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ruutanansissi352 karma

Mandatory: how did you walk to the voting booth? Like a boss, or like an Egyptian?

interstick424 karma

Hahaha. Like an Egyptian Boss! Double combo.

shadowq82 karma

3ashat ma9r :)

interstick3 karma

3ashat masr 7urra mustakila! ;)

UR-ANUS191 karma

congratz man.

i'm Tunisian, and with the huge number of newly created political parties totaling to 44 , i'm confused.

gozu185 karma

After the entire arab world becomes as democratic as Europe, are you going to be in favor of a union called the United States of Arabia? It'd be shortened to USA and really fuck with google results!

interstick126 karma

That is a perfect idea! Just to mess with google!

interstick121 karma

Shukran for giving us inspiration!

Frankocean2169 karma

I don't want to ask you anything.

But you made, your people made me feel proud of being human.

Thanks for giving the rest of us..hope.

Cheers from a Mexican.

interstick102 karma

Hello friend and brother. Thank you for your kind words :)

nghtfx99 karma

How does it feel to be part of a social revolution?

interstick235 karma

More beautiful than I can describe with words. You feel like anything is possible. I have tasted freedom, and I will never let go of it.

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You're not the first country, nor the last to go from an oppressive regime to democracy and capitalism. That feeling never lasts, and corruption never really goes away, it just hides until the waves have passed.

As someone who lives in such a country, my advice would be to put aside these emotions as they make you easily manipulatable by politicians spouting nice-sounding rhetoric that appeals to the heart and not the mind. Instead ask for, and make sure you get laws that avoid problems that are so easily visible in capitalist democracies today. Restricting corporate control over government (either hidden, or visible such as campaign contributions), ensuring free speech (including an open, uncensored and unregulated internet), forcing the government to be transparent (anyone in an official position is working for the people, and while working in that position should not be able to invoke privacy to hide his/her actions).

You have done a great thing, but think ahead and try to avoid the mistake done by others. You owe it to the next generation.

interstick109 karma

Thank you for the wise words.

Actually, I don't believe that 'evil' will ever disappear from the world. Our duty, however, is to fight it whenever it should rise. Just trying to do our best here :)

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The news here has stopped reporting on your situation. How have things been improving since Mubarak stepped down? and what are the political parties that have strong support?

interstick58 karma

It seems we are moving forward, but we still have a long way to go. Personally, I think there are two important issues here. Reform in terms of democracy, and the punishment of all the criminals that destroyed Egypt.

Right now it's too early to say which parties have support. I'd say it's the same as before, because most people that took part in the revolution, still didn't form their own political parties.

[deleted]20 karma

and the punishment of all the criminals that destroyed Egypt.

My advice would be to not to focus on that at all.

In any event congratulations it was inspirational to watch the courage and passion on display by you are your fellow countrymen/woman.

interstick41 karma

Thanks mate.

I'm not calling for any guillotines, this is the Egyptian revolution, not the French one ;)

I just want the law to be applied to everyone. They deserve a fair trial, and if found guilty then I think they should be punished.

koltra31 karma

Hey, South African here. We didn't punish (or even really put on trial) either the architects of apartheid or even the worst of those who carried out their orders, and though the injustice still makes me (and others) angry sometimes, I think we perhaps did the right thing in prioritizing the future stability and peace in which to build a more fair society over immediate justice in those cases.

Remember that producing a free, just, democratic Egypt is more important than punishing a few assholes, and there might be times where the two desires conflict.

On the other hand you probably have a much better chance than South Africa of properly punishing those who deserve it without alienating enough people to cause serious problems, so good luck! Just remember what's important.

interstick13 karma

You know, I've heard people on TV here discuss the situation in South Africa. To be honest with you, I don't have much knowledge about it. My opinion is that when you punish criminals, it serves as an example for anyone in the future who might think he is above the law.

It's just about sending a message that says, no one is above the law. Seriously, we had people here who were untouchable, and they thought they were gods. But I'll try to research the situation in South Africa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me :)

(By the way, in a few days Egypt is gonna play against South Africa, good luck!) ;)

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Who'd you vote for?

interstick69 karma

Oh, no one. We are having constitution amendment ;)

[deleted]19 karma

What exactly were you voting for? - what changes are set to be made to the constitution?

interstick58 karma

Read this article for more info:,0,6843496.story

Mainly, it puts a two four-year term limit on the president, and also forces the new elected Parliament to work towards a new final constitution.

dudewhatthehellman5 karma

Your president has to be married to an Egyptian and be over 40. WTF.

interstick18 karma

Yeah, that's one of the things we want to change. How someone's love life is related to their right to run for president is something I don't understand.

