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Hosted by Matt Iseman with analysis from Captain Garon Mosby of the St. Louis Fire Department and Dan Flynn, a Registered Paramedic and Registered Nurse, “Live Rescue” airs on A&E on Monday nights at 9pm ET/PT. “Live Rescue” follows America’s first responders as they bravely put their lives on the line answering emergency rescue calls across the country. Tonight at 9PM is the premiere of season 2 which will have a commercial free hour.

Matt Iseman is Host of A&E’s live documentary series, “Live Rescue.” He is perhaps best known as the host of the four time Emmy-nominated “American Ninja Warrior.” The Boston Globe has said of him, “The best part about American Ninja Warrior, hands down, is when bro-host Matt Iseman roars the show’s title.” He also helms the latest spinoff, American Ninja Warrior Junior, on Universal Kids (it’s their highest rated show ever) and he headed up the spinoff, “ANW: Ninja vs. Ninja” on the USA Network. Matt hosted Evel Live and Evel Live 2 on History, the highest rated cable specials of 2018 and 2019 respectively, and makes regular visits to the Today Show. He is a licensed physician with a medical degree from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. “Life is short, do what makes you happy.” That’s the advice that Matt got from his Dad, a world renowned physician, when Matt quit medicine to pursue stand up comedy.

Garon Mosby has twenty-five years of service to the citizens of St. Louis City: twenty years with the St. Louis Fire Department and five years with the St. Louis Police Department. Mosby currently serves as the Captain and Public information Officer. In addition to serving as the traditional liaison between the media and the fire service, Captain Mosby proactively utilizes various social media platforms to create a direct portal from the fire service to the stakeholder, thereby creating the ultimate vision of transparency. Captain Mosby also mentors at Peabody Elementary. He serves on the Board of the Missouri Critical Incident Stress Management Team, the Communication Board for the St. Louis American Red Cross, and is the Public Information Officer for the International Association Of Black Professional Firefighters.

Dan Flynn is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and Registered Nurse in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been working in the Emergency Medical Services since 2001, starting in a Fire-based service in Mandeville, LA working as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He joined New Orleans EMS in 2003 and remains a current active employee as a Field Training Officer. Dan holds multiple other certifications, including NRP, ACLS, PALS, and HAZMAT Technician. He is a member of NAEMT and the Emergency Nursing Association. His career achievements include working as a Paramedic/Firefighter during and following Hurricane Katrina. He was featured on the A&E documentary series, “Nightwatch,” and the A&E digital series, “First Responders.”


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GovSchwarzenegger148 karma

Hey forehead! I have a simple question: how did it feel to win The Celebrity Apprentice?

Seriously, though, thank you all for highlighting our heroes. It is such important work. And Matt, I can't wait to see you pumping up the crowd in two weeks at the Arnold Strongman USA.

aetv75 karma

Matt - Hey, Boss! You know winning was the highlight of my career, if not my life. And can't wait to be hosting the Strong Man and celebrating firefighters on January 18th in Santa Monica with you. I want to pump ::clap:: them up!

Guns_5746 karma

EMT and I've been responding for about a year. Do you have any tips for handling anxiety? Not so much when I'm on shift or responding, but I've lately been dreading the time approaching a shift because I'm very inexperience and fearful of making mistakes in a costly situation.

aetv52 karma

Matt - When I was a doctor there was always that fear that you didn't know what you were doing. The reality is, everybody feels that way. I think a great way to handle it is sharing your concerns with others, especially your peers because I think you'll find so many people feel the same way. Of course, I quit so maybe don't take advice from me.

Dan - You're not doing it by yourself. I'd lean on the experience of your partner. Also, remember you didn't put these people in this situation and just your presence should bring a calm to the situation.

Garon - Get a mentor. You're never going to know everything in every situation. It's a process you get better the more you do it.

yourewrong32138 karma

Do you think A&E is milking the LivePD brand and pulling too many shows out of it? Seems like there’s so many different variations. They even have a edited down version like the original “Cops” series now. And now live rescue, court cam, and I’m sure there’s others

aetv53 karma

Matt - I think people are responding to the live format. There is something magnetic about seeing it unfold. I think that's the most compelling thing in this fragmented world of viewing today.

Garon - It's a supply and demand world. We give the people what they want.

Dan - In a world of transparency, I think it's great to show our first responders and what they deal with. It's not all roses out there.

