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All of the systems you mentioned including MTG are inherently predatory. They give players the hope of getting specific cards or gear or star cards and deprive them of this through rarity.

MTG can adjust to a non-random model where you can buy specific cards. I haven't bought a MTG pack since I started to take the hobby seriously. Now I only buy specific cards from vendors. You can't buy star cards or other loot box content from 3rd party vendors and you can't trade with friends. This source monopoly in the isolated system of a game forces the gambling component on players as a means of progression.

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And my axe!

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Strange question, I am writing about a galactic overlord and was wondering if you had anything humourous or harrowing to say about Xenu?

What do they say about him? Are there any inside details I should know? How is he characterized? What were his beliefs?

I don't really know anything outside the south park episode, so if you've seen it you are on your way to understanding what I am aiming for.

Also, would I would I be courting death/litigation for using his name?

Ps, congratulations on getting out, freedom isn't a given these days. I am thankful you found yours.

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I have had Lucid Dreams in the past and people told me it's because I play a lot of video games so I know how to control a character. Is there any truth to this?

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How might one use lucid dreaming to remove fears and anxieties?