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100%. Shit was weird.

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in major depression, the self-mutilation and attempted suicides often happen on the oath to recovery or before the depressions is its worst. Someone with major depression will likely reach a point where they don't have the energy or motivation for suicide, right after or before this phase is most dangerous.

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Thank you for this AMA! Psychedelic research is absolutely one of the most interesting movements in science to me personally.

This question is mostly for Dr. Tafur but I'm interested in any insights I can get.

I'm a college student working towards med school. What did the path to psychedelic research look like for you? I could definitely see this as a topic I would like to study for my career (when I finally get one). I'd like to be a contributor in this field.

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Hey guys - do you ever worry that showing people the reality of fire and EMS work runs the risk of desensitizing people to tragedy?

Happy new year and looking forward to seeing more :)

from an EMT of three years