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There was less darkness and you could see more clearly than before.

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Don't worry, they will mellow down to five or six soon enough, two major parties being the major vote magnets and the rest being a bit more extreme and getting fewer and fewer votes, totaling the one remaining third of the votes when combined.

The four smaller ones will then be using their votes to get their way by lending votes to whoever of the big two promises them more power.

Old news in Greece...

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I'm happy for the Egyptians, but don't put too much trust in the army. It can go wrong in a heartbeat, and next thing you know you're in a junta worse than the previous government. Take it from a Greek who knows what he's talking about.

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Theme Song Boost: http://soundcloud.com/tenaciousd/to-be-the-best

Request: Logan running up steps in Rocky Balboa fashion, sweatpants, bandana and all

Fan of your work since your early comic book days here, all I have to say is congrats on a great toon series!