Literal_LOL22 karma

Is there any fear that the military might refuse to give up power?

interstick32 karma

No, not really. At least till now, there's much trust between the people and the army.

Ecorin8 karma

What about that video I saw a week or two ago where the army attacked some Christian praying facility ? What was that all about ?

Is some of the army still hateful or was that video fake ?

interstick22 karma

No, it wasn't the army. The army is rebuilding the church.

Ecorin5 karma

So you're saying someone else had access to large armored vehicles/tanks as was seen in the video ?

That's got me even more concerned.

interstick13 karma

Hmm I really don't know what you are talking about. Can you give me a link to the video?

Ecorin3 karma

It was quite a long time ago so I don't have the exact video, but after googling "egyptian army attacks christians" I got a bunch of new recent stories.

If you're interested, maybe googling that and reading those articles and some stories even have videos.

And please don't think I'm trying to diss your military or anything like that. I'm happy that the army is on the revolutionary's side but I'm confused about some of the contradictory stuff I see online, some of which may be fake.

interstick5 karma

No no, thank you for bringing it up! It's just I didn't hear anything about it here. If I find anything I will let you know.

DeSaad3 karma

I'm happy for the Egyptians, but don't put too much trust in the army. It can go wrong in a heartbeat, and next thing you know you're in a junta worse than the previous government. Take it from a Greek who knows what he's talking about.

interstick4 karma

You are right. We'll see what happens.

WorstComment20 karma

You really expect me to believe that you've been a Redditor for an entire month and have not upvoted or downvoted a single story or comment until now?

interstick14 karma

Haha. I had to read that twice to get what you were trying to say!

rastabobz15 karma

Are you for the constitution amendments? And what are the amendments? (Just got back from visiting my dad in Egypt but didn't really get the whole story)

interstick37 karma

You know, I haven't told anyone here what I chose, yet. I'd rather not say right now because the point I was trying to make is that whatever you choose, the fact is, the Egyptian people have chosen. And that's all that matters right now :)

notwist3 karma

And what are the amendments?

You could still answer this questions for those of us who have no idea what is being added/removed ;)

seltaeb414 karma

Egypt, and all her sons and daughters, your actions and your embrace of nonviolent change have proven to this American that what we once called "the American Spirit" lives in your nation while in our own nation it seems lucky to gasp.

Thank you, people of Egypt, for showing us that our ideals are still possible in this world, even if only rarely, or even possibly (so it often seems) within American borders.

Thank you.

interstick27 karma

Thank you very much for your kind words. You know, in my circle of friends I criticize American policies alot, but I have never spoken a word against the fundamental principles your country was built upon.

I wish we could have known each other in ways that are not controlled by biased media. I happen to be someone who firmly believes in my religion of Islam, but I'm not as violent as you would think. Actually, I would give my life defending my Christian Egyptian brother.

notwist30 karma

One thing that people never seem to understand is that all people on earth are basically the exact same. Not in the way of skin color or religion, but in the fundamental sense of what kind of things we want. We want safety, the ability to raise a family, a nice home, some money and just general peace. Even the most evil actions are performed from some warped sense of longing for this, often in reaction to a perceived threat that has been blown out of proportion by a third party.

Perhaps these revolutions will help people to see that we all essentially want the same thing, and perhaps that will bring us one step closer to global unity. Being a pessimist though, I think there's still a long way to go. It saddens me that some people in my home country are turning the revolutions in the Arab world into their own warped prejudices by sickening opinions such as that the violence seen during the protests only proves the violence we've "always known" to be prevalent in Arabs. It's very saddening.

Anyway, I'll stop ranting and just finish this with my sincere hopes from Sweden that the future of Egypt will be a bright one, hopefully you will also serve as a symbol to more oppressed people so that they might rise up and gain their freedom. Good luck.

interstick9 karma

I have nothing more to add. Beautiful words, from a beautiful human being. Thank you.

Chichikov10 karma

Congratulations. Now the hard part begins.

Getting Democracy is simple--the most you can lose is your blood; keeping it is hard--the most you can lose is your soul.

interstick6 karma

Very wise words. Thank you for sharing them :)

bricksoup8 karma

Did you take part in the protests? If so, what did you see when they were happening? What was it like?

interstick20 karma

I took very little part in the protests. But when I went to Tahrir Square it seemed like there is a sense of unity among all Egyptians. Regardless of their social class, education, religion or political opinions.