ChinaGrace28 karma

So, this is going to sound like it comes out of left field, but I teach college mathematics at a two-year college. One of the classes I teach has a lot of students in it who are going into law enforcement or fire science, and I have the flexibility to stress certain things over other things if it's helpful to the majors the students are in. Is there any particular type of math that you have found invaluable (ability to work with formulas, ability to work with computers/technology, geometry, etc.) in your work?

aetv20 karma

Dan -- I do a lot of fractional division. I think there's a lot of algebraic type math in terms of calculating medications and infusions.

Matt -- Honestly, in comedy i think there is still somewhat of a mathematical formula to humor. Pain + Time = Funny. In a larger scale, what helped me in life was problem solving. The ability and determination to seek an answer.

Garon -- There's certainly a level of math involved in fire management. Gallons per minute, water usage, building construction. There are calculations that help you determine how much water will be needed to put out the fire.

LydiaTheTattooedLady24 karma

Hey u/aetv when can we get a LivePD/LiveRescue after hours? We always seem to miss exciting stuff as they head into the later hours of their night shifts.

aetv14 karma

Matt - It's such a huge effort to get the show to you live when you see it. If something great happens after we try to show it you in next week's episode.

GardenGnomeChumpski15 karma

Since hosting the show, has there ever been a situation that has caught you way off guard that to you would have never thought would have ever happened?

aetv23 karma

Matt - In Paterson, NJ a skunk was trapped in a house, the director of public safety had to use a trash can and a broom to remove said skunk - because he was confident that the skunk was 'empty'. How does one know for sure that a skunk is empty? That seems like too big of a gamble in my book.

Garon - Any number of the 'Close Calls' and I think that's why we call them that. There was a trooper on the side of a highway and he pushed the occupant of the vehicle to safety before the truck rolled over them. There was also another 'Close Call' where a guy filmed his own rescue when a truck pancaked his car and he was trapped.

Dan - The cat on the interstate with a Hamburger Helper hand that was stuck on a barricade next to the cat.

GardenGnomeChumpski9 karma

I feel like treating skunks like loaded guns is the safest practice in that scenario.

Yeah, in my area they're cracking down severely with cops pulling someone over because several got hit last year alone so now they're cracking down.

And Dan, what did you just say?

aetv10 karma

Dan - That's why you can't miss an episode!

GardenGnomeChumpski2 karma

Can I stream it off something? I do really enjoy Live PD and been meaning to catch more than clips here and there of your show

aetv4 karma

Highlights are posted on the A&E website, or you can watch it On Demand via your cable tv provider. If you want to see the whole show, tune in live!

the_savannahrae14 karma

Fellas! Y’all couldn’t wait to get back together, so you had to go do an AMA, huh?🤣

So many questions, but I’ll just throw this one at you, see if it sticks: if you could have one dinner guest (dead or alive, famous or not), who would it be and why?


aetv21 karma

Matt - John Elway because I'm a big Broncos fan and that man pisses excellence. And I am thirsty...for excellence. I'd also love to sit down with George Washington and hear how a man who had all the power gave it up. And also, how does he eat with those wooden teeth?

Dan - The back judge for the wild card game yesterday for why he did not call that offensive pass interference. I'm not bitter or anything. And Drew Brees because he's cool. Dinner with Anthony Bourdain would be good. I bet that would be a great conversation.

Garon - Jesus. The man walked on water, cured the sick, raised the dead. Can't miss out on that one. President Obama. I went to the inauguration, and would love to have a conversation about everything.

sh1nes12 karma

Are the people you use to create this content somehow compensated financially?

aetv7 karma

It's a documentary series, we do not pay the departments to participate.

Matt - We're compensated with peanut M&Ms and skittles and overwhelming amounts of caffeine.

starlight34712 karma

So cool that you're doing this! Have you ever needed to be rescued yourselves? What was the situation and who helped you?

aetv18 karma

Dan -- Yes, and I prefer not to share.

Garon -- No.

Matt -- I was certainly rescued from my chronic illness and saved by doctors. Also, a few weeks ago I was choking to death and my best friend just had to give me the Heimlich and literally saved my life. There was a moment where I thought death was overtaking me, and my friend pulled me out of it. And that's what our first responders do everyday.

