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What POS system do you use?

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Do you think A&E is milking the LivePD brand and pulling too many shows out of it? Seems like there’s so many different variations. They even have a edited down version like the original “Cops” series now. And now live rescue, court cam, and I’m sure there’s others

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Thanks for the reply! Absolutely I agree that it’s a great format, and I’m sure it gets great viewership. I like it a lot myself, but I was just wondering about over saturation perhaps?

Also, sometimes it makes me wonder how those people feel, getting shot or run over by a car, then the ambulance arrives with a camera crew. Seems a bit invasive at times.

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Have you considered upgrading to a computerized pos system? What makes you keep using the cash register over a nice touchscreen that keeps all your sales data forever and lets you monitor what's selling the best and prevents employees from stealing