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Just wanted to say my best friend had a dream, he drop out of college and decided to star a career as a chef. The only problem was that he was broke as a joke, so he decided to start as a dishwasher. After much suffering and sacrifice his dreams came true and you going to his restaurant with your camera crew was the cherry on the top.


Just, thank you.

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I recently started watching B99 and watching it, you just sense how much the cast likes each other, love working together, you can feel it, and few shows can pull that off.

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Mad respect for him answering this question though. Most famous folks will ignore a question like that.

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White mexican here, we should form our clan and shit... we could use some white robe and we could burn giant wooden t, so we can display our appreciation for tacos..

Who's with me?.

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I have a huge respect for you Mike, you're tacking the hard questions and giving all of us a lesson about life.

I seriously appreciate that.