WookieeSteakIsChewie11 karma

Who is your favorite commentator at r/LiveRescue and r/LivePD and quick follow up why is it u/LydiaTheTattooedLady ?

aetv9 karma

We love everybody who takes the time to watch the show and comment on it. But Lydia has certainly been among them leading the charge. And we love her tattoos :)

BizzyM11 karma

Any plans on doing a Live Dispatch series?

aetv13 karma

Garon -- As a former police dispatcher, certainly an invaluable part of the service. I don't know what plans are for the future but I think it would be a great idea.

aetv6 karma

WE GOTTA GO! Thank you to everyone for participating in our AMA. We hope you join us tonight on A&E at 9PM for Live Rescue. Our first hour will be COMMERCIAL FREE! Don't miss a minute.

Chtorrr5 karma

What is the very best cheese?

aetv9 karma

Matt - I'd say Michael Bolton. Believe it or not, I am a connoisseur of cheese.

Dan & Garon - Pepper Jack

RidingPlugAtThe4s5 karma

Awesome AmA!

Just wanted to say that you guys do a great job connecting the public with the often unseen aspects of emergency services life. You're great at what you do and you bring understanding and clarity to both your communities and those watching around the world.

Question for Captain Mosby: What picture is on the lock screen of your phone?

Follow up question: Why is it a picture of you shirtless?


aetv11 karma

For the record, it is a picture of my daughter on my lock screen. The reason I often glance at the shirtless picture of myself is to motivate myself. I have until March 7th to get back there, so stay tuned. #Ch13f$1n2020

nboo20064 karma

When is dan abrams going to be a guest in live rescue?

aetv9 karma

Matt - When Dan has a free moment from one of his many shows or the gym. The welcome mat is always out for Dan, Tom, Sticks, or any of the K9 officers.

Liciabeth4 karma

First your show is amazing! What has been your oddest call you have responded to? Secondly, what has been your scariest call your have responded to?

aetv8 karma

Garon - One of my first real fires I got trapped in a large closet. I momentarily forgot my training and panicked. I was pretty sure I was going to die. Then a battalion chief came up through a stairwell, without any gear, and I followed his voice out.

Dan - You'd be surprised at the things we find lodged inside of people. Take it as you will.

Matt - The oddest call I just got, was Dan telling us his.

sausageslinger113 karma

If you could only watch one sport from now on, what would it be ? Roll Tide.

aetv6 karma

Matt -- Of course my answer is Ninja Warrior, but outside of that I'd probably say football (college and pro count as one).

Dan -- I don't know, curling? I was going to go with baseball, but I think curling.

Garon -- Football, college and pro as one. #RollTide

the_savannahrae3 karma

Well, I suppose we have you three until the top of the hour, yeah?

Here’s another one: If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

aetv6 karma

Matt - I would love to be like Wolverine and heal myself. And to have blades come out of my hands.

Dan - Flying, and also the quality of being myself and not caring what others think.

Garon - Invisibility.

EremiticFerret3 karma

Again thanks for your service and such a great show raising awareness for the difficult jobs of being a rescue worker.

I had another question: America is a large and diverse country, hosting these past months do any of the cities stand out to having unique challenges that stand out?

Also is there any cities you would personally like to see in the future?

aetv2 karma

Matt - We're seeing similar calls throughout the country but the difference is the weather and other environmental factors. I'd like to see Denver.

Dan - I'd like to see New Orleans or any city in the deep south.

ChinaGrace3 karma

Hi! I have a question for Captain Mosby. A few months ago, there was a concern about a lot of vacant houses being burned in St. Louis, and it was thought to be by the same person or people. I'm curious as to what part of something like that do you handle and what part do the police handle? EDIT: I live in the metro St. Louis area; thanks for everything you and your department do for us!

aetv6 karma

Anything that involves arson or an actual suspect is handled by law enforcement. Our involvement is to determine the cause of the fire, the origin and where it started. I do recall the incident that you're referring to, I don't have any updates where law enforcement is in their investigation. To my knowledge it's still ongoing, thank you for the kind words.

ChinaGrace7 karma

Thank you for responding! St. Louis Fire and St. Louis EMS are the unsung heroes of the metro area, and you all deserve ALL of the kind words in the dictionary! :)

aetv10 karma

Garon -Thank you and happy cake day!

Matt - And don't believe Portal, the cake is not a lie.

sausageslinger113 karma

How do you deal with the day-in, day-out trauma people suffer ? What do you do to decompress ?

aetv10 karma

Dan - I'm lucky, I have a really bad memory. I decompress with my wife, my puppy and a glass of wine.

Garon - Not well, lately. 2020 I plan on doing a better job in finding outlets to deal with it and I'm going to see my therapist more often.

