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"...and if you look to your left, you'll see one of our many four star gulags which house generations of criminal families. Keep your eyes peeled for bloated and emaciated children hauling gravel like mules. And if you look to your right, you can see a prison guard cutting a fetus out of a criminal's womb. Souvenir bones are available for a small price at the end of the tour."

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I want to share a story. About five years ago I went to a hospital after having intense stomach aches for a couple days straight. I went in feeling worse than I ever have in my life, as if my guts were being sent through a meat grinder. So I am sitting in a hospital bed just about ready to die, wondering if maybe I have cancer or some fucking tumor or who knows what. One of the nurses switched on the TV while I awaited the bad news, and the fucking show on the TV, which I couldn't change, was Monsters Inside Me. I am dead serious. It was a graphic portrayal of some person getting their life ruined by some demented parasite.

I just wanted to share how hilariously poorly timed it was. I was seriously freaked out at the time, but now it's just something I laugh about. Fairly ironic that a hospital would have that show playing. I was later diagnosed with Crohns Disease so no biggie, just an incurable, persistent bowel disease. Which is basically like having a monster inside me.

So thank you for personally contributing to this weird story. And I'll share a small bonus. While I was drugged to high heaven getting a colonoscopy at the age of 20, the technicians were playing Kelly Clarkson. I got my ass probed to a fucking Kelly Clarkson song.

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Crohns disease is a little understood immune system issue in which your digestive system becomes inflamed with painful ulcers due to eating hard to digest foods like raw vegetables, excessively fibrous foods, fatty foods, even foods with seeds. It differs from person to person and no known cure exists. I was a healthy and normal individual for 20 years and then one day woke up and had this disease. It's perhaps the most painful experience I've ever known. It feels like razorblades and hot coals are going through your guts when you get the ulcers.

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Are actual residents of trailer parks supportive of Trailer Park Boys? Have you ever met anyone who was genuinely upset with your show?

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Why did so many countries come to the aid of Libya during its 'Arab Spring' but not Tunisia or Egypt?

Do you believe that the reaction to Libya was strictly humanitarian or served some ulterior motive for the US / UN?

Do you think the Libyan people will be grateful that western powers helped or do you think they will ultimately see this as meddling in their affairs?

Could the Libyans have defeated Gaddafi without outside aid?