life. It’s unlikely I will be a candidate for donor surgery (other issues) but selfless individuals like you provide hope to patients and their families. I forgot to ask a question... whoops! Why did you decide to be a living donor as opposed to donating after death? And to add further, would you also consider donating after death?

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Do you have any regrets? Do you miss any ‘home comforts’?

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Hi Doug :) what level of OT did you reach? Also, is it true that they take extreme lengths to keep ‘defectors’ quiet?

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Blimey. Were you subjected to these tactics? I will definitely watch your videos and save this thread to read later. Thank you Doug.

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I disagree. He’s being quite transparent here and creating new quality (and considered) content will take time. He has a lot to lose taking into account how litigatious the Scientologist sect is