What was it like? For the first time I was proud to be Egyptian for a reason other than pyramids that were built thousand of years ago and our football team.

interstick3 karma

Hahaha. Someone needs to make an Egypt related CSI meme

Boco4 karma

What constitutional amendments were on the ballot?

rjcarr4 karma

How were you (or your family) personally affected by Mubarak's regime? To an outsider, he seemed more of a thief than a tyrant (e.g., Hussein, Gadhafi, etc). That is, he cared enough for the country to not incarcerate and kill its people, but didn't care enough to put the money where it needed to go.

interstick14 karma

On a personal level, we weren't that affected. Personally, I'm not a man who's into politics. But you could see the fear in people. I've always spoken against the government, and when I do I often find people tell me to lower my voice because someone might be listening.

It's a really crappy feeling when you have to watch your mouth like that. While things like genocides didn't happen in Egypt, lots of people still suffered during the last 30-50 years.

But you are right, the real problem was corruption. But for corruption to exist, you have to silence those that speak against it. Know what I mean?

gudde3 karma

What do you think of the situations in Libya and Bahrain?

Do you think it's right if NATO enters the situation in Libya?

Do you think there is something the west really should figure out and do to help the region?

interstick8 karma

It's bittersweet. On one hand it's sad what is happening to these people by their very own leaders. But at the same time I'm happy they are fighting for their freedom. They have my support.

This is just my personal and humble opinion, but I'm always very cautious when it comes to foreign troops entering another country. To be honest I'm still undecided about this issue.

For starters, don't invade us, don't support those that do occupy our land. :p

Instead, let's work together to do what's good for both of us. Support the people, not their governments, just because they do what YOU want and not what WE want.

gemjap3 karma

American here, I implore you stay informed on the issues of your country & don't ever forget how important the right to vote is. Also make sure to train your children to do as I just told you. Here in the USA too many have forgotten the importance of voting & what a mess we have here!!

interstick3 karma

Thank you for the advice, I totally agree with you.

clawedjird2 karma

Did you vote yes or no?

interstick2 karma

I haven't told anyone yet. Rather than turning this into a debate, I just wanted to highlight the fact that we, as the Egyptian people, got to vote without fear of any fraud.

aephoenix2 karma

Egypt won

Libya - 0

interstick2 karma

Hopefully, that will change soon.

[deleted]2 karma

Greetings from California, and welcome to real democracy, my friend.

It's not perfect anywhere (here certainly included), but it's an amazing thing to be a part of. I wish you and your countrymen all the best, but please remember to be vigilant and never complacent. Over here in the USA, we are developing an awareness that the values that we hold dear are truly shared by you and your people, and that gives us hope for the future. Keep fighting the good fight!

interstick3 karma

Thank you for your kind words, Sir. It also makes me so happy when I read such words from someone that lives so far away. You make me smile :)

TatM2 karma

What do you think of policies towards Israel?

interstick11 karma

I don't agree with some of them. I think we should support the Palestinian people more actively.

WeAreAllHuman3 karma

Why do you feel this way? What was the general sentiment growing up between the conflict of Israel and the Palestinians?

Serag13 karma

I'm an Egyptian as well who agrees with my fellow Egyptian.

I feel this way because WeAreAllHuman. What is done, what have been done and what would be done towards Palestinians is simply inhuman.

interstick7 karma

Hello my fellow Egyptian! :)

Serag5 karma

w 3alekom el salaaaam :D

interstick5 karma

es es esalamu 3aleko :p

[deleted]6 karma

You just called us stupid, didn't you?

interstick2 karma

Haha, no! It's an inside joke. What I said was from a song and translates to, peace be upon you.

interstick11 karma

What I feel towards the Israeli government, is the same way I would feel regarding the Apartheid government in South Africa.

Putting aside political debates, most of the people here want freedom for the Palestinian people.

I always add this because some people seem to get confused. We are against the killing of any civilian human life, we are against the killing of women and children, and the destroying of homes, regardless of their religion or what side they are on.

huxtiblejones2 karma

I'm really happy for Egyptians. I grew up in the US obsessed with Ancient Egyptian culture and have always longed to see it with my own eyes. I hope everything turns out well for yourself and your country and I hope that one day in the near future I can visit and see how it is for myself. I'd be pleased to shake the hand of someone who was part of a global revolution to give the power back to the people.

Solidarity between all free people and all those who desire to rid themselves of shackles.

interstick3 karma

You should come visit and support tourism in Egypt ;)

I just want to point out that what I did is NOTHING compared to what the real heroes of this revolution did. All I did was go protect the streets when the police disappeared and criminals were let out of prison. But there are people here that were 100 times more braver than me. It's those people you should shake hands with. :)

NerdTronJJ2 karma

Congratulations hope life becomes better for you and your family and not just because of democracy but because you guys fought for your rights!

interstick3 karma

Thank you, friend :)

DngrZnExpwyClosed2 karma

Allah ackbar: god is great, I wonder if the same will happen elsewhere?

interstick3 karma

It's already happening. ;)