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What browser and OS do you prefer? It'd be nice to hear your take on the current beef between firefox to chrome-converts and the firefox zealots. Also, what do you think about Opera?

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One thing that people never seem to understand is that all people on earth are basically the exact same. Not in the way of skin color or religion, but in the fundamental sense of what kind of things we want. We want safety, the ability to raise a family, a nice home, some money and just general peace. Even the most evil actions are performed from some warped sense of longing for this, often in reaction to a perceived threat that has been blown out of proportion by a third party.

Perhaps these revolutions will help people to see that we all essentially want the same thing, and perhaps that will bring us one step closer to global unity. Being a pessimist though, I think there's still a long way to go. It saddens me that some people in my home country are turning the revolutions in the Arab world into their own warped prejudices by sickening opinions such as that the violence seen during the protests only proves the violence we've "always known" to be prevalent in Arabs. It's very saddening.

Anyway, I'll stop ranting and just finish this with my sincere hopes from Sweden that the future of Egypt will be a bright one, hopefully you will also serve as a symbol to more oppressed people so that they might rise up and gain their freedom. Good luck.

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I live in Sweden, if I pay for postage will you send me some for free? If you're interested in expanding I'll totally do translation work and what not for pocket change (I'm a future English teacher so I'd say I'm qualified).

Other than that, I'd like to ask you some questions, I guess I should have posted them as their own comment but I was afraid of you not seeing them:

  • If one was to try a similar endeavour, what advice would you give? Start out small (at home), how do you find customers?
  • If you get a good market response, how do you expand? How do you find machinery? How do you get good packaging? Surely there has to be an "in-between" step from baking your own cookies to buying a warehouse and getting machinery.
  • How do you get your cookies sold in stores? Can you simply go into smaller stores and hope for the best?

Thank you kindly in advance for your reply :)

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And what are the amendments?

You could still answer this questions for those of us who have no idea what is being added/removed ;)