Matt - Humor and friends. Laughing and being around people who make me happier, that and a Stella.

slugger52802 karma

Hey Guys, love the show! I always like to hear the ground truth from ER/Trauma people I meet along with EMTs & other first responders.

What do you guys see for SUVs with 3rd rows in rear-impact accidents? I've heard these third rows aren't held to as high of standards by the NTSB, and that pretty much all third rows are extremely dangerous. Any truth to that? I believe since 3rd rows are 'optional' features, they don't have to be considered for crash safety tests.

What do you guys see out in the field for rear-impact auto accidents with SUVs?

aetv2 karma

Dan - Any vehicle with a designed seat must meet a safety test/standard regardless of the location in the vehicle. I find with today's modern vehicle construction that we're much safer in seats than we ever have been.

LydiaTheTattooedLady2 karma

Has Tom ever cooked for you guys? He should if he hasn’t. What are your favorite snacks to have while filming or otherwise?

aetv2 karma

Matt -- Tom has not cooked for us, and he should. But during the show I snack on Wintergreen Lifesavers and Peanut M&Ms. (Dan -- and by snack he really does mean that, it sounds like he's chewing rocks over there).

Dan -- I just drink coffee

Garon -- I snack on skittles, they're like kryptonite. Pure sugar.

LydiaTheTattooedLady2 karma

I just want to again thank you all for taking time out of your day to interact with your fans. It really does mean a lot. Much appreciated!! Did you enjoy doing this AMA?

May your days be a awesome as you are. Don’t ever forget to be kind to yourself.

aetv4 karma

Yes, we love doing stuff like this. We love the feedback.

FallRisk9112 karma

Matt - Are you going to get your buddies to try out for ANW? I know a certain fire training academy we could run them ragged at for b-roll.

aetv2 karma

Hey Bernardo! I'd love to have you train some of these firefighters. I think they might have the ninja spirit, my friend, and you're just the man to unlock it. Be well and see you on the mountain. - Matt

LydiaTheTattooedLady2 karma

I was watching the night of the San Bernardino fire. It was absolutely one of the most stressful things that I’ve watched happening live. Those of us who were on /r/LiveRescue were commenting that we expected it to become the defining moment for the show. Do you think that is true?

aetv3 karma

Matt -- So far, yes. I think it showed what this show can be, capturing unbelievable live emergency situations as it's unfolding. I don't think we've ever had the experience of being on the front lines of a fire like that before and seeing logistically how challenging it is to fight a fire, to evacuate people, to deal with downed power lines all while people's houses and lives are on the line.

Garon -- Yes, that was my second show. It was intense. It was non-stop and it was really life and death on the line. This show gives folks a front row seat to seeing some of those moments. We were with them for an hour and 45 minutes, it was almost the entire show. It was huge.

Dan -- I think to speak directly to the question, it was a defining moment because it showed the raw emotion from both the public and the first responders in an emergency situation.

SoFarRghtCantSeeLeft2 karma

Would you rather fight 100 horse sized ducks or 1 duck sized horse?

Huge fan of yours, Dan, ever since the Nightwatch era! You got me through EMT school lol

aetv5 karma

Matt - I reject the premise of your question. I believe you have it backwards, but I would prefer to fight one horse sized butterfly. But I'd turn it into my friend and ride it majestically as my steed. I challenge someone to photoshop this.

Dan - I don't fight animals.

Garon - We're lovers not fighters.

EremiticFerret2 karma

Love the show and the spotlight it gives the often under appreciated rescue workers that work so hard every day!

Has there been a new technology or advancement in the past few years you can think of that has really helped save lives? Maybe something you wouldn't want to go without now you have it?

aetv5 karma

Garon -- I will say this, a huge advancement has been made in the fire service as it relates to reducing our risk for cancer and the needing to wear our full PPE, personal protective equipment, and decontaminate after every qualifying incident. Because we're losing too many firefighters to cancer.

deadlybacon72 karma

Hey guys - do you ever worry that showing people the reality of fire and EMS work runs the risk of desensitizing people to tragedy?

Happy new year and looking forward to seeing more :)

from an EMT of three years

aetv2 karma

Dan - No, only because any movie or video game or news headline shows tragedy but it wouldn't desensitize you to a tragedy that occurs in your own life.

Matt - I think our show does the opposite and humanizes these events by allowing you to really see what it's like, to get to know the first responders and even the victims.

