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Hopefully you'll pick up Bioshock 2 after you're done with the first one. I'm replaying it for the 3rd time at the moment and it really does a great job at expanding the Bioshock universe.

And if you want a similar creepy-awesome vibe and story, I'd also try out System Shock 2, although it's harder to get into because it's a much older game.

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Do you honestly think that there is someone or some group of people trying to silence/censor you ?

Because the act of being sued for graphic descriptions in the book and you trying to raise awareness about fentanyl and a corrupt goverment are two seemingly unrelated things. I mean, no one forced you to write the child abuse section the way you did, so why is it "their" fault and not yours ?

Related to that, did you ever consider to write the book in a different style or try to tone it down a bit ?

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Do you think that the story of Rapture should be visited again in a future game, maybe set at the point where things in the underwater city were just starting to fall apart and the first splicers/big daddies were created ?

I loved the first 2 games, but I was kind of sad that everything was in ruins and shambles. I would have loved to see Rapture in its full glory.

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What about that video I saw a week or two ago where the army attacked some Christian praying facility ? What was that all about ?

Is some of the army still hateful or was that video fake ?

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So you're saying someone else had access to large armored vehicles/tanks as was seen in the video ?

That's got me even more concerned.