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Is there such a thing as mushroom coffee and do you think magic mushrooms will one day be legalised in parts of the US? Thanks

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Have you looked into any figures such as shooters and their youtube viewing history? Could any conclusions be drawn together from this?

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it's a good film, although anguishing for my mild claustrophobia

When you choose the plot of your movie is your narrative influenced by any particular writers Say I wanted to film a Medieval story so I read up on H A Culley. Or I want to make a Catch 22 type movie and read up on the Inspector Gadget and David Copperfield books. Or a Sci fi and I read up on Alan Watts and Michio Kaku for example?

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Do the Potawatomi meditate in nature similar to the way the Navajo reportedly do? Is the drumming and dances seen in get together symbolic of a transcendence with nature? Would a Potawatomi at war have a chant, beat, or song, in their mind when fighting? Are there any similarities between Mongolian, Tuvan, and Potawatomi cultures?

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Thanks is there a recommended brand or strain of coffee? There was an expensive one on Amazon I nearly bought but it had poor reviews.