Garon - We're a more transparent society than ever before and people want accountability from their public servants and I think the show does a good job of that. I hope it encourages folks to get into the profession because we are in dire need of first responders.

roninspectre1172 karma

My wife asked "how do they get their arms to look like that?"

Inquiring minds want to know

aetv3 karma

Dan -- Garon wears extra medium shirts and Matt's as huge as he seems to be and I'm the fattest skinny you'll ever meet.

Ashleymllr902782 karma

Garon Mosby, what made you choose to become a fire fighter?

aetv8 karma

I set my house on fire when I was a kid. We lived through two fires, I set my house on fire the very first time and in that fire, my two sisters were rescued by firefighters from a second floor window and I remember them going into an atmosphere that I could not be in because I tried to get them out and I could not do it. But they walked in and they were like gods, they got them out. I kinda knew then.

btow772 karma

How do you get around Hippa stuff?

aetv2 karma

Matt - We don't get around it, we respect it. There are steps taken to protect the privacy of those shown on the show.

LydiaTheTattooedLady1 karma

Are you all wearing SuperBowl rings in the picture?

aetv6 karma

Garon - No, BETTER! They are the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Championship rings from our triumphant 2018/19 campaign. **Gloria playing in the background**

LydiaTheTattooedLady1 karma

For all three of you- what is the funniest moment in your career(Matt, just choose one of your 400🤣)?

aetv2 karma

Matt -- The biggest laugh I've gotten in my career, involved me shirtless riding a vacuum cleaner. If you really want to see it you can google it. I think the funniest moment was having my childhood idol Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to say my name when I won Celebrity Apprentice.

Garon -- Responding to a wiring call, large appliance. I was a new person so I had to unplug it. i was 22 at the time, I had these special gloves on and I thought it was funny so when I went to unplug it, I faked that I was being electrocuted but the chief did not find it funny.

Dan -- When I was a firefighter, earlier in my career, while finishing the interior attack of a structure fire one of my colleagues really needed to use the restroom and ended up having to take his gear off and use the restroom in the second floor of the home that just burned. No one named.

LydiaTheTattooedLady1 karma

This really isn’t so much of a question as a request... Our sub was one of the groups of people who sent belts to Chili after seeing his compassion and true caring of making sure people had basic comforts we take for granted. Is there a way we could possibly compile a list of addresses for each department and what they typically need donation wise?

aetv3 karma

We love the sentiment and absolutely want to help them, but the best thing is probably to reach out to the departments directly perhaps through social media. We love that you want to help the departments we see on the show, but it would also be good to reach out to your local departments and see what they need as well. Also, we appreciate your support every Monday night.

LydiaTheTattooedLady0 karma

Hello, my lovely gentleman! Thanks for taking the time for this on a busy show day.

Dan- my question for you is that we all know you love the doggos. Have you ever had to perform life saving measures on one in you career as a paramedic? Do you know canine CPR just in case?

Garon- what do you think you enjoy more- being a super hero firefighter or a fly TV star?

Matt- two things. One, how in the world are you not the host of American Doggo Warrior?? And Two, will you dress up as Cher for us LiveRescue fans?

aetv2 karma

Dan - Yes and Yes. I've only performed CPR on a cat with a successful resuscitation. And yes, I have taken training in canine trauma care. It's actually big in New Orleans.

Garon - Thank you out the gate for the kind words. I'm going to with fly TV star for 500 points. Let me qualify that statement by saying I truly love the fire service and helping people.

Matt - I was a little busy between American Ninja Warrior and Live Rescue, but I'm excited for the premiere of America's Top Dog on Wednesday night on A&E. (Yes, this is a commercial.) For you Live Rescue fans, I will do you a favor and NOT dress up as Cher. I think I look more like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

LydiaTheTattooedLady1 karma

Thanks guys! I truly appreciate this and look forward to every Monday.

aetv1 karma

Matt, Dan and Garon - Thank you for being a fan, Lydia! We'll see you tonight.

Ideward-3 karma

What are your feelings on Narcan? Users knowing if they OD they get Narcan. For free. Something has to be done. Charge them for it or a ticket something. Thoughts?

aetv7 karma

Dan - For me, you're taking care of people. We're not going to charge people for complications due to obesity or diabetes. Where would that slippery slope take us? You care for the person and move on.

Garon - I 100% agree with Dan. No judgements.

Matt - We're a judgement free zone. Any of those questions are much bigger societal questions.